The Howl of the Lone Wolf

by SapphireShell91


Chapter 1


By Full Moon the Wolf Becomes


The full moon shone over Tokyo city. A tall, young man with messing chestnut brown hair ran down a dark alley, a gleaming sword in one hand and in the other, a Lazin Board Compass with a beam of blue light shooting out from it, into the direction he was running. He turned a corner and suddenly came upon a dead end.

He checked his compass to make sure that he had understood it correctly, he clearly had. Putting his compass away into his jacket, he continued down the alley with caution, his sword held ready out in front of him.

He focused his aura, letting it surround him, to flow out into alley, to pick up anything out of the ordinary.

“I know you’re here.” He whispered into the darkness. A faint chuckle came from the end of the alley, it grew louder and louder with each step he took.

“Li Syaoran! What a pleasure it is to see you again.” A shadowy figure suddenly materialised at the alley end, this however did not faze Syaoran at all. He had been raised from a young age to be accustomed to this sort of thing; after all he wouldn’t be the pride of his family if he had let this sort of thing bother him.

“It is hardly a pleasure for me though, Uncle.” Syaoran growled, walking towards the shadowy man with strong, even steps, his head held high, his sword at the ready.

His uncle chuckled once again.

“Ah, my poor boy, I see you too have fallen victim to the lies that our “he gave a snort, “great family clings to so desperately.”

Syaoran dark scowl grew darker. What the hell was his unpredictable, dangerous uncle on about?

“What are you talking about?” Syaoran demanded angrily. He was angry because he was afraid that the doubts that he already had towards his family were about to grow larger if he continued to listen to his Uncle.

His Uncle smiled nastily.

“Do you want to know, Syaoran? Do you really want to know? Or do you want to continue on your path as disposable Dog for the family like your father before you?” His Uncle voice was teasing, but also rang with truth with the last bit. Syaoran shook with fury.

“How dare you! How dare you speak of your clan like that?” He spat.

“Yes, how dare I, but really Syaoran, we know the real truth behind your anger, your Father, am I right. Haven’t you always wonder what happen to him? Why he simply just disappeared one day. You know that the same thing will happen to you in the future. Why not leave before that happens. And better yet, join me and we’ll reshape the clan the way we want it. We can even make it so that you can be with the little Card Mistress. The Clan still hasn’t forgiven you for losing the Clow Cards to her have they?”

Syaoran hesitated. What his Uncle said went around and around his head. His proposal sounded better than any of the options that he had been given by the Li Council.

His heart ached at the thought of being able to see Sakura again. They hadn’t seen each since they had been fourteen, when he had been allowed to stay for a time before being recalled back to Hong Kong to undergo more intense training. That had been over three years.

“So Syaoran, what do you say.” His Uncle took a step towards. Syaoran looked up into his Uncle’s equally amber eyes, he could see the wickedness within them and that reminded him of his mission, which he couldn’t return from until his Uncle was capture or dead.

“No, I refuse.” Syaoran said moving into an attack stance. “I’m here to take you back to the confines of the Clans estate where you will remain for the course of your life. You are a danger to the Clan and to the people outside of it. You will submit to me or I will bring you down. I am not afraid to kill you”

The cloaked man stared at the determine young man in front of him and grinned. The boy had spirit and power that was greater than what the Li Council could hold. The boy would come around to seeing his way but for the moment the boy needed to be given time to think without the powerful influence of the Council. He slid a hand beneath his long cloak and withdrew a staff. Different to Clow Reed’s staff, for it only had a dark crystal at the end of the long dark wood pole. He could see the boy’s eyes widen with surprise before hardening once again, readying himself for a fight, that he himself knew he had already won. He had no intention to kill the boy, but to just keep him in Japan for a while, to give him time to finish his plans.

“I am deeply sorry to do this to you, Syaoran, but since you really are bringing this on to yourself I really have no other choice but this.” He told the boy regretfully. The boy didn’t even flinch, he didn’t even bother to try and understand what his Uncle meant. His mind was only focus on what was to be done.

The moment he waved his staff, Syaoran was already swinging his sword to counter the blow, what he didn’t know was that was exactly what his Uncle had wanted him to do.

The moment the staff and sword hit each, a light exploded between them.

