The Clow-cards of the Twins' Book

by Eli



Series Introduction




You already know the saga of what happened with Sakura, the clow-cards and Clow Reed, so you may think there are no more cards.  You’re wrong if you do ‘cause there are more!  How?  Well, who said Clow Reed was an only child?


Let me tell you about the twins, Nhasmira Reed and Agatha Reed, Clow Reed’s little sisters.  They admired their brother.  He taught them all he knew about magic.  But time passed and Clow Reed passed away the same day he tried to teach them about card-making.  They weren’t able to make cards by themselves, but together they achieved it.  Since then they always worked together and made a whole new set of cards.  They still called them clow-cards in honor of their brother.


After they grew old, as their brother, they made a book called the Twins’ Book to put the cards in.  But something unexpected happened.  The balance between light and dark (Ying-yang) was altered by the cards they made, so they were forced to make one last card to restore the balance.  They had made so many cards and they grew so weak that this last card cost them their entire energy.  With their last breathe they ordered the Twins’ Book to be buried in front of Clow Reed’s house.  Just as they finished what they were saying their bodies vanished.  This story was never passed on ‘cause they feared the cards’ power, until the birth of Maritza (Nhasmira Reed’s reincarnation) and Miriam (Agatha Reed’s reincarnation).


(to be continued)