OAD 02: The Sudden Visitor: The Torturous Curse of Youth!

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Opens with Jean being exceedingly disrespectful to his mother. She had burst into his room after calling him for lunch and receiving no response. Seems that Jean had been in the middle of drawing a picture, which looked like Mikasa. After his unwanted interruption, Jean vows to join the Military police and achieve his goal of securing an easy, danger-free life behind the innermost wall.

After the intro, the time shifts to a period when the 104th training squad is about to show what they've learned to Commander Pixis. Everyone seems to beat Jean to the punch in killing the mock titans that are set up throughout the city. He becomes angry and argues with Sasha and Connie. Commander Pixis shows up declaring that they should have a cook off to settle their dispute. Sasha is all for it.

That day, each opponent and their group set out to get meat by catching a colossal, wild boar. In the end, Sasha's overpowering desire for meat gives her the upper hand, and she along with Connie and Reiner kill the boar. Obviously Jean is furious.

Later, in the dining area, Jean's mother comes looking for him. She asks why he hasn't come home for a visit. Jean is embarrassed and rudely asks her to leave. Afterwards, Jean meets with Armin and Annie. He shows them a key and says there's beef in the officer's pantry. Neither Armin nor Annie are willing to steal it. When Armin tries to leave, he slips while racing up the steps and injures his legs. Jean's on his own, and as he edges his way to the officer's pantry, he is stopped and given an omelet his mother made for him. Realizing how much he loved omelet's, Jean makes a decision on what he will serve.

That evening the competition is on. Sasha, of course, presents a fine cut of boar meat. Jean, on the other hand, presents an omelet...the same way his mother use to make for him while he was growing up. After thoroughly enjoying everything presented to him, Commander Pixis declares the winner is Jean's team. Sasha can't believe it. "Why?" she asks.
When Commander Pixis tells her that, although it was delicious, meat is simply meat, and that is why she lost. She tried to win by simply roasting meat.

Shortly after, Jean shakes hands with Sasha. As he is turning to leave, he thinks, "maybe I'll go drop by my home tomorrow."