Due to the subject matter, this section is rated PG16. Why? Cause any younger, and you won't understand my warped but entertaining humor..... (^0^)'

That's disgusting! If ya' have to wear a diaper,
at least make it leak proof!!

Will it be the thrill of victory or the agony of de' feet?!?

Get off Me! This is not what I meant when I said,
I wanted to get laid tonight!

Wow Hitsugaya! You could melt the Frosted Heavens with that one! For our sake...hit the bathroom!

Figaro... FIGARO... FIIIGGGAAARRROOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DAMN! Count your blessings....I'm constipated!!

Did you just hear something?

Drool...I see breakfast, lunch, and dinner for life with those Bodacious Ta' Ta's!!

There ya go. To those offended, I recommend you stay far far away from comedy clubs!