Please note: These brief summaries may contain spoilers. There really aren't that many major characters since each episode seems to introduce new, unique individuals.


English Voice Actor: Angora Deb

Young High School student who found the dying Kuroda. From that time on she took his cloak and roamed the city protecting those who had fallen into darkness. The ones who could be saved...that is.


English Voice Actor: Rachael Lillis

A one woman vigilant. She is one lone girl fighting the evil powers of this world all by herself. Seven years ago she experienced abnormal body growth and spent time at Perfectual Hospital. That is where she met and befriended Kuroda.


English Voice Actor: Christopher Nicholaus

Wanted to be a defender of justice, but he was murdered when he betrayed the secret organization. Later, you will learn that he has a dual identity. Boogiepop refers to him as the Mantecore....a being who preys on people who feel hopeless and abandoned.

Poom Poom

English Voice Actor: Jessica Calvello

Young Pied Piper that passes out balloons of happiness to those distraught. He was created accidentally by Manaka. In fact, he is "regret". He makes people believe they can regain what they already left behind and lost. This existence blinds them to reality and the end result leads to suicide.