The Clow-cards of the Twins' Book

by Eli


Fast Connection

(Episode 13)


            Sakura is at her house reading a letter she got from Eriol, “Sakura, how has it been?  I wanted to let you know that since I got some free time in summer I’ll be visiting you and I’ll be staying around for a month…”


(Sakura) Hey Kero, look!  Eriol send me a letter and it says he’ll be coming in summer.


(Kero) Do you think spinnel will be coming too?


(Sakura) I think is possible.


            After that Sakura headed for school… Time after in her last class, it seemed Sakura was bored.


(Sakura) (In her mind) Why is time going so slowly?  I want to go home.


(Teacher) Well Sakura, if that the way you feel I can always give you homework.  I expect no more comments.


(Sakura) (In her mind) But I didn’t say anything.  Did I?


(Teacher) I said no more comments, Sakura!


            The bell rang and Sakura met up with her friends.


(Lee) Sakura, it seems there another clow-card around.


(Sakura) I feel it too!  That must be what caused the teacher to… well, read my mind.


(Lee) What?


(Sakura) In the classroom, every time I complained inside my head it seemed that the teacher could hear me.


(Lee) Then let’s go to that classroom. (Once in the classroom) Hey look, Sakura!  Over the shelf!


(Sakura) Golden pigeons?  They must be the clow-card


            The pigeons disappeared.


(Lee) Sakura, their energy is coming from outside the school, let’s go!


            Once outside the school.


(Sakura) “Time” card, freeze the moment!!! (After time stopped) Look Lee, I found the clow-card!


(Lee) No way!  They’re still moving!


            The pigeons disappeared again.


(Sakura) That must mean they’re no affected by “Time”.  How can we catch something like that?


(Lee) I don’t know, but we have to.


            They headed home and in their way, they found the pigeons again.


(Lee) “Vision”, show me an…


            The pigeons disappeared again so the “Vision” card couldn’t be activated.


(Sakura) We need that information.  “Dash”, give Lee and I speed!!!  Lee as soon as you feel the clow-card use the “Vision” card.


            They ran through the city.


(Lee) There in the park.  “Vision”, show me an answer!!!


            Lee saw a picture of the pigeons trapped between walls.


(“Vision”) Their magic can go through solid walls, but their bodies can’t.


(Sakura) What did you saw, Lee?


(Lee) “Vision” said that the card’s body can’t go through solid walls


(Sakura) So they have solid bodies.  I know what to do but we need to find the clow-card again. 


(Lee) It feels like their still in the park.  Let’s keep looking.


            …Time after.


(Sakura) Lee look, they’re up in that tree.


(Lee) If we get closer they’ll disappear again.


(Sakura) I got a solution.  “Maze”, “Mirror”, trap that clow-card!!!


            A giant maze made out of mirrors appeared around Lee, Sakura and the clow-card.


(Sakura) “Lock” card, seal the exit to the maze!!!  Now they can’t escape, but we still need to seal them.


(Lee) I know, “Lonely”, jump into the mirror and catch that clow-card!!!


            When the pigeons touched the walls of the maze they got trapped by the “Lonely” card.


(Lee) “Lonely” got them!


(Sakura) Clow-card return to your power combined!!!


            “Maze”, “Mirror” and “Lock” returned to Sakura.  The pigeons got sealed into a card witch now belongs to Sakura.


(Lee) The “Link” card, I think this card really made your teacher hear your toughs.


(Sakura) It seems that with this card we can communicate with anyone whenever is needed. 


(Lee) You know Sakura?  I’ve being thinking about the fact that the twins made an entire set of cards.  I wonder how many there are, since both twins worked to make them and how powerful would the card they made to restore balance between light and dark be.  Guess only time will tell.                             (to be continued)


Card description:


Link card:  It links the minds of any two characters,  It can’t go through solid objects.



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