The Clow-cards of the Twins' Book

by Eli


The Heart of a Writer

(Episode VII)


            Sakura just got a letter from Madison.  “Hey, Sakura!  Sorry for leaving school without saying good bye.  It’s just that my parents planned a trip for the Caribbean islands and it was kind of sudden so I didn’t know how to tell you.  I’m really really really sorry.  I hope you can forgive me.  But I’ll be coming back soon.  Your friend Madison” after she finished reading the letter the phone rang.


(Sakura) Hello.


(Madison) So, did you read the letter?


(Sakura) Madison?  You’re back already?


(Madison) Of course!  Did you thought the mailman put that letter in your mailbox?


(Sakura) Who cares?  I’m just glad you’re back.  Guess what.  There’s a hold new set of clow-cards to catch.  So I’m going to need your filming and designing.


(Madison) That’s awesome!  But my dad has me writing.  He says it help with creativity and that if I’m more creative my films would end up better.  I even got this great book to write in.  But I guess I could get inspired to write if I hear about the new cards you have.  By the way, would you mind opening the door?  I was waiting at the other side until you read the letter.


            Sakura opened the door for Madison and told her everything about her new cards and about Lee’s.  But Madison didn’t have her book with her so she waited until tomorrow… The next day at school Mailynn also talked to Madison.


(Mailynn) Madison, you wouldn’t believe it?  A card had me trap hi in the air and I was almost attacked by Lee’s “Haunt” card!  It was all so amazing.  And Lee can also seal cards now!


(Madison) Wow!  That is amazing.  And I missed all of that for being in a vacation trip? ... I feel sow inspired to write!!  Please excuse me, I’m going to the library.  And don’t peek at my work, I want to surprise you.  


            Madison went into the library.  Time after she entered Sakura and Lee felt the presence of a clow-card in the school yard.


(Sakura) Lee, since you don’t have your sword I suggest you go with Mailynn somewhere safe.


(Lee) Actually Sakura.  I’ve practice a trick with the “Joke” card now I can fit the sword where ever I want.


(Sakura) Then use the “Breeze” card.  “Sleep”, throw your dust into the air!!!


(Lee) “Breeze”, spread “Sleep’s” dust throughout the school!!!


(Sakura) Lee, try to keep Madison from falling asleep, could you?


            Suddenly a tornado hit the yard and it had lightings coming out of it.  The tornado stopped and it seemed two cards came out of it.


(Sakura) No way!  Are those “Thunder” and “Breeze”?


(Lee) No!  Look, they have no faces.  They can’t by our cards, besides we already caught them.


(Sakura) But it does feel like there are more cards.  Let’s go look!


            When they turned they saw what it seemed like two more cards.


(Lee) These can’t be “Haunt” and “Joke”, they don’t have faces either.  We need more help.  “Vision” card, show me an answer!!!


            Lee saw a picture of all the cards they saw before and herd this voice. “The light before you are obstacles, the two real cards are with you friend.


(Lee)  Sakura, I have a plan!  Use the “Hide” card on those fakers.


(Sakura) Okay!  “Hide” card, hide the energy coming from those cards!!!


            When the energy from the fake cards vanished they felt that the energy was actually coming from the library.


(Sakura) Ohh, no!  Madison is there!


            They headed for the library and found Madison writing in a yellow book with a sun in it.  Madison was also wearing a crown.  Sakura and Lee felt a strong energy coming from the book.


(Sakura) Madison!  Get away from that book!


(Madison) No, I must write.


The sky turned dark.


(Sakura) Madison, that book’s a clow-card! Get away from it!


(Madison) (angry) Nooo!  I have to write!!!


(Sakura) This is just like when Lee and Mailynn acted weird.  “Wake” card, return Madison to her conscious self.


            Madison struggled and three away her crown.  A ghost body came out of the crown.


(Lee & Sakura) Clow-card return to your power combined!!!


            Both the crown and the book got sealed and went to Lee’s hand.


(Lee) The “Heart” and the “Make”.  These were a powerful combo.


(Sakura) Ohh! Nooo!  I had a text today!  Lee, use the “Breeze” card again.  “Wake” card!!!


(Lee) “Breeze” card!!!


            They woke up the entire school but now Sakura has to take a test.

  (to be continued)


Card description:


Heart card:  It can give a heart to something that doesn’t have one, It can make people put their heart to whatever it is they are doing.


Make card:  I can turn anything you write on it real as long as it’s daytime,  Whatever this card makes vanishes during the night.


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