Summaries or Highlights of the episodes are normally found in the gallery along with the images.

      1. Boruto Uzumaki!
      2. The Hokage's Son!
      3. Metal Lee Goes Wild!!
      4. A Ninjutsu Battle of the Sexes!
      5. The Mysterious Transfer Student!
      6. The Final Lesson!
      7. Love and Potato Chips!
      8. The Dream's Revelation
      9. Proof of Oneself
    10. The Ghost Incident: The Investigation Begins!
    11. The Shadow of the Mastermind
    12. Boruto and Mitsuki
    13. The Demon Beast Appears!
    14. The Path That Boruto Can See
    15. A New Path
    16. Crisis: The Threat of Failing!
    17. Run, Sarada!
    18. A Day in the Life of the Uzumaki Family
    19. Sarada Uchiha
    20. The Boy with the Sharingan
    21. Sasuke and Sarada
    22. Connected Feelings
    23. Bonds Come in All Shapes
    24. Boruto and Sarada
    25. The Turbulent Field Trip
    26. The Mizukage's Successor
    27. A Shinobi Battle of Friendship
    28. Declaration of War
    29. The Sharingan vs. the Lightning Blade. Kiba the Fang
    30. The Sharingan vs. The Lightning Blade, Kiba the Fang!
    31. Boruto and Kagura
    32. The Quest for Souvenirs
    33. The Super Beast Scroll Slump
    34. The Night of The Shooting Stars
    35. The Parent Teacher Conference!
    36. Graduation exam, start!
    37. A Shinobi's Resolve
    38. Formation of the Three-Man Squad?
    39. The Path Lit By The Full Moon
    40. Team 7: The First Mission
    41. Strength In Unity
    42. A Ninja's Job
    43. The Byakuya Gang Surfaces!
    44. Shikadai's Doubts
    45. Memories From The Day Of Snow
    46. Go! The Crest of Night Strategy
    47. The Figure I Want to Be
    48. The Genin Documentary!!
    49. Wasabi and Namida
    50. The Chunin Exams: The Recommendation Meeting