The Haunted Mansion

By Sunshin515



Part 5-Sakura vs. the Count


Count: Bravo Sakura.  You’ve performed excellent.  I must say Clow Reed did leave the cards in good hands.


Sakura: You know about the Clow Cards.


Count: Yes.  Back in the olden days, Wizards, Sorcerers, Witches, etc. would gather here for secret festivals during the night to learn different tricks of the trade.  My ancestor and Clow Reed were friends.  When I heard about you from Eli, I did a little research and found out your strengths and weaknesses. 


Sakura: You mean Eli knew everything from the start.


Count: Yes.  So we came up with a plan to help you to overcome your fears by playing a game with your friends whom love scary stuff.  And Eli thought bring Li along for the fun.


Sakura: All right.  Where’s Madison?


Count: She’s your last test with me.  You and I will have a duel of magic in the basement.  It’s magical and sound proof from your friends.  Okay, be down in the basement in 30 minutes and I’ll have everything ready.  Ta-Ta.


The Count vanishes in front of Sakura.


Sakura (in thought): I better get out of here.  Madison, hang on.  I won’t let you down.


Sakura leaves.  In the meantime the Count was setting up when Jeeves brings Madison in.


Count: So Miss Madison, are you having fun?


Madison: Not anymore.  Where are we?


Count: In the basement my dear.  I will be dueling Sakura with magic.  Jeeves, place her in that chest for she could be safe and wouldn’t interfere.


Jeeves: Yes sir.  Sorry Miss Madison.


Madison: Stay away from me.


Madison tries to get away but the Count catches her.


Count: Now, now, you can’t leave until the duel is over.  I see you need to relax. 


The Count waved his hand in the air and instantly put Madison to sleep.  The he carries her to the chest and locked her in.


Count: Jeeves, guard her please.


Jeeves: Yes sir.


Moments later Sakura arrives in the basement.


Sakura: Where’s Madison?


Count: In here for she can be safe during our duel.  Jeeves will protect her.  Now let the duel begin.


The Count flies up in the air like a vampire.  He prepares to throw magic at Sakura.


Sakura: JUMP.


Sakura jumps out of the way just in time before the magic hits her.


Sakura: WOOD.


Sakura tries to bind the Count with the Wood card’s vines.  However, the Count manages to counter it.


Count: Nice try.  But you need to try harder to stop me.  Try this.


The Count throws another magic ball at Sakura.


Sakura: SHIELD.


The Shield card protects her.


Count: Very good.  But not good enough.


The Count finally hits Sakura with one of his magic balls and sends her to the ground hard.  The Count gets ready to make the final hit.


Sakura (in thought): If I don’t do something quick, I’ll lose.  (In voice): DASH.


Sakura dashes out of the way just in time.


Sakura: WINDY.


The Windy card hits the Count in the air and throws him to the wall.


Jeeves: My Count.


Sakura: One more.  LIGHT.


The Light card blinded the Count and knocked him to the ground.


Count: Congratulations.  You’ve won.


Sakura: Madison.


Sakura releases Madison from the chest.


Sakura: Madison, wake up please.


Madison wakes up.


Madison: Sakura.


Sakura: Thank heavens you’re safe.


Madison: Is it over.


Count: Yes it is.  Oh that reminds me.  I must set the boys free.  (Snap).


Back with the others, the barrier over Li and Eli disappears.


Eli: I guess Sakura did it.


Li: We better find her and Madison.


Back with the Count, Jeeves, Sakura, and Madison.


Count: Jeeves, please take Miss Madison and find the others.  Tell them to meet us in the Theater for the award ceremony.


Jeeves: Yes sir.


Madison: Is it safe to go with him?


Sakura: I guess so.  But you better not do anything…


Jeeves: Of course not.


Jeeves and Madison left the basement.


Count: I know Clow Reed and my ancestor would be proud of you.  Now will you do me one more favor?  You and I will do a magic show and it will be the award ceremony where I give you the prizes.


Sakura: On one condition.  No more scary stuff.  I had enough of it.


Count: Very well.  If you would gladly take my arm, we shall be off.


Sakura takes his arm and they left together.


End of Part 5


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