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This anime takes place in present day. It's all about a young girl, Sakura Avalon, who discovers a magical book in her father's library. When she easily opens the seal, which secured the book, she finds that the book is filled with magical cards all having special powers. As she picks up the Windy card, a great gust of wind occurs sending all of the cards flying in different directions. Then the guardian of the cards, Kero, appears. He explains to Sakura that she must capture all of those cards or strange things will begin to happen in her world. Thus the adventure begins.


Thanks goes to Dawn for character summaries on Ruby and Spinnel!

SAKURA AVALON (Sakura Kinomoto)
AGE: 10
VOICE ACTOR: Carly McKillip
SCHOOL: Readington Elementary

Sakura is the main character in this anime. She is a very sweet and caring person who is nice to everyone. She lives with her older brother, Tori, and her father, Aiden. Sadly her mother passed away when Sakura was only three years old. Sakura is excellent at sports and is one of the schools cheerleaders.
INTERESTING TIDBIT: Sakura has a major crush on Tori's best friend, Julian.

MADISON TAYLOR (Tomoyo Daidouji)
AGE: 10
VOICE ACTOR: Maggie Blue O'Hara
SCHOOL: Readington Elementary

Madison is Sakura's best friend. She loves video recorders and tries to film Sakura whenever she is capturing a card. Madison comes from a pretty wealthy family and is always dressing Sakura up in fancy costumes for every capture. Madison has helped Sakura out many times sometimes even suggesting which cards to use.

LEE SHOWRON (Li Syaoran)
AGE: 10
VOICE ACTOR: Rhys Huber/Jordan Kilik
SCHOOL: Readington Elementary

Lee is a direct descendent of Clow Reed. When he first comes to Readington, he tries to take the cards away from Sakura and really intimidates her. He seems cold and arrogant, however, soon he begins to work with Sakura. It's not long before his true feelings for her begin to show, which is why he is always blushing. Lee is usually seen wearing his familie's ceremonial robes during a capture.

AGE: Thousands of Years old
SCHOOL: Video Games Academy (Just kidding)

Keroberos (the sun and Western Magic) or Kero is the first guardian of the powerful Clow Cards. He guides and assists Sakura in capturing the cards. He lives in a miniature room in Sakura's desk drawer. Some of his favorite things are playing video games, sleeping and eating (especially sweets such a pudding).
Kero cannot change to his original form until Sakura captures the fire and earth cards from which his power is derived.

MEILIN RAE (Meiling Li)
AGE: 10
VOICE ACTOR: Nicole Oliver
SCHOOL: Readington Elementary

Meilin is Lee's cousin as well as his fiance by arrangement (do they still do that??). She is very competitive with Sakura. Lee and Meilin trained together learning martial arts at a very young age. She excels, not only in the martial arts, but all athletics.
Even though rivals, Meilin and Sakura will become good friends.

TORI AVALON (Touya Kinomoto)
AGE: 16 or 17
VOICE ACTOR: Tony Sampson
SCHOOL: 11th Grade

Tori is Sakura's older brother. He is excellent in school and sports. He holds many different after school jobs, because he just happens to be working at some of the sites where Clow Cards have appeared. He teases Sakura all of the time, but is actually very protective of her.
Tori has the supernatual ability to see into the spirit world. Because of this, he has seen his mother watching over them on many occasions.

JULIAN STAR (Yukito Tsukishiro)
AGE: 16 or 17
VOICE ACTOR: Sam Vincent
SCHOOL: 11th Grade

Julian is Tori's best friend. He lives with his grandparents. He does very well with his studies, and the other students even call him the brain. He is always hungry and is either eating or thinking about eating. Julian is the earthly form of Yue, however, he does not know this. Julian is very sweet and a bit shy (Bishi, Bishi, Bishi!!!). No wonder Sakura has a crush on him.

AGE: Ancient
VOICE ACTOR: Sam Vincent

Yue is the judge and second guardian of the Clow Cards. He is ruled by the moon. It is up to him to pass the final judgement on any who wish to become the master of the Clow Cards.

He becomes his true form through Julian. (Ouch! Thats gotta hurt....hee, hee.)

ELI MOON (Eriol Hiiragisawa)
AGE: Same age as Sakura

Eriol (Eli) enters the anime as a transfer student from England. His presence is mysterious and often causes Sakura a great deal of trouble. As the episodes progress, we learn he is only trying to help Sakura gain strength and wisdom with each card she transforms. ask? Eriol is said to be part reincarnation of Clow Reed.

RUBY MOON (Nakuru Akizuki)
AGE: 16 or 17

Ruby is a transfer student in Tori's class. She has a habit of jumping on Tori's back and hugging him. Ruby loves sports and dresses very girly even though she isn't human! She tends to know more than she's saying and loves to harrass Yue.

Ruby actually works for Eli. In her true form she has long pink hair and black and pink butterfly wings.

SPINNER SUN (Spinel Sun)
AGE: Ancient

Spinner is a mysterious cat creature who is always in the company of Eli. Spinner is pretty much Eli's equivelent to Sakura's Kero. Ruby gave him a "cuter nickname" Suppi.

Spinner and Kero are competetive with each other and like Kero, he can turn into a larger form. His larger form is a black panther. Though usually serious, Spinner becomes extremely hyper happy when fed sweets.