Wizards of Chinatown

By Sunshin515



Part 2


Sakura and Li returned to the airport where Samantha runs over to Sakura and hugs her.


Samantha: Sakura, where have you been?


Sakura: Li and I were trying to catch up with the kidnappers and get any information to give to the police.


Li: So far the only information we have is that they put Madison in a carriage and they got away fast.


Samantha: Thatís odd.  Well you two could have gotten yourselves hurt.  Sakura, youíre my sweet Natashaís daughter and her spirit will never forgive me if anything happens to you.  So please leave the dangerous situations to the authorities.


Sakura: Okay.


Liís mom: Why donít we go to your hotel and get you all settled.  Iím sure someone will be calling to give you the demands for Madison.


Samantha: Yes.  Weíre staying in the Japantown district.  Come on girls.


Later at the hotel, Sakura, Li, and his mom were talking when Shin Yang came in with information about Madison.


Shin Yang: I know who kidnapped your friend.


Sakura: Please tell us.


Shin Yang: It was my evil twin Shin Yin.


Sakura: Shin Yin.


Shin Yang: Yes.  We are both brothers that are descendants from Clow Reedís apprentices.  We were supposed to use our powers on the side of good.  Unfortunately, Shin Yin was lured into the darkness and joined forces with the enemies of the Reed and Li Clan.


Sakura: Thatís terrible.


Li: This is almost like Su Young.  When she got corrupted by the powers of darkness, Clow Reed had no choice but to banish her into another dimension.


Sakura: But what does this have to do with Madison?


Shin Yang: Iím getting to it.  You see, Shin Yin wants to have immortality.  So by doing so, he needs to drain the power of young, gifted, talented girls.


Liís mom: Madison wasnít the only girl kidnapped by Shin Yin and his clan.  Other girls were taken, drained, and returned weaken and hospitalized.  Sadly, one of his victims did perish not too long ago because her body was badly damaged from the draining process.


Sakura: How sad.


Li: Sakura, Iím worried.  If you get captured, Shin Yin might do the same to you.


Shin Yang: Indeed he will.  Youíre the Chosen One.  You have the Clow Cards.  I bet as we speak, one of his priests is scanning your friend whom knows the secret about you and the Clow Cards.


Sakura: How much time do we have before Madison becomes his next victim?


Shin Yang: Madison wonít be his next victim until tomorrow when the full moon is out.  However, he might go after you and the other girls that came along.


Sakura: So Rita, Chelsea, and Nikki are going to get captured as well.


Li: Even Meilin may be in danger too.


Sakura: Do you know where the hideout is?


Shin Yang: Somewhere down in Chinatown.


Sakura: Then thatís where we have to go.


Li: Hold it.  We need a plan first.  There could be guards and force fields that none of our powers can penetrate.


Sakura: I feel so hopeless.


Shin Yang: I have a dangerous idea.  Of course, you wonít like it.


Sakura: What do you mean?


Shin Yang: Weíre going to let Shin Yin capture you and your friends but you wonít get captured.


Sakura: And weíll follow them to the hideout.  Wait, I donít want my friends to get captured.  And what do you mean theyíll capture me but I wonít get captured?


Li: The cards Sakura.  Use the Mirror card to change into you and sheíll go in your place.


Sakura: And the Shadow card can locate their shadows.


Shin Yang: I must go to get my warriors ready.  There will be a lot of powerful magic to battle against.


Liís mom: We must be ready for anythingÖ




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