The Clow-cards of the Twins' Book

by Eli


In Funny Circus-tances

(Episode VI)


            Sakura, Lee and Mailynn were talking through the phone and thinking about what they should do for fun Saturday (that same day).  Well, Sakura and Mailynn were, anyway.


(Sakura) Well, Mailynn.  Have you thought of something?


(Mailynn) Not yet.


(Sakura) This isn’t good.  A whole entire Saturday with nothing to do.


            It seems Lee felt pity for their frustration.


(Lee) Just look out the window!  Do you see that big yellow sign in the distance?


(Sakura and Mailynn) (excited) Wow!!!  The circus is in town!!!  This is perfect!!!


(Mailynn) However, since it was your idea Lee, you have to come.


(Lee) What!!? (it seems he had no choice) Well, I guess it okay.


            …Later that day… Sakura was having dinner.


(Sakura’s dad) Sakura, I think you’ll like to know that those dancing lessons you wanted begin on Wednesday.


(Sakura) (overjoyed) Really!!! You actually got me dancing lessons?  Dad you’re the greatest. (Sakura finished eating) Well, I’m off to the circus to meet my friends.


(Tory) Ohh!  You finally got a job?


(Sakura) Very funny, Tory.


            Sakura went to the circus and met up with Lee and Mailynn.  The show was spectacular.  She saw lions, elephants and people doing great acts.  Then they send in the clowns.


(Sakura) It can’t be!  Not now!  Lee can you feel that?


(Lee) Yes, but what’s a clow-card doing here?


(Sakura) I don’t know.  But we have to catch it.  Let’s go outside so I can use the “Sleep” card. (once outside) “Sleep” card, throw your dust into the air!!!


(Lee) This time I came prepared.   “Breeze”, spread “Sleep’s” dust through out the tent.


            Once “Sleep’s” dust took effect, Lee and Sakura head into the tent.  They noticed that one of the clowns was still awake.  This specific clown was three feet tall and had an inflatable hammer.


(Lee) Hmm… Sakura this might sound strange but I think that clown is the clow-card’s physical form.  Just feel that energy.


            The clown got mad and threw his hammer at Lee, however the hammer bounced off since it was an inflatable one.  After that Lee’s face turned blue.


(Sakura) (laughing) Ha, ha, ha!  Guess that settles it. That is the card.  (she stopped laughing) Okay, let’s get serious.  “Power”, give me strength!!! A hole appeared beneath Sakura and in the ceiling over Sakura.  Sakura fell through the hole in the floor and came out through the hole in the ceiling.  “Fly” card!!!  Sakura dived and hit the clown with her wand.  Clow-card return to your power combined!!!  The clown tried to turn into a card but the card broke.  The clown was as jolly as ever.  Hey, that’s not right!  Lee, a little help please!!


(Lee) There have to be something we missed.  “Vision”, reveal your knowledge about that card.


Lee started seeing a picture of the clown and heard this voice.


(“Vision”) Can a swordsman be complete without his sword? The vision ended.


 (Lee) That doesn’t make sense.  The clow-card wasn’t armed…  The hammer!!!  “Trade” card, switch that card with his hammer!!! (after the switch) Sakura!  Hit the card with the hammer!


(Sakura) That doesn’t make sense, so it may work.  “Dash” card, give me speed!!! Sakura graved the hammer, ran toward the clown and hit him.  The clown got mad, took the hammer from Sakura and fainted.  Okay.  Clow-card return to your power combined!!!


            Both the clown and his hammer got sealed into a card which went to Lee’s hand.


(Lee) The Reed sisters had plenty of imagination if they created this, the “Joke” card. 


(Sakura) Lee, we better go before Mailynn and everyone else wake up.


(Lee) Ohh! Right! They both walked out of the tent holding hands.   (to be continued)


Card description:


Joke card:  It creates pranks,  the more harsh and creative the prank is, the more energy is required and the more useful it is. 


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