The Haunted Mansion

By Sunshin515



Part 3-Sakura抯 Mission


Later in their rooms, all three realized they have been locked in.


Sakura: Look I know things are crazy but you didn抰 have to lock the door.


Kero: Sakura, we have to get out and find the others.


Sakura: Oh key of the star with powers burning bright.  Surrender the staff and shine your light.  RELEASE.


The Star staff appears.


Sakura: THROUGH.


Sakura passes the wall into Li抯 room followed by Eli through another.


Li: Sakura匛li.


Sakura: We have to find our friends now.


Li: I agree.


They managed to get into the hallway when Sakura started fitting the pieces together.


Sakura: Hey, I figured out who did it.  Every time our friends disappeared, they were with the Count.  He must have been standing at a certain position to trigger the trapdoors.


Eli: It makes sense.  But what about the lights and how did it work with Chelsea?


Sakura: My guess is there抯 more to him.  I think Jeeves and his staff did a trick as well.  I bet Jeeves grabbed Chelsea and turn the cabinet back to normal afterwards.


Out of nowhere, the Count was echoing the hallways.


Count: Well done Sakura.  You抳e solved the mystery.  Now you must find your friends on your own.  Observe.


The Count puts an invisible barrier over Li, Eli, Kero, and Spinner.


Sakura: Are you guys okay?


Li: We抮e fine.


Sakura: Let my friends go now Count Von Drac.


Count: I抦 sorry Sakura.  Once you find and free your friends, then I抣l release the boys.  I know you don抰 like spooky things.  So I thought I help you get over your fears with this.  By the way about the potion in the punch, you were right.  I ask Jeeves to put it in to calm the girls down when they were captured.


Sakura: Where are they?


Count: I抣l give you clues to solve to find them.  Thanks to Madison抯 video camera which I took when she vanished.  I put it in the library with a VCR for you can solve the first clue.


Kero: You can do this Sakura.


Sakura heads to the library where she sees Madison抯 video camera and a tape.  She puts it in the VCR.  Her first image is Chelsea in a cage swinging.


Count (on the tape): Here抯 your clue.  Here is the place where bats toll.  Hours will chime away.  Time is the key.


Sakura: Place where bats toll.  Hours will chime and time匱he Bell Tower.


Count (on the tape): If you guessed correctly, my hat抯 off to you.  First, you go after Chelsea.  Then once you free her and pass a test, there will be a next clue for the next girl waiting.  Oh and one more thing; time is of the essence.  If you don抰 save each girl in a time permitted, they抮e mine.  For Chelsea, you have 20 minutes starting at the end of this tape in 321匯ing.


Sakura: I have to hurry.  I better FLY.


Sakura gets her wings and starts flying.  As she flies through the mansion, the Count抯 special effect traps kicked.  Statues crashing, doors opening, and paintings falling, Sakura manages to dodge all of them.  Finally, she manages to get to the Bell Tower and sees Chelsea in a cage swinging over a very long and deep doorway.


Sakura: Chelsea


Chelsea: Sakura.


Sakura: Are you okay?


Chelsea: Yup.  The last thing I remember is that some masked creep grabbed me and I must have fainted.  I woke up here in this cage.


Sakura: Don抰 move.  I抣l get you out.


Out of nowhere a giant winged bat creature appeared to them.


End of Part 3


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