Anime Admirers Guide to Other Great Sites

Sorry, I wish I could post all sites on my front page, but to conserve bandwidth it is necessary to have a separate links page.

Everyone, check out these just may be surprised at all the great info you find. Then don't forget to email/guestbook the webmasters about the great work they are doing. Remember, being a webmaster is hard work, and there is no pay involved. It's done to entertain you...a simple thank you makes it all worthwhile.

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Various Anime Sites

The biggest & most informative Inuyasha site on the web, but that's not all. They have information on other anime such as Hunter X Hunter, Witch Hunter Robin, Wolf's Rain and more.

One of the most comprehensive sites for anime news and goods. Check out the news for information on the latest anime series slated to hit Japan.

Another beautiful Anime Site. Great information on Rurouni Kenshin, Nadesico, and Escaflowne!

Pretty, Pretty site with information on Beyblade, Digimon, Cardcaptors and more!

Fabulous Multi Anime Site with tons of information as well as Music, Wallpapers and more!!

Kawaii Anime Site with such favorites as Outlaw Star, Hellsing, and Dragonball name just a few!

This is a really "KAWAII" anime site that is adding more and more everyday!

28K Anime

A great site for various anime screen caps & summaries with weekly Real Media downloads as well!

Up and coming site of Dawn, who helps me by writing the most awesome summaries for Pilot Candidate as well as other anime. Check it out!

Anime Cubed

A very large Anime wallpaper and image site. If you love beautiful wallpaper, then is site is a must see. You'll want to check out the many image links as well!

Beyblade Sites

Beyblade Spirit

An awesome Beyblade site with tons of information on the anime as well as the sport. A must see!

Official English Beyblade Site

Everything you want to know about Beyblade is here including episode summaries!

Official Japanese Beyblade Site

Tons of pictures from the Manga as well as the Anime. Just position yourself until you can click on a link. I have to do that, because I can't read Japanese!

Japans Official Beyblade G-Revolution site

Information on the latest Beyblade series airing in Japan. Click on "NEXT" to see a preview of the next episode set to air. It's great!

Cardcaptors Sites

Michael's has the best images from all your favorite anime including Cardcaptors, Sailor Moon, Slayers, and Zoids!

Syaoran Bear Corner

This is a really Kawaii Cardcaptors Site...great info and pics!

Another really great CC site. Screen shots from every episode, contests, and more!

Digimon Sites
Toei's Official Digimon Frontier Site

Official site for Digimon Frontier info and pics. If you have a Real Media Player, simply click on the button on the upper right (under the characters), and you will be able to see a preview of the next episode scheduled to air.

A large and very informative Digimon site. Contains information on all four seasons and even has the Digimon encyclopedia. If you can't find what you're looking for here, it probably doesn't exist.

A very cute Digimon Site focussing mostly on Tamers, but adding more and more all the time.

Medabots Sites
The Official Medabot's Site

Loads of great Medabots info here. Episode summaries, Medals, interactive games. Uses Flash so graphics are awesome.

ADV's Official Medabot's Site

Beautifully displays character and episode information for the release of the VHS/DVD. You'll luv it Medabot fans.


This site is soooo kawaii! It's dedicated to Belmont, whom I personally adore. Medabot fans check this one out.

Medabot Fantasy

Very Nicely put together Medabots'll especially like the detailed information on the trading cards. Go check it out!

Zoids Sites

John's Zoid Site---Best one on the Web. NOTE: As of Spring/2004, John is on Hiatus for a while.

Zoids Tribute

Incredible Zoids Site from Japan. Includes all Seasons as well as English & Japanese versions.

Bringer of Terror

You've read his great check out his new RPG. This is Dark Spiner's new Zoids site!

An excellent Zoids RPG site. Join & have a great time!

Zoid Wars

Good Zoids site for fics and more! A must see for Zoids fanfic lovers.

Zoids Battle Com!

Excellent Zoids New Century Zero site which uses flash for awesome graphics.
Contains episode summaries and more.

Tomy's Zoids Comics

Zoids fans this site is simply awesome. It uses Flash to present amazing comic/action Zoids stories. It is in Japanese, but it's not difficult to maneuver thru. A MUST see!

Other Anime Related Sites

Gif Gallery!

Visit this site to see all of the gifs I have made.

Otaku Paradise Board

Want to talk to others about Anime! Here is a great place to start!

Sakuya and Tenchi
Born For Each Other

Here ya go Tenchi fans...a cute page about Tenchi and Sakuya.

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