The Haunted Mansion

By Sunshin515



Part 2-The Game Begins


That evening, everybody was dressed up and saw dancers in masks.  The Count comes over to the group.


Count: Welcome.  Jeeves, bring punch to them to toast.


Jeeves gives them a glass of punch for a toast.


Count: And now my guests, I would like make a toast to mystery and good health.


All: Here, here.


Count: And now let the game begin.  Please, dance the night and watch out for clues.  Miss Madison, may I have this dance?


Madison: Yes, you may.


Madison and the Count danced.  Some young men asked Nikki, Chelsea, and Rita to dance and accepted.


Eli: I’m sitting this one out.  Oh by the way, don’t drink the punch.


Sakura and Li looked at the punch.


Li: Do you think there’s a potion in it?


Sakura: I don’t know.  Uh oh, I think the girls drank it.


In the meantime, Kero and Spinner kept an eye from the chandelier.


Kero: Anything mysterious Suppie?


Spinner: I hate it when you call me that.


Kero: Huh…Those dancers aren’t real.  They’re just illusions.


Soon enough, Eli, Li, and Sakura sees the illusions.


Li: Well the Count said about special effects and he was right.


Sakura: There must be a potion in the punch.  None of the girls realize it.


Just then, the lights went out.  Someone screamed.  When the lights came back on, only Nikki, Rita, Chelsea, Sakura, Li, and Eli were present.


Rita: What happened?


Nikki: Where did all of the dancers go?


Li: They weren’t there at all.  They were just illusions.


Sakura: We believe there was something in the punch to make them real to you.


Chelsea: Wow really.


Count: Oh my.  Miss Madison disappeared.


Sakura: Madison disappeared.


Count: Yes.  She must have fallen through a trap door.


Sakura: Let’s find it.  Where were you two standing?


Count: By the fireplace when the lights went out.


Li: There must be a switch.


Chelsea: Sakura believes there was something in the punch.  Maybe Jeeves put something in it to make us believe the dancers were real.


Count: Excellent observation.


Nikki: Let’s find him.


Rita: He could be in the kitchen.


Count: I shall take you there.


Chelsea: Aren’t you coming?


Li: We’ll stay here and try to find the trapdoor.


All: Okay.


After leaving, Kero and Spinner appear.


Kero: Now if I were a switch, I would be leaning on it without knowing it…Like now.


Kero hits the switch and opens a secret passage.


Sakura: Should we…


Just then, another scream echoed in the hallway.


Eli: It’s the girls.  They’re in trouble.


They went to the kitchen and only see Rita, Nikki, and the Count.


Li: What happened?  Where’s Chelsea?


Rita (crying): Something grabbed Chelsea in the cabinet and when we opened it…Nothing.


Count: This is awful.


Sakura: We found the secret passage Madison fell through.


Nikki: Let’s have a look.


They all go through the passage and see a room where a séance is held.


Sakura: Madison…Chelsea…are you in here?


Count: Nothing.


Li: Maybe there’s another doorway.


Rita: I need to sit for a sec.


When Rita sits down, she was pulled into another trapdoor.


All: RITA.


Sakura: This is officially not fun anymore.


Nikki: I’m getting spooked out myself.


Count: This wasn’t my plan.  I see it’s getting out of hand.  Come, we shall get to the bottom of this.


The Count takes the group to the library.  There, the Count rings for Jeeves.


Jeeves: Yes sir.


Count: Jeeves, it seems that three of our guests are missing.  Where were you when the disappearances were taking place?


Jeeves:  I was in the kitchen getting the food ready to serve.  The chef and I went to check the lighting when it got dark.


Count: Let’s ask the chef.


All of a sudden the lights went out again.  When the lights came back on, Nikki was gone.


Sakura: NIKKI.


Jeeves: Oh dear.


Count: Jeeves, please escort our three guests left to their rooms.  Then afterwards call the Inspector.  This has gotten out of hand.


Jeeves: Yes sir.


End of Part 2


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