Sakura and the Crazy Sweets

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Credit for summary: Wikipedia

Sakura has another dream with the mysterious figure and has a feeling that she finally figured out its identity.

After borrowing some books from Rika, Sakura makes some roll cakes with Akiho and Tomoyo during a home economic class when suddenly, the roll cakes start jumping arround. Having the entire school fall asleep with "Snooze", Sakura fights the roll cakes which later fuse into a large monster, restraining it with "Spiral" before capturing the card "Appear".

Upon returning home, Akiho gives some roll cakes she made to Kaito, who puts her to sleep and then confides with Momo, Akiho's doll who is actually a magical guardian like Kero and Spinel, affirming that they have little time left and once the right moment comes, they will need the cards that Sakura is collecting.