The Clow-cards of the Twins' Book

by Eli


The Bones of the Dead.

(Episode II)


(Sakura’s dad) Sakura wake up!


(Sakura) Dad, it’s way too early.  Can’t you wait a little longer?


(Sakura’ dad) Well if you want to miss the pirate expedition I guess it’s okay.


(Sakura) What? The expedition!!! I totally forgot!


            Sakura jumped out of the bed ‘cause she had a field trip to attend.  Her school had an expedition to the museum to see the new exhibit.  The new exhibit was based on pirate ships, pirate clothes and even an actual pirate treasure, so Sakura was very interested.  She went to the expedition and finally got to the museum.  Their guide took them directly to the pirate exhibit.


(Guide) Take a look at these peaces of wood, especially at the one in the mermaid shape.  These belonged to an actual pirate ship.  The mermaid was actually handcrafted… Now behold the pirate treasure! Those are actual gold, pearls and rubies.  Funny thing is that pirates were very superstitious.  The pirate that owned this treasure said that his ghost would come and turn to stone anyone who touches his treasure right before he died.  This museum was the only one to try and get this treasure for an exhibit.


Lee and Sakura staid behind staring at the treasure ‘cause they both felt something.


(Lee) Sakura, you recognize that energy, don’t you?


(Sakura) I sure do. It a clow-card and it’s hidden in the treasure.


(Lee) Now is not a good time to get it.  Let’s wait until tonight when the museum is closed.


 …Later that night.  Sakura with her wand and Lee with his sword snuck into the museum and looked at the treasure.  One coin from the treasure fell in the floor and Lee grabbed it to take a close look at it and when he did they heard a strange voice, “You steal my treasure and pay with your life”.  Then a skeleton wearing pirate clothes roused up from the treasure.  It started jumping from place to place and it tried to attack Lee. 


(Sakura) “Windy”, attack that skeleton!!! 


            “Windy” attacked the skeleton and the skeleton shattered but each of those peaces aimed at Lee.  Then one of the peace hit Lee and Lee turned to stone very slowly.  Then the skeleton tried to attack Sakura.


(Sakura) Ohh! No! What do I do?  Wait.  Some people consider skeletons to be creatures of darkness so… “Light” card! Light up this room!!!


Just as the room lighted up the skeleton vanished, Lee changed back to normal and a strange teenage like kid appeared in the room.  He was dressed in black and had black spikes on his shoulders. 


(Sakura) That must be the clow-card’s physical form.  “Clow-card return to your power combined!!!” 


The card couldn’t help but get caught.  It fell into Lee’s hand and the card stated “The Haunt”.


(Sakura) Lee, are you okay?


(Lee) I’m okay Sakura.  Thanks!


(Sakura) Wow!  That seemed like a really strong card and it’s just the first one.  If I do fall asleep tonight I’ll have nightmares.                                           (to be continued)


Card description:


Haunt card:  I creates ghost like attacks, revives cursed,  It can stand the light so it darkens the room it enters a little.



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