Cardcaptors Meets Yu-Gi-Oh

By Sunshin515

Part 3

As planned, Julian, Yue’s vessel runs to the Taylor’s mansion. Meanwhile Sakura, Pharaoh/Yugi, and Keroberos heads to the location where Madison is being kept.

Sakura: Oh man…The old spooky mansion. My friend Nikki told me scary stories about this place. It housed evil rituals and séances.

Pharaoh: You don’t like scary things.

Sakura: No. Ever since my mom died, Tori told me she’s a ghost and there are many different ghosts and spooky things that surround us. All of my friends like scary stuff but not me. Why am I such a coward!

Pharaoh: Sakura, think back. When you first got the cards, were you scared?

Sakura: Not really. Confused yes. I wasn’t afraid of Kero.

Pharaoh: You know you’re just like Yugi. He always told me all he wanted was a friend because he was lonely, shy, and afraid. After we became friends, he became strong, independent, and received many friends that helped us through the Shadow Games to save the world. I bet you went through a lot of scary stuff as well.

Sakura: Totally. If I didn’t do them, the people I love would have suffered.

Pharaoh: That’s true bravery in my book. You have to believe in yourself and the heart of the cards and no matter what anybody says; you are brave in heart.

Sakura: This card symbolizes my true feelings and it’s the heart of the cards.

Pharaoh: The Hope card. That card suits you. You have the power of hope inside your heart.

Sakura: Okay, for Madison. Here I go.

Sakura heads for the door but falls through a trap door on the patio. Pharaoh and Keroberos gasp in disbelief. Sakura falls down a slide and landed in a ritual ring.

Sakura: Oh no. Nikki was right.

Rukio: Hello Miss Avalon…Guardian of the Cards. I am Rukio. I come from the same clan as Clow Reed.

Sakura: You have some explaining to do. Why did you take Madison? Is it for revenge or to lure me here?

Rukio: A little of both. I was a toy designer working for Mrs. Taylor. I had what I called a creative mind thanks to some of the magic I inherited. Sometime after your mother passed away, Mrs. Taylor fired me because she thought I was weird and she just plain didn’t like me. Afterwards, I’ve lost my daughter due to a rare illness. Recently, I saw the Clow Cards changing Readington. I found out about you, and Madison knew your secret. So I plotted a way to seek revenge and to see if you are indeed the true chosen one of the cards.

Sakura: I’ve already passed the tests Mr. Rukio.

Rukio: Now your test is with me.

As the two dueled, Pharaoh and Keroberos broke into the mansion.

Pharaoh: How long do we have until Julian gets help?

Keroberos: Oh I say not too long from now. I think he just made it to Madison’s with our message.

Pharaoh: We better find Madison quickly.

Keroberos: I bet this has a secret passageway we can’t see (Click).

Keroberos hits a button to a secret passage.

Pharaoh: Well done.

Keroberos: It comes naturally.

They headed downward. In the meantime, Julian reaches the Taylor’s. He tells everybody that he saw someone grabbed Sakura and Yugi went after her.

Kaiba: That idiot. Roland, track down Yugi’s duel disk if he has it.

Mokuba: He doesn’t. I saw it in his room just a few minutes ago.

Julian: I’m sure he’ll call just as soon as he found the place.

Meanwhile back at the spooky mansion, Pharaoh and Keroberos found a cell door.

Keroberos: Do you think? 

Pharaoh: Yes.

Keroberos breaks the door down, and they see Madison out cold on the ground.

Keroberos: Madison…its Kero. Wake up.

Pharaoh checks Madison’s pulse.

Pharaoh: Her pulse seems normal. She feels very cold.

Keroberos: The creep must have put her under a sleep spell.

Pharaoh takes his jacket off and puts it around Madison. Then he picks her up in his arms.

Pharaoh: Let’s get her outside.

Keroberos: We’ve got company.

Rukio’s followers appeared.

Keroberos: Protect Madison. I’ll handle them.

Keroberos pounces on the men. Elsewhere, Sakura had her hands full with Rukio. She just took a hard spell that sent her flying hard.

Sakura: You’re good.

Rukio: Thanks. I see you are the one. Clow Reed has chosen wisely.

Sakura: So you’ll let me and Madison go.

Rukio: Not until you win. Take this.

Sakura: JUMP.

Sakura jumps out the way.

Sakura (in thought): There’s got to be a way to stop him without hurting him. I haven’t tried this card since that day. Think of what the Pharaoh said. The heart of the cards.  (In voice) Hope card…Shine your light and help Rukio see his heart. HOPE.

The Hope card shines on Rukio. Rukio loses.

Sakura: And now…SLEEP.

The Sleep card puts Rukio to sleep.

Sakura: Phew. Now to find Madison.

Sakura slowly walks away due to the way she fought. Elsewhere, the followers disappeared after Keroberos knock them out.

Pharaoh: They were just illusions.

Keroberos: Yes. They weren’t real.

Pharaoh: Look…Madison’s waking up.

Madison: What? Kero…Yugi.

Pharaoh: Are you all right?

Madison: Yeah. I’m just so cold.

Sakura: Hey guys.

Keroberos: Sakura, are you all right?

Sakura: I think so.

Pharaoh: You’re limping.

Sakura: Rukio’s magic was a little tough to beat. I did it with the heart of the cards.

Pharaoh: Well put.

Madison: Sakura. Thank heavens. Wow. You’re wearing the Dark Magician Girl costume. It’s perfect.

Sakura: Well I knew this was the one to wear in this rescue. Now we have to explain how we got away without blowing our secrets.

Pharaoh: We came prepared. Didn’t we.

Sakura: Yes. Madison, do you mind if Yugi borrows your camera.

Madison: Not at all.

Pharaoh: First things first. Sakura, you better change your costume with the clothes we picked up before coming here.

Pharaoh hands Sakura his backpack.

Sakura: I’ll be right back. Madison, as soon as this is over, can you film me and Yugi with the Star cards and his Duel Monster cards.

Madison: You bet.

Pharaoh: Explain that to me later.

Madison: But can you explain to me the plan.

Pharaoh: Sure.

Pharaoh whispers the plan to Madison. Everything was set up with the help of the Star cards. Pharaoh got in position with Sakura’s cell phone and Madison’s camera. Finally, Pharaoh calls Mrs. Taylor.

End of Part 3.


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