The Clow-cards of the Twins' Book

by Eli


Sleepless nights

(Episode IV)


            It was quite early in the night and everyone in town was asleep.  Suddenly when the town’s clock stroke 2:00, the wind started blowing and it carried with it a strange yellow dust which fell over a few houses… The next morning Sakura actually woke up early for school.


(Kero) No way!!!  Sakura is awake already?  Who are you and what have you done with Sakura?


(Sakura) Kero!  Is just that I went to sleep early and it was a pleasant night.  It’s natural that I woke up early.


(Kero) (whispering) Not for you.


(Tory) Hey, squirt!!  Wake up!  Breakfast is already done.


(Sakura) (mad) I’m already dressed!!!


            Sakura had breakfast and went to school.


(a boy in school) (yawn) Ohh, man!  The strangest thing happened last night.  I woke up and it was still 2:00 a.m.  Not only that but I wasn’t even sleepy so I couldn’t sleep the entire night.


(a girl in school) What?  You too?  I also woke up at 2:00 a.m. and I… (yawn) …couldn’t sleep after that.


(some other kids) Yeah!  Me too!


            Lee and Sakura over heard the kids talking.


(Lee) Doesn’t it seem odd that they all were woken up at 2:00 a.m.?


(Sakura) What are you trying to say?  You think it might’ve been a clow-card?


(Lee) Precisely!  But I’m not sure.  Meet me at the clock tower at 12:00 o’ clock?


(Sakura) I’ll be there!


            ...Later, at night, Sakura went to meet up with Lee at the clock tower.


(Lee) I think we should go to the top of the tower to get a good view of the town.


            Sakura followed Lee but they stopped half way up the stairs.


(Lee) Sakura!  Can you feel that?  A clow-card just appeared at the top of the tower!!  Hurry!


            At the top of the tower they met with a little caped boy holding a sand-clock.  When the tower stroke 12:00 the little clock ran out of sand and suddenly Sakura and Lee found themselves in school and they were dressed with their uniforms, sitting in their chairs and looking at the teacher.


 (Teacher) I want to apologies to you kids for not believing your story about not being able to sleep during the night, ‘cause last night that… (yawn)… happened to me.  I woke up at 2:00 a.m. and I couldn’t sleep no more.  So I guess your stories were actually…zzzzzzz.


            Sakura and Lee realized that it the next morning came and they missed last night.


(Lee) I bet that card we saw, must have brought us here to defend itself.  So we must try it again.


            ...Later at night, Sakura and Lee headed for the top of the tower.


(Lee) Sakura, there’s the clow-card!


(Sakura) “Time” card, freeze the moment!!!


(Lee) Now Sakura!  Seal it!


(Sakura) I’m sorry Lee.  I didn’t have last night sleep.  I’m too tired.


(Lee) Well, will just have to see what the Reed sister really gave me.  So here I go.  Clow-card return to your power combined!!!


            Lee sliced the little boy and its pieces reunited into a card and went to Lee’s hand. (Time started moving again)


(Sakura) This is awesome!  Now you can seal cards too!  Everyone should be able to sleep again.


(Lee) Not quite.  This is the “Future” card.  It couldn’t have messed up other people’s dreams ‘cause where the only ones who can feel when a card changes time.


(Sakura) Yeah, you’re right.  I know!  Use that card to make that 2:00 a.m. comes faster.


(Lee) Right!  “Future”, skip ahead two hours!!!

            When the time passed the felt the presence of another clow-card in front of them and the card looked just like the “Sleep” card, only that this one was yellow.


(Sakura) “Windy”, stop that card!!! (Windy came out and surprised the card.) Lee, would you do the honor?


(Lee) Okay.  Clow-card return to your power combined!!!


            The card got sealed and went to Sakura’s hand.


(Sakura) The “Wake” card, I guess now you can’t say this isn’t responsible for all the sleep lost.  And speaking of sleep I think I deserve some.


            Sakura turned “Wake” into a Sakura-card and after she fainted Lee carried her back to her house. 


                              (to be continued)


Card description:


Future card: It can skip ahead in time, It can activate on its own to give warnings about the future.


Wake card: It make people regain consciousness  and it can wake them up from sleep, trances, hypnotism, ect.



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