Syaoran eyes widen in shock. This was something that he had never seen before; he hadn’t even sense that much power within the staff or his Uncle for that matter, to create this sort of energy.

He could vaguely hear his Uncle chanting something in a forgotten language but all he was truly aware of at that moment was the pain that was shotting threw his body, up from his arms that were still clutching his sword tightly. But he was losing grip of his sword with each moment of pain. He was finding it difficult to stand too. He fell to his knees gasping as agony ripped threw his being.

“What are you doing to me?” he finally managed to gasp out. His Uncle was impressed that he had managed to even talk with what was happening to him.

“Nothing too terrible, it’ll wear off from time to time I believe. I’m just giving you uninterrupted time to think in peace about the Clan’s ways and my offer.” He explained and patting his nephew messy, shaggy head. He closed his eyes and the two disappeared from the alley and rematerialised under a tree in a pretty yellow and orange park, close to where a huge Penguin slide stood.

“Now you be a good Little Wolf and go find your girl, so that she can keep you safe while you’re like this.” and with that he disappear again, leaving behind a large, trembling amber-chestnut brown wolf, that had passed out from the pain of its transformation from boy to animal.

* * *

In a house not so far from the Penguin Park, a girl sat bolt up right in her bed, startle by the sudden burst of power that had disappeared as quickly as it had appeared.

She didn’t understand the power that she had felt, for it had been nothing like what she had ever felt before, but still, saying that it reminded her of how Syaoran magic. She frown as she swung herself up and out of her warm bed and padded lightly to her window, opening it, letting the crisp autumn air into her room. She had been pretty sure she had sense Syaoran magic too. But that was impossible! He was in Hong Kong. Where he belongs, she thought sadly, but she continued to lean on her windowsill, staring out into the cold night. Something had happen within the magical realm that was going to change the balance, for better or for worst, it was too early to tell.

“Kero? What do you make of this?” The girl asked when she had finally prodded her Sun guardian awake. Her Guardian, Cerberus or just Kero for short, floated near her head in his mini form. His small arms crossed and his teddy bear face was pulled into a frown.

“It senses like a Li, but it is different from the Kid’s magic, but still Li’s magic none the less. But the source of it has gone.” Kero explained to his Mistress, who sighed and looked back out the window almost longingly.

“What is it Sakura?” Kero asked his Mistress puzzled.

“Did you by any chance sense something else, another Li, that, um, sensed like, um, Syaoran?” Sakura asked Kero, not looking away from her window.

Kero stared at his Mistress in surprise, what did she mean? Was the brat that much on her mind to make her think that when she sensed another Li, he might be around?

This whole thing made Kero edgy; he didn’t like the changes in the Magic Balance that he was feeling. However, he did not voice his concerns to Sakura, she had enough on her mind for the night, he might tell her in the morning, seeing how she was then.

“Go back to sleep, Sakura, you have school tomorrow and you might try and get there on time for a change.” Sakura stuck her tongue out at her Guardian for the comment at her late sleeping in the morning. She smiled at him tiredly and went back to her bed, pulling her blankets up passed her head and curled up there.

Kero, however, continued to float beside the open window that Sakura had forgotten to close. Now that all was quiet, he could sense something still close by that was out of ordinary.

Glancing back at his Mistress, he flew out the window, out into the open night.

He flew carefully, for his eyes were closed as to see with his mind eye the location of the weak, but strangely familiar aura.

He flew into Penguin Park, around Penguin slide. There he found the source of the aura he had been searching for. His eyes widen in amazement at the sight of the source of the aura.

A Dog?

No, the creature was too big for a dog.

A Wolf?

No way! A wolf could not create a magical aura, not like this one. Not like a magical human’s aura.

Now that he was closer to the aura, he started to rethink what Sakura had said about sensing the Brat, maybe. For the aura did seem to belong to Brat, weak as it was.

But… then if it was the Brat’s aura he was sensing, why was it coming from a wolf?

He flew closer and noticed that the wolf was trembling, as if it was in great pain.

As he flew even closer, the wolf eyes open and widen at the sight of him. It lifted its head up weakly and opened its mouth as if to speak. Of course no words came from its throat, nothing but a growl.

“Now, I’m going to take a really big long shot here, but by any chance are you the brat.” Kero asked the wolf, who let out another growl and snapped its jaw at him.

