The Clow-cards of the Twins' Book

by Eli


The Joys of Pain

(Episode V)


            Sakura was at school waiting for the final bell to ring.  When the bell rang Sakura was the first to stand up but she tripped and fell so she was the last one to walk out of the classroom.  Sakura suddenly felt a strange energy coming from the Library.


(Sakura) Braliry?  Someone messed up the library’s logo. (Sakura entered the library.) I feel the presence of a clow-card. (Sakura grabbed her favorite book, “Alice in Wonderland”, and opened it.) This isn’t the way this book is supposed to be!  Wait, I’ve seen these marks in my dad’s reports.  This book is written in Greek.


            Sakura went to place the book back and noticed one of the Library’s computers was still on, and there was a wooden rose in the screen.  When she touched the computer all of the letters, numbers and symbols in the room came off and started spinning around.  When Sakura looked back at the computer the flower was gone.


(Lee) Sakura!  I was waiting for you in the entrance when I felt a clow-card.  Are you okay?


(Sakura) Yes, I’m fine but the card is still around here.  Look around for a wooden flower.  That’s the card physical form.


(Lee) I don’t have my sword with so I can’t use any cards.  Check your cards to see which one can help.


(Sakura) Maybe “Shadow” can have a quick look around the place and find that flower and then I could use “Time” so that it can’t run away.


            Sakura took out the “Time” card first but when she look at “Shadow” its name was written backwards and it had a wooden flower in the middle of the name.


(Sakura) “Time” card!!! (She put the “Shadow” card in a table) Now, clow-card return to your power combined!!


            The card got sealed and went to Sakura’s hand.  Just as she caught it she turned it into a Sakura-card. (Time stated running again)


(Lee) Sakura, what happened?


(Sakura) (tired out) I… I got the card.  But I really need to rest.  I think I’ll sit down and read “Alice in Wonderland” now that is in English.


            After Sakura rested they headed out of the school and found themselves with Mailynn.  Hi in the sky there were three figures: one looked like a green shaman, the second one looked like a bride dressed in white and yellow, and the third one looked like a bride dressed in purple.  The green one vanished and the other two turned into beams.


 (Mailynn) How could you leave me alone Lee?


Sakura turned away to ignore Mailynn and didn’t noticed that Mailynn and Lee got hit by those beams which left a tattoo where they hit.


(Mailynn) (crying) Lee how could you!  I was so lonely!  Someone could’ve kidnapped me!


(Lee) (laughing) Ha, ha, ha!  What a cry baby.  You were actually scared of being alone?  Ha, ha, ha!


(Sakura) Did you two finally cracked?  Well, anyway I need to get home. 


            Then Sakura felt the presence of a card in behind her but it wasn’t coming from Lee and Mailing.  When Sakura turned back she saw a strange lady dressed in black and white.  The lady stretched her hand and touched Sakura’s eyes.  Then Sakura saw a picture of Lee shining in gold and a picture of Mailynn shining in purple.


(The card) Joy is a beautiful thing but if it is not controlled it can drown other feelings.  Pain, too much of it can destroy a person completely but with out it “joy” can’t be appreciated. (The card released Sakura’s eyes and Sakura started seeing reality again.) Your job is to seal me but to do that you must know my name.  You ask your cards, they might know something.  But be warned.  Your friends are in great danger.


            The card left and Sakura took Lee and Mailynn to their house leaving them in the living room.  She sat in a table and shuffled her card and placed nine in the table to see what they new.  She flipped the first one.


(Sakura) It’s the “Signs” card, the card I captured earlier.  This must mean that they’re going to use a word riddle or something like it. (She flipped the three in the middle) “Light”, “Through” and “Dream”…  Well, light could mean reveling something or an answer… I’ll figure this out when is really needed. (She flipped the bottom one) The “Dark”!!!  That could mean great danger.  Lee!!!  Mailynn!!! (Sakura entered the living room and found Lee playing with his sword but she couldn’t find Mailynn) Lee!  Where is Mailynn?


(Lee) (laughing) You should’ve had seen her.  She was crying like a baby ‘cause I picked up my sword.  She felt so embarrassed that she wanted to jump off a cliff.


(Sakura) Lee, follow me!  “Dash” card, give Lee and I speed!


            Sakura and Lee ran to the park, thankfully reaching Mailynn before she jumped off the cliff.


(Mailynn) (crying) What do you want?  Leave me alone!!


(Lee) Hey, Mailynn!  What happened weren’t you going to jump?  Want me to give you a push?


(Sakura) What’s happening to you two?  I don’t feel a clow-card around but is still not like you to be like that.  Is as if you were hypnotized… That’s it!  “Wake” card, wake up Lee and Mailing from their trance!


            Lee and Mailynn struggled to return to normal but it was useless, however “Wake” gave Lee a conscious moment.


(Lee) “Trade” card, switch the mark Mailynn and I have!


            Sakura saw the tattoos lifting and switching places and when that happened Lee started crying and Mailynn made fun of him.  That reminded Sakura of what that strange card said.


(Sakura) Joy can drown other feelings.  Lee was so happy he stopped caring about Mailynn.  Pain can destroy a person.  Mailynn was so sad it seemed she wanted to kill herself.  But a clow-card wouldn’t reveal the name of another card.  …   I got it!  Clow-cards I know you’re in there!  “Happy!”  “Sad!”  Get out of my friends!


            When Sakura named the cards the tattoos bursted.  The shaman-like card appeared and collapsed, and the two bride-like cards came out of the tattoos.


(Lee & Sakura) Clow-cards return to your power combined!!!


            All three cards were sealed.  “Happy” and “Sad” went to Lee’s hand and the third one went to Sakura’s hand.


(Sakura) This card is the “Hide” card.  This explains why I couldn’t feel the other cards. (Sakura felt the presence of another clow-card behind her and turned around.)  It’s you again!


(The card) My work is done.  I am ready to rest now.  Could the other cards enlighten you?


(Sakura) Wait a minute. “Light”, “Through” and “Dream”, if “Light” means an answer…an answer through a dream!  “Vision”, return to your power combined!!!


            The “Vision” card got sealed and went to Lee’s hand.  The three friends stared at the sky wandering what other challenges awaits.                                (to be continued)


Card description:


Signs card: It can translate, change, remove and create writings.


Hide card: It can make anything impossible to be seen, felt, smelled, tasted, heard and sensed.


Sad card: It can give people the feeling of sadness, too much of it can cause people to loose their conscious.


Happy card: It can give people the feeling of happiness, too much of it can cause people to loose their conscious.


Vision card: It can give answers about anything near by,  It can also reveal hidden things.


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