The Clow-cards of the Twins' Book

by Eli


Being Danced

(Episode XII)


            It’s late at night and we find Mailynn and Lee at their house getting ready to sleep.


(Mailynn) You know Lee, there are several boys taking dancing lessons.  I think you should go with me and Sakura to tomorrow’s lessons.


(Lee) What for?  I already know how to dance.


(Mailynn) So does Sakura, but in this lessons they show other foreign dances, the history of certain dances and dancing strategies to maintain balance and other stuff.  I’m sure you don’t know all that, besides is only Wednesday and if you don’t like it, just leave it.


(Lee) Just go to sleep, we’ll talk tomorrow.


            …The other day at school.


(Sakura) Well, Lee are you planning to come with us to our dancing lessons?


(Lee) No, why?


(Mailynn) What do you mean “why”?  We just want you to see it.


(Lee) You guys had this planed, didn’t you?


(Sakura) Only since our first class.


(Mailynn) Of course you know this means we are going to keep at it until you say yes.


(Lee) Okay then, I’ll visit the class, but only to watch.


(Sakura) That line worked just as you said it would Mailynn.


            Then in the afternoon, they joined in the classroom were they took dancing lessons.


(Teacher) Well, it seems we have a new student.  Let’s all welcome Lee to the class. (The other student welcomed Lee.  He seemed angry.) Well, Lee since you are new I have to tell you something you must never forget.  Dancing is a chain of artistic expressions.  If you fail in one movement the whole dance falls apart.  That’s why you must practice as much as you can.


            Suddenly, gentle ballet music sounded through out the room.  Sakura and Lee headed outside.


(Sakura)  Why is it that every time we plan something a clow-card shows?


(Lee) Plain coincidence, but let’s do our job.


(Sakura) “Sleep” card, throw your dust into the air!!!


(Lee) “Breeze”, spread “Sleep’s” dust though out the school!!!


            After everyone fell asleep Sakura and Lee hurried into the classroom.  Once inside they saw two ballet dancers.  One was dressed in pink witch touched everyone in the room and they all started dancing.  The other was dressed in mint-green and it was dancing in one spot in the middle of the room.


(Sakura) Lee do you have a plan?  We can attack or we’ll hurt someone.


            The music in the room started playing faster and everyone tried to attack Lee and Sakura while still dancing.


(Lee) Sakura let’s go outside. (Once outside) Let’s try this: when we get back inside use the “Windy” card to hold the two clow-cards, then I’ll seal them.


(Sakura) Let’s try it! (They got back inside and the pink dancer touched Sakura, she started dancing along the others) Lee, help me, I can’t stop!!


(Lee) Maybe I should use the “Vision” card. (Just at that moment Lee remembered the words the teacher said, “Dancing is a chain of artistic expressions.  If you fail in one movement the whole dance falls apart.”) Wait, I know what to do.  “Make” card!!!


            Lee wrote that a rope appeared in the room and so it did.  Lee wrapped Sakura with the rope so she tripped and fell.  Sakura stopped dancing.


(Sakura) “Windy”, hold the two clow-cards in this room!!!


            “Windy” grabbed the clow-cards.  The music stopped and the other students went back to sleep.


(Lee) Clow-cards return to your power combined!!!


            The two cards got sealed and fell in Lee’s hand.


(Sakura) The “Dance” and the “Melody”, maybe you didn’t wanted them but they wanted you.


(Lee) You know Sakura?  I think I’ll be joining you in dance class after all.   

 (to be continued)


Card description:


Dance card:  It can give the ability to dance in perfect rhythm.


Melody card:  It can create and copy any type of music.


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