“Fine, are you Li Syaoran?” Kero sighed. The wolf let out a whine and wagged his tail weakly.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” Kero grumbled, the wolf, Syaoran, growled and struggled to sit up, flinching in pain as he did so.

“Easy Brat, your body is still trying to cope with the change of form.” Kero told the wolf boy gently. The boy lowed himself slowly back down, curling himself up into a ball. Kero noticed that behind the boy was his sword and his Lazin compass.

“We’re going to have to move soon, you know, because most people aren’t use to seeing a wolf in Penguin Park.” Kero said, sitting down on Syaoran shoulder. Syaoran made a grumbling whining sound.

“Then I’ll bring Sakura here and we’ll take you back to her place while we sort you out.” Syaoran’s head whipped around to stare up at Kero at the mention of Sakura’s name, his amber eyes, the only thing about him that still remain human like, were filled with hope, but not just for the chance that she might be able to turn him back, Kero mused, a sly smile pulling on his teddy bear features.

Two remain under the tree until the first creaks of dawn were visible on the horizon.

“Come on, Brat, time to move.” Kero sighed, flying off Syaoran’s shoulder into the air.

Syaoran once again struggled to stand on his four paws. It was awkward and uncomfortable. He shook slightly; he still hurt from the transformation, but not so much as before.

Now that he was up, he now had to figure out how he was suppose to walk. He looked down at his legs doubtfully; he was never going to be able run like this, let alone walk.

“Come on, Brat, we need to move you out of sight.” Kero complained over his head. He shot him a disgruntle look and took his first awkward step as a wolf. One step and he fell flat on his snort. He let out a yelp as he shook the grass and dirt out of his delicate nose. Over his head Kero was rolling around threw the air, laughing his head off. Syaoran snapped his jaw at the stuff animal in frustration.

He tried again to stand and was successful in doing that. He took his first step even more slowly then last time and this time he didn’t fall flat on his snout, much to his ego’s relief.

At first it was slow going, for Syaoran was still getting use to moving his limbs, as they need to be moved.

Kero kept his comment about this to himself, to save the brat from further humiliation and himself from a sure thunder fist attack the moment Syaoran became human again, that was, if he became human again.

Kero shook his head firmly; no they’d find a way to turn Syaoran back into a human.

When the sun was more fully in the sky, they found a nice patch of heavier trees that children rarely played near. There was a nice hole already dug out under the roots of one of trees.

Syaoran gratefully collapsed into the hole, curling himself up into a tight ball, closing his eyes, trying to ignore the aching in his limbs.

“You’ll be ok, Brat. You’ll get use to it and we’ll find a way to turn you back promise.” Kero said trying to sound reassuring and confident. Syaoran however heard the doubt in his voice and snorted. Kero stuck his tongue out at the wolf boy.

He needed to get home before Sakura went to school, so that he could bring her here and… and what? He wasn’t sure, but anything would be better than leaving the Brat like this.

But he needed to leave the Brat anyway so that he could go get Sakura.

“Listen Brat, I need to go and get Sakura before she goes to school, I won’t be long, but will you be ok for half an hour?”

Syaoran open one amber eye and gave him an ‘are you kidding me’ look.

“Fine, I’m going. Just don’t die while I’m gone ok.” And with that he flew off at top speeds, but also still trying to remain inconspicuous.

He flew back threw Sakura’s open bedroom window and did a three-sixty in the air in her room. It was empty and it was only seven-thirty! Why wasn’t she still asleep?

“Of all the morning that she had to wake up early.” He nearly yelled, which he could now get away with doing, since Touya had moved out two years ago and Sakura’s father was hardly ever around, working long hours at the university, for some reason unknown to him and Sakura.

“SAKURA” He bellowed as he hurtled down the stairs to the kitchen. She wasn’t there either, nor was she in the bathroom or in the living room. She was nowhere in the house, she really had gone early.

“Unbelievable.” He muttered as he floated back up to Sakura’s bedroom. The apocalypse was coming! He knew that know. It had to be coming, what other sign did he need then Sakura getting up early to prove that. He continued to float around Sakura’s room, stunned.

* * *

“Sakura-san, are you alright.” Tomoyo peered at her best friend anxiously. Sakura had been out of it for most of the day, which wasn’t usual in itself, it was just Sakura kept looking around her nervously.

