Wizards of Chinatown

By Sunshin515



Part 4


In the meantime, the girls that were rescued woke up back at the hotel.


Chelsea: Where are we?


Liís mom: You were rescued by some friends of mine.


Nikki: Wait, what about Sakura and Madison?


Liís mom: I was informed they were separated from you girls.


Rita: I hope theyíre all right.


Back at the hideout, Shin Yang and Li found Keroberos.


Li: Keroberos, what happened?


Keroberos: Shin Yin knocked me out and took Sakura and Madison.


Shin Yang: We donít have much time left.  The full moon is almost out.


Li: I must channel my powers to find them.


Li uses his powers to find Sakura.  Sakura felt Liís powers and she channels her powers to Li.


Li: On the roof.  Letís move it.


On the roof, Shin Yin started the ritual.


Shin Yin: Ancient powers of life.  Please give me the power to grant my wish to these girls and help me gain immortality.


Shin Yang: Stop brother.


Shin Yin: Shin Yang.


Shin Yang: You should be ashamed of yourself.  Taking innocent girls and draining their life energy for you can live forever.


Shin Yin: Guards get them.


Li: Element Lighting Descend.


Liís powers stops the guards.  Then Li goes to help Sakura.


Li: Let her go.


Sakura: Li, watch out.


More guards were coming from Liís back.  Luckily Kerberos comes from behind and jumps the guards.  Soon afterwards he jumps and knocks out the guards holding Sakura.


Sakura: Thanks Kero.


Li: Sakura, we only have a few seconds left to save Madison.


Sakura: Li, we only have one chance.  Iím going to try the Hope card.  It might work.


Li: But you never used that card.  Even more, the Void card is in that.


Sakura: If I could reason with the Void card and used my feelings and hope to transform it, then it could do the same to Shin Yin.


Li: If you believe it will work, go for it.


Sakura: Hope card, please stop Shin Yin from hurting anymore innocent people.  HOPE.


The Hope card came alive.  The Hope shined a huge bright light that made Shin Yin scream in pain and collapsed on the floor.  Seconds later, Madison was free from Shin Yinís spell.


Madison: Where am I?  SakuraÖ Li.


Sakura: Madison, youíre okay.


Li: You were under a spell and that creep over there was going to drain your life energy.


Madison: Thatís terrible.  But how did you stop him?


Sakura (smiling): With Hope.


Sakura holds up the Hope card.


Madison: Wow.  You used the Hope card.  Congratulations.  Thanks for saving me.


Li: Hold that thought.  Weíve got to get out fast.


Shin Yang: Go.  Iíll stay behind and finish this off once and for all.


Sakura: But Shin YangÖ


Li: Come on Sakura.


Sakura: FLY.


Sakura uses the Fly card to give her wings to fly.  Li and Madison jumps on Keroberos and escapes.  Seconds later while circling the air, the kids see a huge fire breaking out on the roof.


Sakura: Heís gone.  Shin Yang is gone.


Li: I canít feel any of his energy; Unless, he did a quick escape somehow and his energy is being blocked.


Sakura: I hope so Li.


Later at the hotel lobby, Samantha and the girls watched the news about a fire in Chinatown.  They still worried about Sakura and Madison.  Moments later, Sakura, Madison, and Li enters.  Samantha catches the first glimpse.


Samantha: Madison.


Madison: Mother.


The two hugged and cried.


Chelsea: Sakura.


Meilin: Li.


Samantha: Are you all okay?


Sakura: Yeah barely.


Nikki: Where were you?


Sakura: See that place on the T.V. with the fire.  Thatís where we were taken prisoner.


Rita: How did you escaped?


Li: This friend of my motherís sacrificed himself to get us out just before the fire broke out.


Shin Yang: Hey, you kids were luckier than me.


Sakura: Shin Yang.  Youíre alive.


Madison: But howÖ


Shin Yang: Oh a trap door in the building which leads into the sewers saved me and my brother just in time.


Sakura: Whereís your brother?


Shin Yang: In a special prison.  He will pay for his crimes.


Samantha: So that means your brotherÖ


Li: Was the kidnapper.


Shin Yang: You have nothing to fear now.  All is well.  I think you two should rest.  Li, be a good lad and help me find your mother.  We have important issues to discuss.


Li: Yes sir.


Samantha: Guards, please escort Sakura and Madison to their room and Iíll have room service bring up food and tea for them.


Guards: Right away.


Later up in their hotel room, Madison, Sakura, and Kero ate and talked.


Kero: Well at least everybodyís safe and Shin Yin has been stopped.


Madison: True but somethingís still puzzles me.  How did he escape before the fire broke out?  I know the trap door was a cover up.


Kero: Either he was telling the truth or he and his twin teleported with their powers.  Letís not forget their names have Yin and Yang in them.


Sakura: The Chinese concept of Darkness and Light.


Kero: Correct-a-mundo Sakura.


Madison: Iím sure Li and his mother asked him already.


Sakura: Youíre right.  Weíll ask them tomorrow.


Madison: Itís good weíre doing the fashion show again and this time Iím going to get it on film.


Sakura: Iím sure nothing will go wrong this time, especially with the extra security your mother got.


They both giggled.  The next day, the fashion show was a huge success.


The End



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