Episodes 15 & 16: Mister Moon/What's up with Dan?

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Mister Moon: Col. Tripp is observing the Awesome Ones. Meanwhile, it is Wynton's birthday and his friends have planned a surprise party for him, but he overhears and can't stand being surprised. After pulling a prank on Lia, Wynton runs off. Dan tracks him down. Shortly afterwards, Wynton discovers a new Bakugan, Lupitheon. Col. Tripp confronts the boys and uses a gadget to control their Bakugan. As the sun goes down, a full moon takes its place. This gives Lupitheon great strength. He is able to remove all the gadgets from the Bakugan. Col.Tripp retreats.

What's up with Dan?: While Dan plays a virtual video game, Magnus disguises himself as Dan and takes his place. He is trying to make the Awesome Ones turn against one another. However, Lightning tracks Dan and sees what is going on. After Lightning returns to the others, a Bakugan battle ensues where Magnus reveals himself. After his defeat, Magnus is forced to leave. A little while later, Dan returns and has no clue what went on while he was engaged in his game.