“Ah, I’m fine, Tomoyo-san, just tired.” Sakura said trying to reassure her friend. Of course Tomoyo wasn’t buying it and she waited quietly for a further explanation. Sakura sweat-dropped heavily, before giving in.

“Last night, both Kero and I sensed a strange aura. Kero said it was of the Li clan magic, but it was different from Syaoran’s, but we couldn’t get a real go feel for it, because it disappear pretty much as soon as it appear. And,” she took a deep breath, trying to control her emotions, “Kero wasn’t there when I woke up this morning, I mean I left my window open and so I’m guessing he went out to check out the source without me,” her eyes darken at this, “but he didn’t come back. I thought to wait around but I remember I had early morning cleaning duties since Naoko was sick yesterday and today.” Sakura finished. Tomoyo nodded, she was quickly processing all that Sakura had told, filling in bits that she was sure Sakura had left out, she was pretty sure Sakura was thinking about Syaoran. For who else, but he, could get her into such a state.

But at that moment the only advice, encouragement she could think to give Sakura was reassurance that she was sure Kero would come back soon, with really good, full explanation as to where he had been that night.

“He might have found himself a secret girlfriend, that he’s been waiting for the right opportunity to introduce her to Sakura-chan.” Tomoyo said dramatically, placing a hand over her heart, her eyes filled with stars. Sakura lips turned up into a smile and before she could stop it, she started to laugh hopelessly at the thought of Kero having a secret girlfriend. With what? A stuffed cat?

Both girls went back to class giggling, their friends staring at them startled, not getting why Sakura and Tomoyo would be laughing at the Quadratic formula.

* * *

School was over for the day and Sakura was walking home. She was taking her time getting there, for there’d be no one there unless Kero had come back, so she decided to detour by Penguin Park.

She smiled slightly as she watch and listen to children play around the play-set. She wander over to the swing-set and sat down heavily on the slightly too small seat and started to swing herself back and forth. As she swung, she looked at the silent swing beside her, where Syaoran had sat almost seven years ago; quietly listening to her pouring her heart over the fact the Yukito had rejected her. She smiled wistfully at the memory of him hugging her and telling her he was sure she’d find her most special person.

Syaoran, where are you? What are you doing with yourself? Do you think of me at all now? It’s been so long since your last letter, are you all right? I wish I could see you again.

She dragged her feet on the ground to stop the swing and got up of it, looking around her fondly. The cherry blossom trees still looked beautiful even with autumn’s gold’s and brown’s.

She smiled as she walked threw the rich golden and red trees. Her smile however faulted when something that didn’t belong under a cherry blossom tree caught her eye. She moved towards the tree slowly, her heart beating in un-rhythmic pattern. Was that what she thought it was?

She crouched down beside the tree and stared down at the sword and Lazin board that lay, hidden by roots from the casual passer-by. Both sword and board looked an awful lot like the ones she had seen Syaoran use.

Her heartbeat grew even fast and more out of beat. Calm down, calm down, she ordered herself. She picked up the items gingerly, placing the Lazin board into her school bag and held the long Sword close by her side.

Now that she was clutching the sword, she knew immediately that the Sword was Syaoran’s and that Syaoran was close by and needed her help.

She felt as if the Sword was guiding her to where its Master was. She was terrified as to what she was going to find, but she kept going with determination.

Suddenly a small yellow object flew over her head.

“CERBERUS!” she shrieked and the yellow teddy bear crashed into a tree.

Sakura winced as she watched Kero bounce off branches (on his head) as he made his way down to the grassy ground.

“Sakura, what are you doing here?” he asked groggily. Around his neck was a bag filled with food, she was amazed none of it had fallen out with Kero’s bouncing descent. Maybe Tomoyo-san was right, maybe Kero does have a secret girlfriend, Sakura thought dumbly. She turned to leave Kero when she felt another tug on her hand from the sword, which had grown extremely hot all of a sudden.

“Damn, I completely forgot about them.” Kero cursed himself. Sakura frown at him at him questioningly.

She stared from him, to the Sword, to the bag of food, then back again, trying to make the puzzle pieces fit together.

