Episode 22: Kill the Little Sister

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The loss of Mine and Susanoo weigh heavily on the remaining members of Night Raid. They resolve to keep fighting for justice so the dead can rest in peace.

Elsewhere, the people of the Kingdom are rebelling causing great concern for the young Emperor.

Meanwhile, Kurome's condition has deteriorated. She hasn't much time to fulfill her last wish. "Let's settle this once and for all, Sis." She thinks.

A Revolutionary Army spy is hung out in the square. On him, was a code for Akame. "I will be waiting for you near the Kadai Forest facility." It said. Tatsumi tries to convince Akame not to go fearing it is a trap, but Akame knows what Kurome wants. Once the two meet up, they work together to destroy a danger beast.

Afterwards, the two engage in battle with one another. Wave tries to intervene, but Tatsumi stops him. Akame defeats Kurome, and later cries on Tatsumi's shoulder over the loss of her sister.

Back at the palace, the unrest has intensified, and at the evil Prime Minister's prodding, the young Emperor unleashes a terrifying secret weapon!