Manga Information

I've traded my robes for tights. What do you think??

The following are a list of links to Sites carrying the latest Bleach Manga:

Mangafox (Excellent manga site!)

Bleach Exile (Great Bleach Site. May need sign-on for manga.)

Bleach (Another great Bleach Site that contains the latest manga.)

Below are some English volumes available at your favorite retailer.
They are in descending order of release date:

. . . .

A must have for Bleach fans. Full of information on the 13 Court Guard Squad.

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Volume 36, showing Shinji Hirako's beautiful mane, is due out on September 6, 2011.
Volume 37, which Yumichika Ayasegawa graces the cover, is set for release
December 6, 2011.