“Kero, what’s going on?” Sakura started to ask, but Kero had already picked himself off the ground and was motioning her to follow him, of course leaving her to carry the heavy bag of food. How he had managed to fly over town without being notice was beyond her.

She moved quickly after him, with the bag of food over her shoulder.

They enter a close dense grove of tree and the Sword grew even hotter by her side. Sakura’s eyes widen as she saw the hairy shape curled it into a ball.

“Oi, Brat, looks whose here.” Kero yelled above her as he flew towards the ball of fur. He landed on the shoulder of the fur ball, which immediately snapped at him.

“Kero, is that a wolf?” Sakura whispered, her body shaking in fear. The wolf and Kero’s heads swung around to stare at her.

“Ah, Sakura, you see this might seem unbelievable to you, but um this is um this is, well it’s the Brat.” Kero tried explain, or tried to at least. The wolf snapped at him again.

Sakura’s eyes widen as she stared from Kero to the Wolf, then back again. She sank slowly to her knees, her mouth hanging open.

“Syaoran?” she whispered, the wolf dragged himself to his wobbling feet and moved slowly over to her.

She could see his sad amber eyes clearly; they looked like human eyes as he came sit in front of her. Without thinking she raised her hand and rubbed his ear, a slight smile playing her face.

Syaoran let out a whine and closed his eyes, leaning his head against her hand.

“Oh Syaoran, what happen to you?” She mumbled scratching him behind his ear. If he had been human, she wouldn’t have been this affectionate with him and if he had been human and Syaoran wouldn’t have allowed Sakura do this to him, but at the moment he was so miserable and sore that he couldn’t care less that he was meant to act above affections.

Kero smirked at the scene, though it looked a little bizarre a girl talking and scratching a rather dangerous looking wolf, no matter how sore he seemed to be.

Kero looked away from the two and frown. Something was coming, something that wanted to cause pain to the young ones.

He transformed into his true form which caught Sakura’s and Syaoran’s attention. The two spun in his direction.

Syaoran once again scrambled to his shaking feet and stood protectively in front of Sakura. Sakura placed a hand on Syaoran’s shoulder. His shoulder came up just passed her waist. He was a big wolf, not that she had actually seen a real wolf before but she guessed he was bigger than normal wolves.

The three stood at attention. Sakura summon her wand in one hand and held Syaoran’s Sword in the other. Syaoran was pressing heavily against her legs, if he put any more pressure on her legs, she’d fall over, but she knew he was trying to protect her from whatever was coming their way the best he could, by putting himself in its path. She didn’t like this idea much, but let Syaoran be.

The air in front of them rippled and wavered, the lines around the invisible shape, where at first the only thing they could see. Slowing the huge figure within the lines started to appear. Sakura heartily wished the thing had just remained invisible and they’d fight it blind, for the body was human, but its head was a mixture of dog and pig. A pig nose and eyes with dog ears and its tongue hanging out of its mouth, slobbering all over it leather armour shirt. A rotten smell expelled from its being that made all their stomachs turn.


Sakura jumped at the sound of Syaoran’s voice inside her head. She looked down at Syaoran, but he seemed completely unaware that she had just heard his thought. Maybe she had just imagined it.

She turned her attention to the huge creature. It was taller then her, she only came up to its elbow.

It stared at them hungrily, pulling a great big sword from its sheath on its back; the blade was as big as Sakura’s head as it looked ready to take her head off. She gulped and gripped her staff and Syaoran’s sword harder, ready to attack and defend. She only wished she had thought to bring her cards with her.

The creature took a step towards her, making the grass die with each step.

“Cey-ards?” it said in a long slow voice, looking straight at Sakura, holding out a huge dustbin size hand.

“Hoe?” Sakura asked blankly. She looked wildly at Cerberus and Syaoran, who both looked blank.

“Cey-ards?” it demanded louder, taking another step towards her. She took a step backwards, her back hitting a tree. Syaoran growled at her side.

Cey-ards? What the hell was Cey-ards? She wondered wildly, staring up at the closing in creature, why, oh why, didn’t I think to bring my cards with me?

Cards? Cey-ards? Oh no! The light bulb in her head went on, as it did for Kero and Syaoran.

“You want my Cards?” Sakura asked, her voice trembling. The creature nodded its head vigorously; white, gluey, saliva spraying out of its mouth as it did so. Ew!

