The Clow-cards of the Twins' Book

by Eli


One in One

(Episode XI)


            Sakura is at her house actually doing her homework with Madison.


(Sakura) Finally!!! I think I got it!  “X” equals… I don’t know.


(Madison) Come on Sakura.  I know you can get it done.  This is the last one. 


(Sakura) There, I know what I missed. … “X” equals 0.


(Madison) Very good Sakura!


            Suddenly the phone rings.


(Sakura) Hello!


(Maritza) Hey, Sakura!  It’s me Maritza.


(Sakura) Hi Maritza!  What’s wrong?


(Maritza) Nothing, actually.  I was just thinking that we only know each other by phone, so I got the idea that we should meet personally.  You know maybe arrange for you and your friends to come to my house. 


(Miriam) Maritza, when were you planning on telling me about that?


(Maritza) Oh, hey Miriam.  Well since you overheard, do you like the idea?


(Miriam) Well, what do you think Sakura?


(Sakura) Sounds fun.  But I don’t know where you live. (The twins gave Sakura their address) Okay I think I can find the place.


(Miriam) It would be nice if you bring Lee with you.


(Sakura) There is also Madison and Mailynn.  They helped me a lot when I was searching for Clow Reed’s cards.


(Maritza) Even better!  Bring your friends along.


(Sakura) Well, we’ll meet tomorrow.  I’ll call you back if anything happens.  Bye!


            Sakura hung up and called Lee.  Mailynn answered.


(Mailynn) Hey, Sakura!  What’s up?


(Sakura) You know about the twins, right?


(Mailynn) Miriam and Maritza?  Yeah, Lee told me about them.


(Sakura) Well, we’re having a reunion at their house so we can all meet.  You think you and Lee could make it?


(Mailynn) Of course!  Want to give Lee the news?  I’ll put him on the phone.  Lee, Sakura is on the phone!!!


(Lee) What’s wrong Sakura?


(Sakura) Nothing!  We’re going to meet the twins at their house and you’re invited.


(Lee) Sounds great.


(Sakura) Come to my house tomorrow and them we’ll head to the twins’ house.


            After the day passed, they got together and finally arrived at the twins’ house.


(Maritza) This is great, you made it!


(Miriam) It’s so nice to finally meet you in person.


(Sakura) I could say the same but, which one of you is Maritza?


            (Remember that Miriam and Maritza are twins)


(Miriam) You could put it like this: the loud one is Maritza, the other is Miriam.


(Maritza) (Upset)  Hey!  What do you mean with that!!?


(Miriam) There you go, that’s Maritza.


            They all settled and played board games had food and other stuff so they could get to know each other.


(Madison) Wow!  I’m really impressed with this yard you have, is as big as the school yard.  It’s perfect for shooting great films.  Hey, Miriam who are they?


            Madison saw two ladies dressed with a light blue toga.


(Miriam) I really don’t know but they look familiar.

(Lee) Madison, stay away I think they are clow-cards!!


(Sakura) Are you sure?


(Lee) I am. I feel great energy coming from them.


(Maritza) I recognize them.  That’s the “Mix” card!


            The two ladies threw strings into the air trapping Madison and a tree.  Madison got suck into the tree.


(Madison) (Her voice was coming from the tree) Sakura help me!!


(Sakura) Don’t worry Madison.  We’ll get you out.


            Sakura took out her wand and Lee his sword.  But as they did the strings of the clow-card grabbed the wand and the sword, and mixed them.  They turned in to a strange sword with wings.


(Miriam) Sakura, you and Lee must work as one to seal this card!


(Lee) Let me try and use this. (Lee grabbed the new sword) “Haunt” card, attack that clow-card!!!


            The card couldn’t be activated.


(Maritza) Come on, for you to be like one you must think like one!


(Sakura) Let’s try activating a card at the same time. (Sakura and Lee both grabbed the sword)  “Fiery”!!!


(Lee) “Haunt” card!!!


(Sakura & Lee)  Attack that clow-card!!!


            They failed to activate the cards.  The “Mix” card separated and headed to the furthest corners of the yard.  From there they threw their strings at the twins.


(Miriam) (Desperate) You can do it, think together!


(Lee) I got it!


(Sakura) Together… let’s try it again.  “Windy”!!!


(Lee) “Breeze”!!!

(Sakura & Lee) Combine and attack!!!


            “Breeze” and “Windy” combined forming what looked like a giant “Windy”.  It created two whirlwinds that trapped each part of the “Mix” card.  The two whirlwinds became one.


(Sakura & Lee) Clow-card, return to your power combined!!!


            The two ladies got sealed into a card.  Madison came out of the tree and the sword with wings split into Sakura’s wand and Lee’s sword.  The “Mix” card fell in Lee’s hand.


(Madison) Thank you for helping me, get out of the tree.  Too bad I couldn’t film any of it.


(Mailynn) Don’t worry about that.  I grabbed your camera and got it all on tape for you.  I’m not as good as you filming but here’s your camera.


(Madison) Thanks Mailynn!


(Sakura) Well it is getting late and we have a long way to go.


(Lee) I hope we can do this again some time.


(Maritza) Any time you want you are welcome!!


(Sakura) That must be Maritza.


(Miriam) How could you tell?


(Lee) Like you said, “the loud one is Maritza”.


            They all laughed and headed home.                             (to be continued)


Card description:


Mix card:  It fuses any two things.


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