Boogiepop Phantom aired in Japan from January thru March of the year 2000, but how would one describe it? That is a very good question. In my humble (and not always accurate) opinion, I find this anime dark and foreboding....containing a considerable amount of teenage angst and symbolism. (Be warned...some scenes are quite gruesome.)

A powerful beam of light brightens the sky one evening setting the stage for the strange events that follow. Young, high school students begin to mysteriously disappear or worse...are found murdered. Some believed it is the fault of the unusually cloaked women referred to as Boogiepop. Just who is she? Many think she's the Angel of Death, but are they misunderstanding her true intentions? And just what is this secret organization observing our world?

I found each episode to be a bit confusing yet interesting. It spans a five year period. Every episode (except the very last) is depicted in dark, gloomy, monotone colors. It's almost as if you're watching in black and white. The last episode represents an uplifting and is bright and colorful. If your anime preference is mecha or humor, this one probably won't suit you. However, watch the first episode and judge for yourself. If anything, watch it just to hear the opening theme entitled "Evening Shower"....It's a soulful, jazzy tune that I truly loved.

The past will often attack the present with the pain of your memories. (Seiichi Kirima)