“Well, I’m sorry, but you can’t have them, for one thing I don’t have them with me and secondly and more importantly and their my responsibility and it’s my duty to protect them.” Sakura told the creature firmly, her head held high.

The creature shook its head again, the three ducked to miss getting sprayed by saliva.

“Cey-ards!” it bellowed.

“NO!” Sakura yelled back. The creature looked for a moment rather stunned, before it gave a roar of fury; swing one of its huge tree trunks arms at them. Sakura let out a little shriek and jumped out of the way, Syaoran and Kero on either side of her. The creature swung again and again, and they kept jumping and running out of the way. But soon, both Sakura and Syaoran grew tired. Syaoran limbs were once again hurting him. He hated feeling and being weak.

“You are hardly weak.” Sakura gasped at him, trying to smile at him encouragingly. They jumped together as the creature swung his huge Sword after them. The sword cut threw a tree, the three stared at the clean cut threw the tree with wide eyes, they sweat-dropped.

“That could have been us.” Sakura gagged, still staring at the tree.

And it still could be. Syaoran complained, bounding over to her and shoving her to the ground, the Sword missing them by a hair.

“Thanks.” Sakura wheezed, clutching her winded stomach.

“This is getting us nowhere.” Cerberus yelled from over their heads.

Wimp! Get down here and help it go somewhere. Syaoran thought.

“No really?” Sakura said sarcastically, as she and Syaoran jumped another blow from the creature’s arms and sword.

Now that she was getting tired and her sense weren’t as alert as they had been, her dodges were getting slower and slower, to the point where she was just barely moved herself out of the road in time.

I can’t last much longer, she thought desperately. Just as she was thinking this, she did not sense the creature’s huge fist swing towards her.

“Sakura!” Cerberus bellowed, throwing a flame ball at the creature, but not soon enough. The Bounty-Hunter’s great fist collided with Sakura just as she tried to jump out of the road. It hit her lower rips and sent her flying into a tree.

“Sakura.” Cerberus bellowed again, throwing another flaming ball at the creature, which bellowed in pain and stamped around the clearing wildly, narrowly missing Sakura’s legs. Syaoran growled and broke into a gallop; he was amazed at how fast he could run when he wanted to. He lunged himself up on to the creature’s back and dug his claws into the creature’s back to keep himself from being thrown off or merely just falling off from the mad stamping. The creature’s huge hands reached up and behind its dog-pig head, trying to claw Syaoran off its back. Syaoran refused to let go and bit the back of the creature’s thick neck. As the creature’s blood flowed into his mouth, he felt like throwing up. The blood was foil tasting as well as smelling and was thick and black colouring.

All of a sudden the creature stopped struggling and started to fall forward, like a tree that that had been cut from its trunk. Syaoran pulled his mouth from the Bounty-Hunter’s neck and jumped from its back before it crashed to the autumn ground. He stared at the Bounty-Hunter in confusion. He could smell death, but he was pretty sure that he hadn’t had a killing hold on it. He looked up at Cerberus, who was swooping down to land, his paws bloody.

Maybe the stuff animal had been useful after all, Syaoran thought grudgingly. He then remembered Sakura and spun around to look in her direction, praying that she was alright. To his surprise, he saw Sakura was on her feet, shaking, one hand clasping her side that had been hammered. He trotted over to her nudge her other side gently with his nose. Sakura smiled at him and scratched his head. Her eyes widen as she took in the blood covering his mouth and his front.

“Are you ok? Did you get hit?” She demanded, crouching down and filling his front for any injury. Syaoran shook his head.

I’m fine.

“That’s good, I’m so glad.” She stood up again slowly, wincing in pain.

“How bout you Cerberus?” she called to her guardian. Cerberus was walking around the corpus of the Bounty-Hunter, to make sure it was really dead.

“I’m fine, yourself?” Cerberus asked her, his golden eyes widen in worry for her. Sakura smiled.

“I’m alive, that’s something.” She laughed; Syaoran and Cerberus fell over in disbelief at Sakura optimism. Sakura sweat-dropped.

“Are you two ok.”

“Just fine.” Cerberus sighed. He placed one of his great paws on to the creature’s shoulder and rolled him on to his back.

