Cardcaptors Meets Yu-Gi-Oh

By Sunshin515

Part 2

The night came for the event at the Taylor Toy Company. Madison’s costumes were on display as well as Duel Monster cards. The guests were enjoying themselves.

Madison: Sakura. I made one just for you.

Sakura: Oh Madison, you didn’t…

Madison: Now you will look like Dark Magician Girl. I must videotape it.

Sakura gives an embarrassing look. All of a sudden, Sakura feels a magic presence.

Madison: What is it?

Sakura: I feel magic in this building. (In thought) Maybe it could be that necklace again.

Pharaoh: Yugi…I feel something and I don’t think it’s that girl.

Yugi: (In thought) Then what Pharaoh.

Out of nowhere, smoke screen pellets were dropped. The lights went out. People were panicking, screaming, and coughing. Sakura got out of the way and summons Windy to clear the smoke. Finally, Mokuba turned the lights back on.

Mokuba: Is everyone all right?

Sakura: Mad…Madison. She’s gone.

Yugi: Isn’t this Madison’s video camera.

Mrs. Taylor: Security. Find my daughter now.

Yugi: Maybe there’s a clue on the tape.

Yugi checks the camera and sees a figure grabbing Madison as she drops the camera.

Sakura: She’s been kidnapped.

Yugi: And there’s no picture of the person.

Mrs. Taylor: Get the police now.

Sakura: Madison.

Yugi: I know the police will get the creep and Madison will return home safely.

Later at the Taylor’s mansion, someone contacted Mrs. Taylor about Madison.

Mrs. Taylor: Hello…Where’s my daughter? What is it you want, name it? Sakura Avalon. No way. How dare you take my daughter and now you want my precious Natasha’s daughter. A secret both girls have. For your information, the police are monitoring this call…He hung up.

Kaiba: So they are targeting Miss Avalon next.

Mrs. Taylor: Sakura sweetie…What’s this secret I’m hearing about.

Sakura: What secret? I don’t know what the guy was talking about.

Kaiba: Is there something you’re hiding like you found something and kept it a secret.

Sakura: When you are a daughter of an Archeologist, you see many different artifacts from different cultures. That’s it. Maybe my dad found something and Madison and I saw it that this guy is after.

Kaiba: Roland. Look up every research database that Professor Aiden Avalon made in his field studies.

Roland: Yes sir.

Sakura: Please excuse me. I wish to return home. Maybe the item is at my house.

Mrs. Taylor: Yes. Please take her home.

Yugi: Should I go with you.

Sakura: No I’m okay. Thank you.

Yugi: (In thought) I have a funny feeling she knows what this creep’s after.

Pharaoh: (In thought) I agree. Let’s follow her and make sure she’s all right.

Yugi goes to the Avalon’s.

Yugi: Mr. Avalon. Is Sakura here? She seemed upset. I’m worried she might be in danger.

Mr. Avalon: Yes come on in. Sakura are you in here?

Tori: She would have answered.

They open the door and saw the room empty.

Yugi: Oh no. I’m too late.

Mr. Avalon: Tori, call the police and then Mrs. Taylor. I’m going out to find Sakura.

As Yugi went outside, Pharaoh comes to him sensing magic.

Pharaoh: Yugi. There’s strange magic coming. Look.

They see a winged beast with Sakura in her Dark Magician Girl costume flying.

Yugi: Pharaoh. Let’s do it. Yu-Gi-Oh.

Soon later, Sakura and Keroberos were in the park when all of a sudden a dark hooded man appeared.

Man: Welcome my dear.

Sakura: All right. What did you do to Madison?

Man: She’s with my master. I’m just a servant with the information to give. Do you have them?

Sakura: The Star Cards or the former Clow Cards.

Man: Very well. I’m a man of honor. I’ll give you as much as I know and the rest will be up to you.

Sakura: Deal.

As the man explains, Yugi and Pharaoh listened in from the sidelines.

Yugi: So that’s what the creep is after…That book.

Pharaoh: I sense powerful magic in that book and in Sakura. Let’s hear where Madison is.

Man: Wait…I sense a spy is here.

Sakura: It’s probably Yue. He watches me whenever I’m in trouble.

Man: Are you sure?

Sakura: Positive.

Man: Very well. Meet my master at this address. He’ll test your true abilities and then he’ll let Madison go. No police, just you alone.

Sakura: Fine.

Man: Good. Ta-Ta.

The man disappears. Just then, Yue appears.

Yue: Tori told my vessel and I came as fast as I could.

Sakura: Wait, you weren’t here just a while ago.

Yue: I just got here.

Keroberos: Then there is a spy.

Sakura: Oh no. Then he or she knows.

Yue: Got him.

Pharaoh: Put me down.

Sakura: Yugi…Wait, you’re not Yugi.

Pharaoh: If your friend can unhand me, I’ll explain.

Sakura: Let him go, Yue.

Pharaoh: I’m the spirit of the Millennium Puzzle. Yugi is my friend and vessel.

Sakura: So that magic I sensed came from you and the puzzle.

Pharaoh: Right. And I sensed magic from you. Please…I can keep secrets. Tell me yours.

Sakura tells the long story about Clow Reed and the Clow Cards and the people who know her secret.

Pharaoh: So you possess ancient magic by these cards.

Sakura: Yeah. Madison, Li, his cousin Meilin, and Tori know my secret.

Pharaoh: So you’re off to rescue Madison.

Sakura: You bet I am. It’s another test for me. All I know is this guy comes from Clow Reed’s clan and he used to work for Mrs. Taylor until she fired him.

Pharaoh: So he’s getting revenge on Mrs. Taylor as well.

Sakura: Yup. You promise not to tell.

Pharaoh: I am a Pharaoh of honor. I shall keep your secret as well as you keep mine.

Sakura: Fine. Just give me a head start. If my dad and Mrs. Taylor know the truth, they’ll flip out and take away the Star Cards.

Pharaoh: I have a better idea. You said Yue here has a vessel like I do. So maybe…

End of Part 2.


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