02/14/2016 - Added summary & pics of Beyblade Shogun Steel episode 19. This gallery is complete. A new section will be added for Beyblade Burst in 2016!

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Welcome to AnimeAdmirers' Beyblade Shogun Steel section. This particular season aired as "Beyblade Zero-G" in Japan from April 2012 through December 2012. Only 38 episodes (approximately 12 minutes each) aired, and subsequently the show was replaced by the series Beast Saga. Internationally, however, the show aired the full season of 52 episodes. These 12 minute episodes were combined to a total of 26 episodes, which is what we will see in the U.S.

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The premise of Beyblade Shogun Steel takes place 7 years after the Nemesis Crisis that almost destroyed the world. The World has been brought back to peace and a new era has come to the Beyblade. A young, strong, and determined blader, Zyro Kurogane, witnessed Gingka's final battle. In fact, it was Gingka himself that gave Zyro his powerful Bey, Samurai Ifrit. This inspired his desire to become the strongest blader.

After beating all of the competitors in his own hometown, Zyro journeys to Metal Bey City to find more competition and hopefully, see his idol, Gingka Hagane. When he arrives, Zyro learns that bladers are battling in Zero-G Stadiums. Something he has never experienced before. He learns the hard way that he has more training to do before he can become the strongest blader in the World.