The Haunted Mansion

By Sunshin515



Part 4-Rescuing Friends


Sakura (in thought): Great.  Chelseaís awake and I canít use my powers unless I move out of site.  The Clockís tickingÖThatís it.  (In voice): Follow me Wingface.


Sakura moves away out of Chelseaís site.


Sakura: TIME.


The Time card freezes time for a short moment.


Sakura: WINDY.


The Windy card knocks the bat creature down and reveals it was a machine.  At that moment, the Time card wears off.


Chelsea: Sakura, look out.


Sakura: Itís okay.  Itís a fake robot.


Chelsea: Well the Count said there would be a lot of special effects involved.


Sakura: Yeah he did.  Hey, thereís something on it.


Sakura grabs a piece of paper and a picture of Rita in a cage somewhere.  Afterwards,   Sakura helps Chelsea out of the cage but she makes sure Chelsea doesnít see the picture.


Sakura: Chelsea.  Li and Eli are downstairs in the hallway trapped in one of the Countís special effects.  See if you can help them.  Iím going to find the others.


Chelsea: Will you be okay Sakura?


Sakura: Of course.


Chelsea: Be careful Sakura.


Chelsea leaves.  Sakura opens the piece of paper that reveals where Rita is.


Sakura: Okay a poem.  Roses are red, violets are blue.  Rita is in a place where plants grow and birds live too.  Plants grow in greenhouses and birds live in trees.  Rita is in a tree in the greenhouse.  Oh thereís more.  The time limit is 25 minutes.  Thatís plenty of time. 


Sakura goes to the window and sees the greenhouse.


Sakura: JUMP.


Sakura uses the Jump card to jump out of the window towards the greenhouse.  After entering, she sees Rita hanging in a cage up in a tree.  As she comes in more, all of the plants came alive.


Sakura: SLEEP.


The Sleep card puts Rita to sleep.


Sakura: SWORD.


Sakura uses the Sword card to try to cut the plants down to size but they kept growing and multiplying.


Sakura: I need a new plan.  I know.  ERASE.


The Erase card erases all of the plants in the greenhouse.


Sakura: Float Card.  Help Rita down from the tree.  FLOAT.


The Float card got Rita down safely.  Sakura gets her out of the cage just in time before the Sleep card wore off on her.


Rita: Sakura.


Sakura: Rita.  Thank heavens youíre safe.  I found you sleeping in the cage up in the tree.  So I got a ladder and some rope to lower you down safely.


Rita: Thanks Sakura.  What about the others?


Sakura: Chelseaís safe.  I found her.  Sheís over helping Li and Eli right now.  Can you help them please?


Rita: Sure.  I had enough of this game.


After Rita left, Sakuraís next clue was on the door when Rita closed it.  A rose wreath with Nikkiís picture on it.  In the back was the clue.


Sakura: Oh no.  I have a funny feeling I know where Nikkiís at.  Yup, the cemetery.  The Count is giving me 45 minutes.  I must do this for Nikkiís sake.


In the meantime, the boys were trying to escape.


Li: Force know my plight, release the lightÖNothing.


Eli: Be patient Li.  All will be well in good time.


Kero: You seem calm about this.  Wait a minute.  Are you and the Count involved in this?


Eli: Yes.  The Count and I are dear friends.  Clow Reed knew about Sakuraís fears and thought we give her a chance to overcome them.


Li: Thatís pretty low Eli.  The last time you gave Sakura a scare is when you put everybody to sleep until she transformed all of the cards.


Eli: Was it Li.  Oh wait, here comes Chelsea.  Hide you two.


Chelsea appears.


Chelsea: Guys, are you all right?


Li: Weíre fine.  What about you?


Chelsea: Iím fine.  So are you trapped in some kind of wall?


Eli: Yes.  You see, Sakura solved the Countís game and the Count wants her to find the others all by herself.


Li: The Count is the guilty person.  Plus, Jeeves on the side.


Just then Rita appears.


Rita: Chelsea.


Chelsea: Rita.


The two hugged each other.


Rita: I saw Sakura.  She went to find Nikki and Madison.


Back with Sakura, she slowly manages to enter the cemetery.  She saw a little church where Nikkiís at.  Behind Sakura were ghosts and monsters slowly following her.  Sakura turns around and see nothing.


Sakura (in thought): Thereís no such thing as ghost.


Sakura turns back around and surprise the ghosts and monsters said Boo.  Sakura screams and started to run.


Sakura (in thought): If I donít do something fast, time will run out and Nikki might get taken away.  Wait.  Itís dark and from old stories, ghosts and monsters donít come out after dark.  So the opposite of dark isÖ (In voice) LIGHT.


Sakura uses the Light card to scare away the ghosts and monsters.  The ghosts and monsters disappeared in front of Sakuraís eyes.


Sakura: They were all illusions.  Just like the dancers from the ball.  Oh no, my time is almost up.  Nikki.


Sakura makes it to the little church and finds Nikki.


Sakura: Nikki.


Nikki: Hey Sakura.  Boy was I scared for a while.  But being by the cemetery and saw the ghosts and monsters was really exciting.  Sakura, where did that light came from?


Sakura: Oh the ghosts and monsters were just illusions and I found the machine and a headlight to shut them off.


Nikki: So I guess you solved the mystery.


Sakura: Almost.  I still have to find Madison.  The others are with Li and Eli.


Nikki: Iíll go check on them.  Will you be okay Sakura?  I mean I know you donít like scary stuff.


Sakura: I think this experience is helping me.  When my friends need me, I donít run away even from something scary.


Nikki: You are a true friend Sakura.  Good luck.


After Nikki leaves, Sakura searches the church for her last clue.  Out of nowhere the Count appears to SakuraÖ


End of Part 4


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