Wizards of Chinatown

By Sunshin515



Part 3


The next day at the grand opening and the fashion show in Union Square, Samantha was alerting the authorities and her bodyguards about the men that took Madison.


Samantha: If the same men that have taken my daughter appear, I want them arrested on site.


All: Yes ma’am.


Backstage Sakura got the Mirror card and transforms it into her in the princess costume that Sakura wore at the festival during the battle of the Void card.


Sakura: Okay, you know what to do.


Mirror: Right.  Just be careful okay Sakura.


Sakura: I will.  Oh, here come the girls.  I have to go.


Nikki: Sakura, there you are.  The show is about to start.


Sakura: Coming.


The show went on.  Watching back home was Sakura’s dad Aiden, Tori, and Julian.


Julian: Sakura looks beautiful.


Tori: Yeah.  Huh…


Julian: What Tori?


Tori: Nothing.  Sakura just looks different.


Julian: She does.  Ah Tori, can you help me in the kitchen please?


Tori: O…Kay.


In the kitchen, Julian turns to Yue.


Yue: That’s not Sakura on stage.  It’s the Mirror card.


Tori: You’re kidding.  Where is she?


Yue: Backstage maybe.  Something must be wrong if she’s using the cards.


Just then, they heard Aiden scream.  Yue turns back to Julian and they returned to the living room.


Tori: What is it dad?


Aiden: Those men are grabbing the girls.


The T.V. went blank before their eyes.  Back at the show, the real Sakura, Li, Shin Yang, and his men got ready to follow Shin Yin’s men to their hideout.


Li: Okay Sakura.


Sakura: Shadow Card.  Follow the shadows of my friends.  SHADOW.


The Shadow card follows the shadows of Sakura’s friends.  Soon they were lead to a warehouse in Chinatown.


Sakura: They’re in there.


Li: Ready.


They walked in and saw Shadow go down to the basement.  After entering the basement, it looked like they were in an ancient Chinese palace.


Sakura: So this is Shin Yin’s hideout.


Li: I can feel dark energy in this place.


Shin Yang: Let’s hurry.  Pretty soon, Shin Yin will know the Sakura he captured isn’t the real one.


Meanwhile Shin Yin was in his throne room preparing for draining the girls’ energy.  When he hears the chosen one was captured, he feels excited.


Shin Yin: Soon the Chosen One’s powers will be mine.  Hmm…I feel a presence lurking in my domain.  It’s my twin brother and his men trying to stop me.  At least I have the one I like separate from the others.  Wait a minute; I feel the presence of the Clow Cards and the chosen one.  That means she wasn’t captured but her decoy was.  I must get her.


Sakura, Li, Shin Yang, and his men found the girls in cages.


Li: You know what to do Sakura.


Sakura: SLEEP.


The Sleep card puts the guards and the girls to sleep (except for Mirror Sakura).


Shin Yang: Let’s move in men.


Shin Yang’s man free the girls and puts them in their arms to carry out.


Sakura: Mirror card, are you all right?


Mirror: Yes.  Sakura, your friend Madison isn’t here.


Sakura: Then where is she?


Shin Yang: She must be with my brother.


Li: We better get these girls out of here fast.


Sakura: You’re right.  As soon as we get our friends out of danger, we’ll come back for Madison.


As they were leaving, something from the wall grabs Sakura and takes her.  Li got a small glimpse of it.


Li: SAKURA.  Something grabbed Sakura.


Shin Yang: Men, get the girls out.  Li and I must go after Shin Yin to save Sakura and Madison.


Li: Thanks.  Let’s hurry.


Meanwhile Sakura was taken to a room where Madison was sitting quietly.


Sakura: Madison, are you okay?  Please answer me.


Kero pops out.


Kero: Sakura, she’s been hypnotized.


Sakura: How do we break it?


Shin Yin: You don’t.


Sakura and Kero turn around to see Shin Yin.


Sakura: You’re Shin Yin.


Shin Yin: That’s right my dear.  So you’re the Chosen One.


Kero: Come near her and you’ll have to go through me.


Kero changes to Keroberos.


Shin Yin: The great Keroberos.  Clow Reed’s creation.


Keroberos went to jump on Shin Yin but Shin Yin uses his powers and sent Keroberos flying to the ground.


Sakura: KERO!


Shin Yin turns to Sakura.


Sakura: Stay back.  I’m warning you.


Shin Yin uses his powers to knock Sakura out.


Shin Yin: My servants.  We must hurry.  Take the two girls to the ceremonial pagoda…




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