The Haunted Mansion

By Sunshin515



Part 1-The Invitation


At School, Sakura and her friends: Madison, Chelsea, Nikki, and Rita were talking about the mysterious letters they received in the mail.


Sakura: So you guys got letters too.


Chelsea: Yup.


Rita: Boy is Nikki thrilled.


Nikki: Thatís because itís an invitation to play a mystery game.  We will be staying at a spooky old mansion where mystery and suspense will be lurking out of every corner.


Sakura: AHHHHH.


Chelsea: Sakura gees.  Itís just a game.


Sakura (sobbing): But a scary game.


Madison: We have to go.  I have to get it on video.


Nikki: Iím in.


Rita: Me too.


Chelsea: Same here.


Sakura: If you promise not to creep me out, Iím in.


Madison: It will be fun Sakura.


When the day arrived, the girls were transported by a horse-drawn carriage after their limo couldnít go any father into a narrow path of trees and grass.


Nikki: How neat being transported thru a spooky path in a horse-drawn carriage.


Sakura: Itís not too bad.


Madison: Look, there it is.


The old mansion was in their view.


Rita: Neat.  It has a Greenhouse, a CemeteryÖ


Chelsea: And a Bell Tower.


Sakura: Now Iím starting to get creeped out.


Kero (whispering): Sakura, chill out.


Sakuraís friend and guardian Kero was in her backpack.


Sakura (whispering): At least youíre here Kero but stay down okay.


When they arrived, they were greeted by a butler.


Jeeves: Greetings.  Iím Jeeves.  Head butler and friend to Count Von Drac.


Madison: Cool.  A real Count.


Jeeves: Yes.  The other two guests are waiting inside.  The driver and I shall handle your bags.


All (bowing): Thank you very much.


As the girls entered, they see two familiar faces.


Sakura: LiÖEliÖ


Li: Sakura.


Eli: Well what a surprise.  My old friends.


Nikki: Did you get invitations too?


Eli: Yes we did.  And the Count flew us here in his private jet.  Iíve always been a fan of mystery and suspense novels and games.


Chelsea: This is going to be great.


Just then, a doorway creaked open and a voice saying ďEnter please.Ē  Sakura freaked out.


Madison: Sakura, its okay.  Itís just special effects.


Li: It will be okay.


Sakura: If you say so.


They entered the doorway and inside was a theater.  The group took seats in the front row.  Out of nowhere, smoke and colored lights appeared.  On stage when the smoke and lights disappeared, Count Von Drac appears.


Count: Good afternoon my honored guests.


The group applauded.


Count: Youíre too kind.  Why, how lovely these young ladies are.  And you gentlemen look distinguish as well.


Madison (whispering): He looks so young to be a Count.  Heís probably our age.


Count: Youíre probably wondering how a young lad like me can hold a very important title.  Well it runs in the family.  I heard of you and thatís why I have chosen you for this game.  Some of you like to be spooked and some of you donít.  You like a challenge in solving a mystery.  Each of you have special talents that are combined will solve this mystery game I proposed.  Hereís how the game will go.  Some strange things will be happening out through the mansion.  Donít worry; theyíre all special effects and stage hands Iíve hired.  Someone might disappear.


Sakura gets a nervous look.


Count: It could be me, Jeeves, or any of you.  If you could solve who did it and where the person is at, youíll win these (snap).


Jeeves brings in a cabinet of books.


Count: I know all of you like to read books.  This is one of the prizes.  My entire collection of mystery books.


All of the girls go oohÖand ahhÖ  Then Jeeves brings out a trunk.


Count: Also for the lovely young ladies, a trunk of preserved century old dresses worn by high-class young ladies.


The girls get sparkles in their eyes for that prize.


Count: For you gentlemen, I know you like magic and ancient artifacts.  So these will be your prizes (snap).


Jeeves brings a table out with ancient artifacts and books.


Count: These are for you if you guess the culprit.


Eli: Interesting.  Iím in.


Li: Me too.


Count: Excellent.  Now the game will be starting at our mask ball this evening.  Jeeves will take you to your rooms where I put special costumes on your beds.  Please wear them this evening and Iíll get the preparations underway.


Madison: See Sakura.  He said its all special effects and no one will be harmed.


Sakura: That makes me feel better.


Eli: Expect the unexpected Sakura.


Jeeves: Right this way.


Jeeves takes the group to their rooms.  In her room, Sakura talks to Kero.


Kero: You know what Sakura.  I sensed some strange magic in this place.  I didnít want to tell you while we were with your friends.


Sakura: Really.


Kero: Just be on your guard and take what Eli said to you.  Plus, if he brought Suppie along, weíll keep an eye out.


End of Part 1


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