The Haunted Mansion

By Sunshin515



Part 6-The Finale


In the meantime, the other kids met up with Jeeves and Madison.


Chelsea: Itís Jeeves.


Rita: And Madison.


Nikki: Where were you?


Madison: In a chest down in the basement.  I donít know how but when I woke up, Sakura was there.  She rescued me.


Chelsea: Same with us.


Jeeves: My master the Count wishes an audience with you at the theater where Miss Sakura will receive her prizes for solving the mystery game.  This wayÖ


Chelsea, Rita, and Nikki followed Jeeves.  Madison stayed with Li and Eli.  Moments after the others were out of site, Kero and Spinner came out of hiding.


Kero: Yo Mad.  What happened?


Madison: I really donít know.  The Count said something about a duel with Sakura.  Then he put me to sleep into a chest.


Eli: If we follow Jeeves, weíll see the results.


Everybody entered the theater and took seats like they did in the beginning.  On stage, smoke appears.  After the smoke faded, the Count was on stage.


Count: Good evening again.  As you guessed, I was the culprit and I apologized for any trouble that I have done.  And now, I would like to bring the champion of the game and who conquered her fears to save her friends.  Miss Sakura Avalon.


Sakura appears from the curtains.


Sakura: Iím just glad all my friends are safe.


Count: And now the prizes.   First, my antiques collection of mystery novels.  Next, the trunk of preserved dresses.  Finally, Sakura and I discussed both Eli and Li will receive their prize of the artifacts that were passed down to me by my ancestors.


Sakura: And I would love to share my prizes with all my friends.  I know Madison will go for the dresses.  Chelsea, Rita, and Nikki would go for both.  So we shall share the prizes equally.


Count: Weíll start distributing the prizes tomorrow after breakfast.  I know everybody had an exhausting night with all of this mystery and suspense.  So I bid you good evening. 


The next morning after breakfast, everyone started getting their prizes equally shared.


Madison: Wow.  I like this novel.  And these dresses will go good on display at my motherís stores.


Chelsea: I like these novels.


Nikki: Me too.


Rita: Same here.


Li: Wow, these books belonged to my ancestor.


Count: Your ancestor and mine were friends Li.


Eli: Iíll treasure these artifacts.


Count: I know you will.  Sakura, I want you to have these.


The Count gives Sakura two journals and a beautiful pink and gold dress with a tiara as well.


Sakura: Thank you.  HuhÖbut this journal should go to Li.


Count: No.  It tells about my ancestor and Liís ancestor history and magic abilities and so on.  The other is for you to write all of your adventures and passed the knowledge down to your descendants.


Sakura: I will and thank you.  I think Iím starting to overcome my fears from scary things.


Count: Take one step at a time.  And always remember your friends are there for you to help you overcome your fears.


Later on, the carriage came to pick up the girls. 


Madison: Bye Li.  Bye Eli.  Take care of yourselves.


Li: We will.


Eli: Oh here comes our ride Li. 


They all said their good-byes.  On the carriage ride home, Sakura opened the journal of Clow Reed and Count Von Dracís ancestor.  She sees a drawing of the two friends smiling.  Sakura smiles too as the carriage drove away into the horizon.


The End


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