Episode 23: Kill the Emperor

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Night Raid's final mission; take down Minister Honest! Najenda leads a group to revolt and start a new kingdom. A kingdom where citizens can live peacefully.

The other members of Night Raid have infiltrated the palace. They are met by Run, who spreads his wings to defend the Emperor.

The Minister convinces the young Emperor to unleash the legendary Imperial Arms Shikoutazer, a Teigu that can only be used by those of the royal bloodline. Shikoutazer is firing upon villages and innocent people. Tatsumi does everything he can to stop the huge Teigu. Wave joins him to assist while Run joins Leone to help the villagers.

When Shikoutazer is finally stopped and the smoke clears, Tatsumi has been mortally wounded. And in the end, he couldn't keep his promise.

Tatsumi dies in Akame's arms.