Episode 20: Kill the Carnage

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The Prime Minister has appointed his son, Syura, to head up an elite team to operate as a type of secret police of the Empire.

Elsewhere, Tatsumi and Lubbock plan to enter the Palace and kill the Minister, but beforehand they are meeting with someone from the Revolutionary Army. The meeting turns out to be a trap with the end result pitting Tatsumi and Lubbock against The Great General Budo and Syura.

The confrontations do not go well for our heroes. Tatsumi is overwhelmed by the General and captured. Lubbock is able to defeat Syura, but he runs out of wire when he needs it most. He comes plummeted down to Earth landing on the soldier's upright spears killing him instantly.(Ouch! What a way to go.)

Nooooo... Lubbock was my favorite character!