Cardcaptors Meets Yu-Gi-Oh

By Sunshin515

Part 4

Mrs. Taylor: Hello. Yugi, is that you? Where are you?

Pharaoh: I donít know. It looks like a spooky old house. I do know itís outside of the city.

Mrs. Taylor: It must be the old Winston Manor.

Pharaoh: Well this is where the kidnappers took Sakura.

Mrs. Taylor: Weíre on our way. Stay where you are. YugiÖYugi. I heard a scream. Something must have happened.

Kaiba: Letís move.

They all rushed to the location. The police burst in.

Mokuba: Yugi.

Mrs. Taylor: Madison.

Mr. Avalon: Sakura.

Sakura: Help somebody.

Madison: Weíre trapped in the lower level. Thereís a switch to open a passageway.

Mokuba found the switch and they all headed downward. Soon they found Yugi, Madison, and Sakura by a cell door.

Pharaoh: Itís alright. Youíre safe now.

Madison: Thanks to you Yugi.

The girls rushed to hug their parent.

Mr. Avalon: What happened?

Pharaoh: As I was leaving your house, I saw Sakura running away. Then I saw Julian trying to reach her. Finally, the kidnappers came and grabbed her. She dropped her cell phone. I picked it up and jumped on the back of the vehicle to follow them.

Julian: Then I ran straight to your house and told you the story.

Mrs. Taylor: Why was our daughtersí targeted?

Sakura: The guy Rukio used to work for you. He was working hard to raise money to help his daughter with a rare illness. Just like the one my mom had.

Mrs. Taylor: I remember Rukio. Natasha always complemented on his work. I on the other hand didnít like his work and designs. So I fired him.

Madison: Well after you fired him, his daughter died. So kidnapping us was a way to get revenge on you mother. He told us well me most exactly donít be like your mother as I grow up. She doesnít see the inner light that makes other people appreciate others.

Mrs. Taylor: What nonsense he put in your heads!

All three gave Mrs. Taylor a look.

Sakura: You always criticized my dad for what happened to my mother. I know it isnít his fault she got sick. It just happened.

Mrs. Taylor: But it was my precious Natasha. I see. Losing Natasha made me bitter and jealous to everything and everyone that she loved, especially you Professor Avalon. No wonder why Rukio did this.

Mr. Avalon: Samantha. Remember the first time we saw each other since Natashaís death. It was at the schoolís field day where destiny guided us. After that, I believed it was destiny our daughters became friends. And I like to be your friend. I know this is what Natasha wanted.

Mrs. Taylor: Yes. And the day Madison invited Sakura over; I felt Natasha was with us.

Sakura: You helped me know more about my mom. You were her best friend. The same goes for me and Madison.

Madison: You bet.

Pharaoh: And me as well.

Kaiba: One question. What happened after you called us?

Pharaoh: I fell down a trap door. Rukio and I performed a duel. If I won, he releases the girls. If he won, then I become his prisoner as well. I had Madisonís video camera if you didnít believe me. I have it all set for evidence.

Pharaoh runs the tape.

Kaiba: Very good Yugi. At least, this wasnít one of those mumbo jumbo Shadow Games.

Sakura (In thought): Boy, if he known the truth, things will get complicated.

Sakura and Madison looked at each other and winked. Days later, Sakura, Madison, and Yugi watched the tape of Sakura in her Dark Magician Girl costume and Pharaoh dueling monsters and magic.

Madison: That was totally amazing.

Yugi: Wow. You even put in background music.

Madison: You bet. I made it realistic as possible.

Yugi: I like it.

Sakura: So Yugi. Can you tell me more about the spirit?

Yugi: The Pharaoh has mysteries to solve. Somehow when he ended the Shadow Games, his spirit became trapped in the puzzle. He has no memories of his past.

Madison: So he has amnesia.

Yugi: You could say that. Well soon, his mysteries will be solved. Iím going to Egypt with the spirit and there weíll unlock his ancient past.

Madison: Well I thank you both for saving me.

Yugi: Youíre very welcome. If you ever visit Domino City, Iíll give you a tour.

Sakura: You bet.

Madison: Count us in.

Soon later, it was time for Yugi and the Kaibas to head home. Sakura, Madison, and Mrs. Taylor waved good-bye as the limo left the mansion.

The End.


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