The Clow-cards of the Twins' Book

by Eli


Love for Two

(Episode X)


            The school bell just rang, so we find Sakura, Madison, Lee and Mailynn joining up at the entrance.


(Sakura) So, do any of you have any plans?


 (Lee) Not really.


(Madison) Hey, I have an idea.  Why don’t we go to see a movie?


(Mailynn) A romantic movie!


(Sakura) That sounds fun.  Maybe one where the guy asks the girl out to a beautiful date?


(Madison) Sakura, that makes me wonder, what was your first date like?


(Sakura) What?


(Mailynn) You know.  When Lee took you to…  Wait a minute.  Lee, you have taken Sakura to a date, haven’t you?


(Lee) (surprised) Well, I…..No.


(Sakura) So, when are you planning on taking me to one?


(Lee) I don’t know…  I mean… well…


(Sakura)  Come on Lee.  It doesn’t have to be anything complicated.  How about a special dinner at your house?  We can send Mailynn to Madison’s house so it can be just you and I.


(Lee) I guess that will be okay.


(Mailynn) By the way I don’t mind going to Madison’s.  Thanks for asking.


(Madison) Well, I think is settled.


(Sakura) Okay then I’ll go home to finish my chores early.  See you tonight Lee.


(Lee) Tonight!!!?


            Sakura left…Later that night, at Lee’s house.


(Sakura) Wow, Lee.  You really out done yourself.  Great food, clean aromas, candles.  It’s kind of like the dates in the movies.


(Lee) I tried to make it as special as I could since first dates are important.  Am I right?


(Sakura) Yeah.  It seems like you didn’t leave out any detail that could ruin the night.


            Suddenly a window opened and a light blue girl came through it.


(Lee) Sakura!  Look it’s a clow-card!


(Sakura) Guess you left out that detail. (The clow-card grabbed Sakura.) Lee!!  Help me!!


            Lee took out his sword.


(Lee) “Haunt”, get that clow-card!!


            A dark beam came out of Lee’s sword and attacked the clow-card, but before it could strike, the clow-card went into a mirror and took Sakura with her.


(Lee) Sakura!!!!!!!!!!


            Sakura found her self inside her room.


(Sakura) What happened?  Why am I at my house?  Kero!  Kero!  (Sakura went down stairs)  Dad!  Dad! Tory!  Well it appears everyone left.  (Sakura picked up the phone to call Lee)  That’s weird the line is dead.  I wonder how Madison and Mailynn are doing.  I should go check. (once at Madison’s house) This is starting to get creepy.  There’s no one in the neighborhood.  Madison!  Hey, Madison!  Strange Madison’s house is empty.  (she went to Lee’s house) Lee! (when she called, Lee came out of the house)  Lee, I’m I glad to see you.  Do you know what happened last night? (Lee seemed angry and walk by Sakura) Lee, aren’t you going to say anything? (Sakura’s eyes watered)


            Back at Lee’s house.


 (Lee) “Haunt”, “Breeze”, “Joke”, try to get Sakura out of the mirror!!! (the mirror bended, a dark beam hit it and the wind shake it around, but the mirror just went back to its position)  No!  Maybe I should call the twins. (Lee called the twins and heard this voice through the phone “Hey this is Maritza!  And Miriam.  We can’t answer for some reason, you know!  So please leave a message.”) This can’t be!  I can’t even break the mirror or I might hurt Sakura. (Suddenly a boy dressed in white wearing a blue necklace came into the room) It’s another clow-card.


            The clow-card looked at Lee with a sad face, like if he could fell Lee’s pain, then he smiled and jumped into the mirror.  Then inside the mirror.


(Sakura) (crying) Lee, what’s wrong?  Tell me! (Suddenly the clow-card appeared)  It’s another clow-card.

            The clow-cards necklace started to glow and everything around Sakura disappeared, except for Lee.  Then Sakura stared at Lee and he turned into the girl clow-card that took Sakura through the mirror.


(Sakura) You’re the one who took me here.  But you’re not getting away.  (Sakura took out her wand) Clow-card, return to your power combined!!! (the clow-card wasn’t sealed)  Right, this card may be protected by this dimension.  Okay then, “Through” card, let me go through that clow-card!!!


            Sakura jumped into the girl and came through the mirror at Lee’s house.


(Lee) Sakura, you’re back!!! (Lee hugged Sakura)


(Sakura) Lee, those clow-cards are still inside the mirror!


(Lee) Leave them to me.  Clow-cards return to your power combined!


            Lee broke the mirror with his sword.  The two cards came out of the mirror and got sealed.  The girl card went to Lee’s hand and it stated the “Lonely”.  The boy card went to Sakura’s hand and it stated the “Truth”.


(Sakura) Lee, I really hope no one ask me about my first date ‘cause they wouldn’t believe my story.  I was taken through a mirror into another dimension, got to meet some sort of shadow Lee and my boyfriend now has seven year of bad luck for breaking a mirror. However, would you like to carry on with our date?


            One could see through a window Lee courting Sakura to the table and how the stars shined in the sky.              (to be continued)


Card description:


Truth card:  It cancels illusions and mirages.  It can reveal hidden things.


Lonely card: It created a lifeless dimension to imprison anyone.


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