Wizards of Chinatown

By Sunshin515



Part 1


While walking and skating home from school, Sakura and Madison were talking about the incident from the Void card.


Madison: So you changed the Void card to the Hope card.


Sakura: Yeah, and Li and I didnít lose our feelings.


Madison: Itís too bad I couldnít get it on tape.


Sakura: Madison, just be glad that Li and I were able to bring everybody back in one piece.


Madison: Youíre right.  By the way, my mom thinks you have a gift in acting.  Sheís thinking of getting you a talent agent.


Sakura: Well I guess the term like mother, like daughter is true.  Hey, has your mom wondered what happened at the festival.


Madison: She did.  I explained about we had an earthquake and the people were knocked unconscious. 


Sakura: I did that to my dad.  Tori is the only one who knew what really happened.


Madison: Well Iím glad everythingís back to normal and we did the play over again.  Oh, I almost forgot.  Speaking of the play, mom and I are going to San Francisco for a grand opening of one of her stores and guess what, my costume designs are going to be manufactured too.


Sakura: Thatís wonderful.


Madison: And thatís not all.  Thereís going to be a fashion show for my costumes and she wants my friends to come and model for us.  You, Nikki, Chelsea, and Rita are going to be my models.


Sakura: Wow.  I have to ask my dad if I can go.


Madison: Sure.  See ya tomorrow Sakura.


That night, Sakura got permission to go and she tells Kero about it.


Kero: Wow Sakura.  I canít wait to go and watch the fashion show.


Sakura: Yeah.  My dad told me San Francisco has many different cultures living there.


Kero: And many different kinds of foods to eat.


Sakura: Oh Kero.  Hey I got an e-mail from Li.  He and his family are in San Francisco for an investigation about Clow Reedís followers and enemies.  Iím telling him about our trip.


Kero: Hmm, interesting.  Tell him to keep us updated when we arrive.


Sakura: Sure.


Kero: I have a strange feeling that somethingís going to happen.


Days later, Li, Meilin, and Liís mother waits for Sakuraís arrival at the airport.


Meilin: Hey Li, maybe Madisonís mom will let us take part in the fashion show.


Li: You, yes.  For me, I donít think so.


Meilin: Come on Li.  You looked great in the costume Madison made for you during the battle over the Void card.


Li: It was short notice.  HuhÖ


Meilin: What is it?


Li: I just thought I felt a presence.


Liís mom: I felt it too Li.  Letís be on our guard.


Just then, Sakura, Madison, her mom Samantha, and their friends: Chelsea, Nikki, and Rita came out of the gate with reporters crowding them.  Just then a group of men in traditional robes came near the group.  Sakura felt their presence.


Sakura: HuhÖ


Madison: What is it Sakura?


Sakura: An evil presence is here.


Madison: Oh no.


Sakura: Madison, we have to leave now.


Madison: Okay.


Nikki: Look.  Thereís Li and Meilin.


All of a sudden, the men created a huge gust of wind on the people.  Many of the people panic and start running.  Samanthaís body guards managed to get Samantha out of the way while the girls took cover by the gate.  Sakura manages to get to Li.


Sakura: Li, Meilin.


Li: Are you all right?


Sakura: Yeah.


They heard Madison scream and turned around to see the men grabbing Madison and carrying her away.


Meilin: Those creeps got Madison.


Liís mom: Li, Sakura, see if you can help your friend.  Meilin and I will stay and help your other friends.


Li: Thanks mom.  Letís go Sakura.


Sakura: Right.


Li and Sakura follows the men and they see them putting Madison in a carriage.


Li: Ready Sakura.


Sakura: Ready.  Hey Li, look.


The carriage started to fly.


Sakura: Kero, we need you.


Kero: Iím on it.


Kero transforms to Keroberos.


Keroberos: Hop on.


Li and Sakura jump onto Keroberos and they started to fly.


Sakura: Any idea who those guys are and why did they take Madison?


Li: Yeah one.  They could be the enemies that fought against Clow Reed and his followers.


Sakura: Shouldnít they be dead.


Li: I donít know.  I donít have many of the facts yet.  My mother and this man called Shin Yang have more information on these guys than I do.



Keroberos: You two better brace yourselves.  They know weíre following them.


The men started to throw magic balls at the three.


Sakura: Shield.


Sakura activates the Shield card to protect themselves from the magic balls.


Li: Good move Sakura.


Sakura: Thanks.


Keroberos: AhÖI donít like what theyíre about to do.


The carriage vanished in front of them.


Sakura: Where did they go?


Keroberos: They must have used an invisible cloak or something.  RatsÖIíve lost their presence.


Sakura: And Madison isÖgone.


Li: We better get back and re-group.


Sakura: Yeah.  Mrs. Taylor and the others are probably worried about us.


End of Part 1




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