Cardcaptors Meets Yu-Gi-Oh

By Sunshin515


In Readington, Sakura and Madison were walking home from school. They talk about Madisonís special guest.

Madison: I canít believe it. Seto Kaiba and my mom are going to be business partners. Then again, I do worry.

Sakura: About what.

Madison: Mr. Kaiba isnít a very kind man. I do worry he might buy out my momís business or something.

Sakura: Donít worry Madison. I know your mother wonít do anything that will jeopardize her company.

Madison: Youíre right Sakura. HeyÖMr. Kaiba is bringing The King of Games Yugi Moto along too. Maybe you could join us.

Sakura: Iíll ask my dad.

Madison: Great. But I think you better leave Kero home so no one could suspect him.

Sakura: Just leave me a piece of cake to take home and heíll understand.

The two giggled. Days later, they see the limo with the Kaibas and Yugi Moto coming out. They were welcomed in by the maid and shown to Mrs. Taylor, Madison, and Sakura.

Mrs. Taylor: Mr. Seto Kaiba. Itís an honor to meet you. Iím Samantha Taylor, President of Taylor Toy Company. This is my gifted daughter Madison and her best friend Sakura Avalon. Sheís the daughter of my late cousin Natasha.

Kaiba: A pleasure. This is my little brother and Vice President Mokuba. And The King of Games Yugi Moto.

Yugi: Please to meet you.

Kaiba: So tell me what gifts does your daughter have.

Mrs. Taylor: Sheís a gifted singer, straight A student. She even makes costumes and does video graphics.

Kaiba: Interesting. She has some talents I have. When she enters high school, her gifts will grow even more.

Mrs. Taylor eyes sparkle.

Kaiba: Even though we came to do business, may I see some of your daughterís costumes and video work.

Mrs. Taylor: Yes you may. Follow me please.

Kaiba and Mokuba studied Madisonís costume scrapbook and saw a bit of the play Sakura and Li were in.

Kaiba: Iím amazed. I see Miss Avalon here is your model and inspiration.

Madison: Yes Mr. Kaiba. Sakura is truly my inspiration.

Sakura blushes.

Kaiba: Young lady. I know this is out of what I came here. I was wondering if you could create some Duel Monster costumes.

Madison: Duel Monster costumes.

Kaiba shows Madison and Sakura Duel Monster cards.

Kaiba: Itís a popular game in Domino City and around the world. Yugi and I are the best of the best at it. I believe with your gifts, you can make the world love this game and even more.

Madison: Wow Iím honored. How can I help?

Kaiba: How about Yugi, Mokuba, and I help you go through Duel Monster cards. You pick the ones you believe you can make costumes most life like as you can. You can model them at the grand event your mother and I are hosting.

Mrs. Taylor: Yes why not.

Madison: All right. Itís a deal.

Kaiba: Excellent. Since we are staying here, we can help you out in anyway you need.

Madison: Thank you very much.

Kaiba: Now Mrs. Taylor, letís talk business in your office.

Mrs. Taylor: Yes. Follow me please.

Yugi: Madison, here are some of my cards to look at. Also, Iíve been meaning to ask Sakura something. Are you related to a Professor Aiden Avalon.

Sakura: Yes. Heís my dad.

Yugi: My grandfather is a retired Archeologist. His friend Professor Hawkins still does field studies.

Madison: I heard Professor Hawkins made a break through about Atlantis.

Yugi: Anyway they told me Professor Avalon was a student of theirs and if I come across him to tell him his former teachers have the same rivalry.

Sakura: How about coming to dinner at my place or I can take you to his office.

Yugi: Dinner sounds fine.

Madison: OhÖThese two I must make costumes of. They remind me of you and Li, Sakura.

Sakura: Dark Magician and Dark Magician Girl.

Yugi: Those two are my favorites. We make a great team the three of us. (In thought) Four actually.

Yugi looks at his puzzle.

That night, Yugi had dinner over the Avalonís.

Yugi: Thanks for dinner Mr. Avalon. It was great.

Mr. Avalon: Youíre welcome Yugi. Howís your grandpa these days?

Yugi: Very good. He loves collecting and selling Duel Monster cards.

Tori: I donít get why an Archeologist would retire and open up a game shop.

Sakura: Tori.

Yugi: Itís all right. My grandpa loves games. In fact, his research was about ancient games.

Mr. Avalon: Just like Professor Hawkins. But wasnít it for family reasons too.

Yugi looks down.

Mr. Avalon: Iím sorry Yugi. I didnít mean toÖ

Yugi: No. Itís all right. Just as my grandpa retired and started opening up Domino Game Shop, he got a call saying my parents were killed in a car crash. My grandpa was my only relative. He took me in and strange as it sounds, he had a way for me to express my feelings by playing games.

Sakura: Iím sorry Yugi. It must be hard to lose your parents.

Yugi: Yeah it was. Oh Sakura. I remember Mrs. Taylor said your mother passed away.

Sakura: I was three. I do miss her. Mrs. Taylor says Iím so much like my mom only Iím better at sports than she was.

Mr. Avalon: That comes from your dadís side.

Sakura: But Iím not lonely. I have dad, Tori, my friends, Madison, and Mrs. Taylor. Of course, she doesnít like my dad.

Yugi: How come?

Mr. Avalon: Because I married Natasha. She blames me for Natasha getting sick in the first place. However, we did talk nicely one time. We both knew our daughters were very close and she promised not to say mean things about me that might upset our daughters. Sakura and Madison need each other just like Natasha and Samantha were.

Yugi: Thatís wonderful.

Sakura: Yugi, I couldnít help noticing your necklace.

Yugi: Oh the Millennium Puzzle. This is one of my grandpaís adventures. Itís an ancient Egyptian artifact that tells the origins of Duel Monsters. This puzzle belonged to a great and powerful Pharaoh who saved the world from the destruction of the Shadow Games.

Sakura: Oh wow. (In thought) I feel something coming from that puzzle. Is it magic? It is.

Tori: (In thought) Oh boy. I know that look. Something weird is about to happen.

Mr. Avalon: Yugi, if you have time while youíre here, I can show you around the University.

Yugi: That will be great. Itís getting late. May I use your phone to call the driver please?

Avalon: Sure.

As Yugi left the house, his alter-ego the Pharaoh came to him.

Pharaoh: Yugi, I felt a strange presence around Sakura. As if she possesses magic powers.

Yugi: Really. Like what?

Pharaoh: I donít know. We better keep an eye on her.

In her bedroom, Sakura tells Kero about Yugi.

Sakura: That boy Yugi has a necklace that once belonged to a Pharaoh and I felt magic from it.

Kero: Hmm. I remember Clow Reed told me the story of the Egyptian Shadow Games. Real monsters came to earth either to help humans save it or destroy it.

Sakura: Oh man. So Duel Monsters is the rebirth of those Shadow Games.

Kero: YupÖJust in a safe environment and on trading cards. Still that necklace makes me wonder what kind of magic is in there.

End of Part 1.


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