The Clow-cards of the Twins' Book

by Eli


Clow Reed’s Siblings

(Episode I)


This episode begins at Sakura’s house at night.  Sakura’s house was fortified with wood and other stuff because you could hear a radio voice saying, “…In other news the announced storm will strike town tomorrow night…” Sakura is in her room looking at the stars when she hears the phone.


(Sakura) Hello.


(Mailynn) Hey, Avalon! Missed me?


(Sakura) Mailynn…!


(Mailynn) Well, you better have ‘cause Lee and I are moving back to the neighborhood!  We’ll be in the same house we lived in before!


(Sakura) Great! But, haven’t you heard the news?  There’s a storm coming tomorrow.


(Mailynn) That’s okay.  The house is secured and we’ve already moved in.  In fact, Lee is on his way to…


(Lee) Heeey!  Sakuraaaa!


(Mailynn) Well, I guest that’s him now.  So, se you later. Bye!


(Sakura) Bye!


            Sakura hung up and went to the door.


(Sakura) Lee!  How are you?


(Lee) Hey Sakura, guess what.


(Sakura) I know.  I just talk through the phone with Mailynn and she told me everything come on in.


…The next day came and Sakura slept all day since school was canceled due to the storm warning… Later that night Sakura was contemplating the lightings of the storm when she suddenly felt a strong worry for Lee and Mailynn.  So she hurried to get the Sakura-cards and ran toward Lee’s house with her wand in hand.  She looked at the sky, threw a card and shouted “Thunder!!!”  A lighting fell from the sky and headed toward the house but it impacted “Thunder”. 

The lighting from the sky disappeared but the lighting from “Thunder” got suck into the clouds and fell in the middle of the amusement park.  Deep underground, due to the presence of “Thunder” the seal that kept the Twin’s Book closed broke.  The book opened and released all of its cards.  Lee sensed the presence of “Thunder” and hurried out of the house.  He found Sakura and accompanied her to her house.  Sakura explained what happened to Lee and they each headed to their own house but they both felt that something had been released due to Sakura’s doing.…The next day after Sakura came back from school she invited Lee and Mailynn to dinner.  After arguing with Mailynn Lee accepted.  Once at Sakura’s house Lee told Sakura to go with him to her room to discuss what happened last night.  Then they entered the room.


(Kero) Hey it’s that kid again.  I’m so full I don’t even want to make fun of you.  I’m going to sleep.


(Sakura) Yeah.  I served him three times as much food so he wouldn’t bother you.


               Suddenly the phone rings, so Sakura answers it.


(Sakura) Hello!


(Maritza) Ahhh! So you are Sakura.


               (Eriol is in the third line of this three way call)


 (Eriol) Hi, Sakura.  We need to talk.


(Sakura) About what?  Who is that girl?


(Eriol) Today they are know as Maritza and her twin sister Miriam, but many years ago they were known as Nhasmira and Agatha Reed, Clow Reed’s sisters.


(Miriam) The thing is that Clow Reed taught his sisters magic, and after he passed away they made a whole new set of clow-cards and placed in a book called the Twins’ Book.


(Maritza) That book was buried in front of Clow Reed’s house but something opened it yesterday.  You must recover the book and the clow-cards ‘cause you know what power they can posses. 


(Eriol) Is Lee there with you?


               Sakura explained what’s happening to Lee and gave him the phone.


(Lee) What’s the problem?


(Miriam) We think you are the best qualified cardcaptor to wield our power.  With it the clow-cards power can’t die if they’re in your hands.


(Maritza) We can’t give this power to Sakura ‘cause this power on top of her own would overwhelm her.  Besides, we trust that in your hands Clow Reed’s name will live on.


               The twins chanted this spell.


(Maritza & Miriam) 


Mystic power from with in

we command you to look far.

To find a vessel to live in

The descendant from Clow Reed!!!


               Suddenly a bright light came through the phone and infused Lee with the power of Clow Reed’s sisters.


(Eriol) Well, you know what you must do.  Good bye now.


(Maritza & Miriam) We wish you great luck.


               Lee hung up.


(Lee) Let’s go Sakura.  We can’t waste any time.  We should find that book.


(Sakura) Right! And I think I know were it is.  It should be in the amusement park where “Thunder’s” lightning fell.


               They hurried to the amusement park which happened to be closed for repairs due to the storm.  They snuck in and Sakura used the “Earthy” card to look for the book which was underground.  “Earthy” found the book and gave it to Sakura.  Sakura cleaned it and opened it to check how it was but it was completely empty.  Thus beginning this new series of “Cardcaptors”!!!


(to be continued)


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