The Clow-cards of the Twins' Book

by Eli


Keeping It Together

(Episode IX)


            It was early in the morning.


(Kero) Hey, Sakura!  Wake up!  Come on or you’ll… (Sakura jumped out of the bed)


(Sakura) Kero!  Today is the day!


(Kero) What?  Is your dad making special breakfast?


(Sakura) No, Kero.  Today I start my dancing lessons.


(Kero) Dancing lessons?


(Sakura) They start after school.  But I have to eat breakfast now.  Bye Kero!


(Kero) Dancing lessons?


            Sakura had breakfast and went to school.


(Mailynn) Hey, Avalon.  Guess what, I’m starting dancing lessons today.  Aren’t you jealous?


(Sakura) Not really.  I’m starting dancing lessons too!


            The bell rang and they each headed to their classes. … Afterwards Mailynn and Sakura went into a special class room were they both began their lessons.  When they finished their class they left the school and found Lee waiting for them in the entrance.


(Sakura) Lee?  Were you waiting for us?


(Lee) Not really, I just arrived.  We have to go to the park.  A clow-card is hiding there.


(Sakura) At least it didn’t interrupt the class.  Let’s go!


They headed to the park.


(Sakura) Lee, you’re right there is a card here.  But where is it?


            Lee saw a shadow in a tree.


(Lee) Look Sakura.  It’s in that tree.


            The shadow revealed itself.  I look like a knight in a red and yellow armor.  Suddenly another knight just like the first one surprised Sakura and grabbed her arm.  The first knight grabbed Sakura’s other arm.


(Sakura) Ahhhhh!!  Lee, help me!


            A flash of light came out of Sakura.  The knights let her go and ran away.  When the light cleared there were two Sakura’s.  One of them was the original; the other was glowing and was entirely motionless.  The original fainted


(Lee) “Vision”, show me an answer!! (The “Vision” card was not activated)  


(Mailynn) What’s wrong Lee?


(Lee) The “Vision” card isn’t responding.  Mailynn, help me carry the two Sakura’s to our house.


            Once at Lee’s house he called Eriol through the phone.


(Eriol) Hello.


(Lee) Eriol, is Lee!  I need to some help.  Sakura split into two and the clow-card we were after got away.


(Eriol) I’m quite sorry Lee.  I don’t posses any knowledge about those cards.  You should call Miriam and Maritza.  They should be able to help you. 


            After Eriol gave Lee the twins’ phone number, he hung up and called them.


(Miriam) Hello, is Miriam speaking.  How can we help?


(Lee) Miriam I need some help.  It’s about the cards.


(Miriam) Lee?  Hold up. (shouting) Maritza, pick up the other phone!  It’s Lee and he need help!


(Maritza) Well what’s wrong?


(Lee) Well there were two knights and they split Sakura into two.  One the Sakura’s is glowing.  Also I couldn’t seem to activate the “Vision” card.  Can you tell me what happened?


(Maritza) Hey, I recognize that card.  Those two knights were one card called the “Divide” card.  They must have separated Sakura magic from her body.


(Miriam) As for the “Vision” card, it only works in presence of what you want to get an answer of.


(Lee) That’s why it didn’t work.  I was concentrating in capturing the card but when a tried to use it.


(Maritza) You must seal the “Divide” card to restore Sakura.  However… Lee, do you happen to have the “Mix” card” or the “Heart” card?


(Lee) I don’t have “Mix” but I do have the “Heart” card.


(Miriam) Use it on the glowing Sakura.  That will give her motion.  She will follow your orders ‘cause she doesn’t have a mind of her own.


(Lee) Okay.  Now I know what to do.  Thanks for you help. (Lee hung up and headed to where Sakura’s magic was) “Heart” card, give this body a heart of its own!!! (Sakura’s magic woke up) Mailynn, we’re going to get that clow-card.  Bring Sakura with you.


(Mailynn) Right! (when Mailynn touched the real Sakura, she woke up) Lee, look.  Sakura is okay!


(Sakura) What happened? (Sakura saw the other Sakura) Who’s that?


(Lee) That’s your magic, Sakura.  The “Divide” card took you apart.  We need to seal it in other for you to get your power back. (Lee is now talking to Sakura’s magic) Okay, I want you to follow every one of Sakura’s commands.


(Sakura) Let’s go.


            They headed to the center of the park.


(Lee) The clow-card is coming closer.


(Sakura) Where is it?


(Lee) Look right there on above you!


(Sakura) Magic, use the “Windy” card.


            Sakura’s magic used “Windy” and grabbed one of the knights.  Then the second knight grabbed Lee.  This gave Lee a plan.


(Lee) Mailynn, I have a plan.  Grab the knight “Windy” is holding.  Sakura, tell your magic to seal the “Divide” card. (Mailynn grabbed the knight)


(Sakura) Magic, try to seal the “Divide” card!


(Lee) “Trade” card, switch this knight with Mailynn!!!


            As soon as the switch happened, both knights were sealed by Sakura’s magic.  Sakura and her magic became one again and the “Divide” card fell in Sakura’s hand.  Also the “Heart” card returned to Lee’s hand.


(Lee) Sakura, are you okay?


(Sakura) I think so.


(Mailynn) Well, not for long.  ‘Cause it’s really late and you didn’t return to your house from dance class.


(Sakura) Ohh! No!  Well, at least we got one more card.  I’ll be going now.  Wish me luck! (whispering)  I’ll need it.          (to be continued)


Card description:


Divide card:  It can take anything apart from anything else.  Such as abilities, Ying and Yang, powers, curses, ect.



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