The Clow-cards of the Twins' Book

by Eli



Can You Smell the Breeze?

(Episode III)


Sakura and Lee found themselves in Lee’s basement, both having that look that says “There’s a clow-card around here!”  Lee suddenly noticed that his sword had spread wings.  Next thing he knows is that his holding Sakura’s wand.


(Sakura) Lee, I think this belongs to you!


            Sakura gave Lee his sword and he gave Sakura her wand.


(Lee) The clow-card most be hiding in the atmosphere, so let’s look for it.  (Lee and Sakura tried to use their cards) “Hunt” card!


(Sakura) “Windy”!!!  (The cards spread wings and switched places) What the…


They both failed to activate the cards, but that gave Sakura a plan.


(Sakura) Lee! Trust me, let’s try it again.  (They threw their cards into the air and the cards spread wings again, but Sakura didn’t try to activate the card.)     Clow-card return to your power combined!!! (Those wings shared and got sealed in a card.  This card now belongs to Lee.)


(Lee) The “Trade” card.  Well, it might be useful in the fu…


(Mailynn) Hey, Lee! Dinner! (Mailynn saw the card) What!!!? (mad) You caught one of those new cards and didn’t call me!!! Don’t let that happen again, you hear!!!?  Well Avalon, shouldn’t you go to your house?  After all is dinner time.


(Sakura) You’re right!!!  I’ll be late!  Bye everyone!


            …The day passed...


(Sakura) Yeah! Finally!  First day of spring break!  Yeah!


(Sakura’s dad) Sakura come down here I have a surprise. (Sakura headed for the living room quickly) It’s great!  My vacations stared just in time for spring break and there’s a hotel near the beach having a spring break special so I made some reservations.  So, what do you think?


(Sakura) Awesome!!  Vacations near the beach sounds just perfect.  When are we leaving?


(Sakura’s dad) In an hour so start packing!


            Sakura ran into her room and started to prepare.


(Kero) Hey, what’s the rush?


(Sakura) We are going to the beach and spend vacations in a hotel near it!


(Kero) That’s great! I love hotel food!  I can’t wait!


            Sakura spend the day at the beach and had lots of fun until the sun came down.  After, Sakura headed toward her hotel room.


(Mailynn) Hey, Sakura!


(Sakura) Mailynn?  What are you doing here?


(Mailynn) What?  You thought only you could take the hotel special?


(Sakura) Guess you’re right.  Is Lee here?


(Mailynn) Yeah, but he is resting is his room.  I don’t think you should bother him.


(Sakura) Neither do I. (yawn) Guess I better go and rest too.  See you tomorrow!


            (Inside Sakura’s room)


(Kero) Sakura, take a look at this.  Can you sense that energy?  Look at the beach.  The breeze is coming from the ocean, however the waves are moving out of the land.  One of those new cards you told me about most be behind it.


(Sakura) I think your right. Let’s go Kero.


            Sakura ran out of the room and bumped into Lee.


(Lee) Oww…!  Sakura there’s a weird energy coming from the beach.  We should check it out.


(Sakura) We should hurry then. (whispering) Someone should’ve warned me he was hard headed.


(Mailynn) Were do you two think you’re going!!?


(Sakura) (surprised) To the beach.


(Mailynn) Not without me you are not!  Let’s go!


            The instant the reached the beach they fell the presence of a clow-card.


(Sakura) “Glow” card reveal to me the card’s position!


            As soon as “Glow” pinpointed the card’s position a little golden girl appeared in the air.  The card got mad and threw a strong whirlwind at Mailynn.


(Lee) “Haunt” reveal you self and attack that clow-card.


            The beach turned dark and some white lights came out of the sand and jumped toward the clow-card, but the clow-card shielded herself with Mailynn.


(Lee) “Haunt” card, stop!!


The beach got bright again and the white lights vanished.


(Lee) Sakura try to seal the card from here!


(Sakura) But is way too far.


(Lee) Just do it! Trust me.


(Sakura) Right!  Clow-card…


(Lee) “Trade” card switch Sakura with Mailynn!


(Sakura) (once in the air) …return to your power combined!


            The card got sealed and fell in Lee’s hand.


(Mailynn) Hey, look!  The new clow-card it’s called the “Breeze” card.


They looked up were the whirlwind was holding Sakura and it dispersed so Sakura fell.


(Sakura) Lee!!!!!


(Lee) I got you Sakura!


            Lee caught Sakura and in his arms they started staring at each other’s eyes.


(Mailynn) (whispering) Wow!  Isn’t this beautiful.           … (to be continued)


Card description:


Trade card:  Switches the position of any two things.


Breeze card: Manipulates the air, but it can’t create air on its own.


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