OAD 01: Ilse's Notebook

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Around the time year 850, the elites of the Survey Corps, once again, set foot in the Titan's territory. It's the 49th expedition beyond the walls. Hange and Erwin do not see eye to eye. Hange believes that for the sake of humanity, Titans need to be captured and studied. The last time a Titan was captured was 15 years ago. Erwin says that they cannot spare any lives for a capture operation. They've already lost over 10 men just reaching their current post.

A short time later, when a Titan is spotted, Hange heads out on her own. Erwin orders Levi and his group to follow. Hange seems to manipulate the six meter Titan, but when Oluo arrives and is almost eaten by the Titan, Levi must intervene and kill it. Hange is furious, but Levi gets even angrier at her complete disregard over a comrade. Suddenly, Petra notices the headless body of a Survey Corps soldier sitting upright in the midsection of a large tree. Nearby, Captain Levi finds a frayed notebook.

In her quarters, Hange reads thru the notebook. It had belonged to Ilse Langnar, a member of the 34th expedition. Ilse had written that she was 2nd Brigade, in charge of the West column. They encountered Titans on their return. She lost both her squad mates and horse. She abandoned her broken 3D-Maneuver Gear and ran heading North. In a clearing, Ilse encountered a Titan. To her surprise, he did not eat her right away. Instead he uttered the following words, "Ymir's people? Ymir-sama. Greetings." This Titan was able to speak and showed signs of respect.

Although frightened Ilse began to ask questions, but the Titan just moaned. He seemed to get more agonized over every question. Then Ilse's fear and anger got the best of her. She began screaming at him. He began to pull at his face ripping the very skin on it. As he was doing so, Ilse turned to run. He grabbed her, and as she was still writing, bit her head off. Her body limp, the notebook fell to the ground.

After reading the journal, Hange is more convinced than ever that Titans should be captured and studied. She composed a report to Commander Erwin and sent it to him along with the notebook. After bringing the belongings to Ilse' family, Hange is greeted outside by Petra, Oluo, and Captain Levi. They inform her that Commander Erwin has given the go ahead to capture a Titan. Eight days later a Titan is captured. Remarkably, no lives were lost.