The Clow-cards of the Twins' Book

by Eli


Energy Crisis

(Episode VIII)


            It was a hot day and Sakura was at school having recess.  It was so hot that most kids were resting under trees. 


(Sakura) Hey Madison.  Don’t you think you should be at the library writing?  It is more refreshing there rather than here.


(Madison) What?  No way!  After the “Make” card incident I’m going to give writing a rest.


            Lee came by holding a kid in his back.  The kid was unconscious.


(Sakura) Lee!  What happened to that kid?


(Lee) I don’t know.  He was standing under a tree and suddenly collapsed.  I’m taking him to the school nurse. (Lee left)


(Madison) Sakura, I brought my camera today so why don’t we just go take a film around something, like the guys’ faces when they realize I’m filming them.


(Sakura) Well, the guys are all around the trees, so you go filming while I relax.


            They headed for the school yard and Madison started to film the guys around while Sakura rested beneath a tree.  Time after another guy collapsed but this time Madison filmed it.


(Madison) Sakura, take a look at this film I took while… (The bell rang)


(Sakura) Sorry Madison.  Will get together at my house to see the film.  Okay?


(Madison) Okay, if you say so.


            …Later at Sakura’s room.  Madison showed the film.


(Sakura)  This is strange.  This kid also fainted like the one Lee took to the infirmary.


(Madison) Yeah, but take a look at it again. (Madison zoomed in at the kid’s shoulder)


            The film showed a crystal like hand graving the kid’s shoulder.


(Sakura) No way!! That must be another clow-card!  I should call Lee so we can meet up at the school (Sakura called Lee) Lee, Madison showed me a film and it revealed a clow-card.  Let’s meet up at the school okay.  Oh!  And whatever you do don’t stand under any tree. (Sakura hung up)


(Madison) I’m going too.  I have to catch up with my card filming.


            Back at the school at night.


(Lee)  So, where’s the clow-card?


(Sakura) It should be where that kid you took to the infirmary fainted.


(Lee) (once in front of the tree) It’s true!  I can sense a strong energy coming from the tree.


(Sakura) Well, let’s try and seal it while is not attacking.  Clow-card… (when Sakura lifted her wand a crystallized woman came out of the tree and grabbed Sakura) Ahhhhhh!  (Lee hit the card with his sword and it released Sakura) That card, (breathing hardly) it tried to drain my energy.  (Sakura recovered her breath)


(Lee) It’s hiding in a tree so you should try using “Fiery”.


(Sakura) Good idea.  “Fiery”, burn up that tree.


            “Fiery” came out and attacked the tree but the clow-card graved him and his flames started turning off until his body disintegrated.  The “Fiery” card came back to Sakura but it didn’t have any picture.


(Sakura) No!  That card drained “Fiery’s” entire power!  Lee, maybe if we attack with two cards she won’t be able to defend herself.  “Earthy”!!


(Lee) “Haunt” card!!!


(Lee & Sakura) Attack that clow-card.


            The clow-card stretched her arms and grabbed “Earthy” and “Haunt”.  They got their energy drained and disintegrated just like “Fiery”.


(Lee) At this rate we’ll run out of cards.  Maybe “Vision” knows something. (The clow-card tried to attack Lee) “Vision”, show me an answer!!! (The crystallized woman grabbed the “Vision” card) (Lee saw a picture of the clow-card and heard this voice. “This card may be able to take as much power as she wants but she can’t hold…” At that moment “Vision” ran out of power and also disintegrated.


(Sakura) What did “Vision” said?


(Lee) She said that the card couldn’t hold but then the message got interrupted.  Hey, if that card can’t hold, where is all of the power she drained going?


(Sakura) My guess would be, to that tree.  We have to get her out of the there.

(Lee) I think I know how. (Lee looked back and there was a chair beneath another tree)  “Trade” card, switch that chair with the clow-card.


            The clow-card appeared where the chair was and it tried to go back into the tree it was in before.


(Sakura) Lee it’s headed your way!  Get it before it goes into the tree!


(Lee) Clow-card return to your power combined!!!


            Lee hit both the clow-card and the tree.  They both got sealed, but into two different cards.  The one with the woman in it went into Lee’s hand and the other to Sakura’s.


(Lee) The “Drain” card.  It gave quite a strong battle.


(Sakura) I think I should use this one right away.  “Energy”, release all the power you now store!!!


            A strange wind came out of this card and entered the clow-cards that had been drained restoring them to their natural state.


(Madison) Bravo!  Bravo!  You two gave a great performance and I got it all on tape.  Now I just need to go home and work on this to make another great movie.


(Lee) My work is done so I think I’ll head home too.


            They all headed to their houses to rest through the night.   (to be continued)


Card description:


Drain card:  It takes energy from one place and puts it in another.


Energy card: It can store any amount of energy,  It won’t let go of that energy until its user tells it to.


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