Syaoran now saw what had most likely killed the Bounty-Hunter. His sword was protruding out of the creature’s chest, right where the heart might be located. Syaoran and Cerberus looked at Sakura questioningly. Sakura smiled sheepishly.

“I didn’t think it was that great a throw.” She admitted, laughing sheepishly, one hand behind her head. The wolf boy and the winged lion fell over again. Sakura jumped forward, wincing as she did so, moving to help if she could, not getting that they had fallen over because of her.

“I think we needed to go home and clean up… and eat.” Sakura added the last bit for Syaoran benefit, for his stomach grumbled loudly. His tail went between his legs in embarrassment. Sakura laughed and ruffled his head fur happily.

“I’ll make you some pancakes.” She told him kindly, to his even greater embarrassment his tail wagged vigorously at the thought of food.

They had to wait for another half hour for the full cover of darkness before they could head off for Sakura’s house.

The house was dark when they got there and empty too. Sakura gave a small resign sigh and walked around switching lights on before heading to the kitchen to start cooking.

“Sakura, I think you should call your brother or your father. Or even Tomoyo-san.” Kero, he had returned to his mini form at the arrival of their house, said. Sakura shot him a questioningly look.

“Sakura, you’re hurt.” Kero grumbled. Sakura shifted uncomfortable, her side did hurt quite a bit and maybe getting her brother of a Doctor over wasn’t such a bad idea, but… then he would question her as to how she got hurt, why there was a wolf looking dog in the house and complicated questions like that, that she really couldn’t answer at the moment.

“I’ll call Tomoyo-san.” Sakura promised the two worrywarts who were invading her kitchen, “after I make dinner.” She added under her breath.

She moved towards the stove but Syaoran move in between her and it.

“You’re not going to move until I ring Tomoyo, right?” she asked him, sighing. Syaoran nodded his head.

“Fine, bossy.” And with that she stalked to the phone in the hall and dialled Tomoyo cell-phone. She stood listening to the phone ringing, waiting for an answer.

After the third ring, Tomoyo answered.

‘Sakura-san? Is something the matter? Are you all right?’ Sakura moaned at the concern she could hear in her best friend’s voice.

“I’m fine.” Sakura started to say, but Syaoran nipped her gently on the fingers.

“Ow…Ok, I take that back, I’m not fine. I got hurt, but not badly”

Syaoran whined loudly.

‘Sakura-chan, was that a dog?’ Tomoyo asked, it was the only thing she could think to ask. She was walking down her main stairs, making for the front door; it was still early, even though if it hadn’t been, neither her mother nor her guard would have been able to stop her from going over to Sakura’s house. She grabbed her coat out of the coat closet and motion for her bodyguards to stay where they were.

“Ah, well you see… ah, yeah it is a …dog.” Tomoyo raised an eyebrow at her friend’s lame explanation. She was now even more intrigued then ever to get over to Sakura’s.

“I’ll be right there.” Tomoyo said and she heard Sakura’s sigh of relief.

* * *

The sight that met Tomoyo eyes when she walked threw Sakura’s front door was not what she expected. Yes, she had expected to see a dog, but not one as big or as shaggy or as, well, wolf like as this one. And yes, she had expected Sakura to be a little hurt, not that she had wanted her to be, but as she watch Sakura limp towards her, she only just realised how badly hurt Sakura was.

“Sakura-chan?” Tomoyo asked. Sakura smiled at her, with difficulty. It was very clear she was in a great deal of pain. Kero was ridding on the back of the wolf like dog shoulder, that was walking as close to Sakura as it could, but it too, Tomoyo could see, was in a great deal of pain also.

The two girls, the wolf dog and the stuff animal went to the kitchen, where Sakura explained the best she could what had happen that afternoon. She couldn’t really explain Syaoran’s part at all, since she didn’t know it nor could he tell it, which was clearly annoyed him greatly.

Tomoyo took the whole bizarre story in her strides. She accepted Syaoran as a wolf, and promised to make him Wolf customs. He grumbled about that and snarled at Kero when he started laughing at the thought.

“You really should call your brother to look over this.” Tomoyo told Sakura once they had order both Syaoran and Kero out of the room to go kill each somewhere else, while Tomoyo looked over Sakura nicely colour bruised ribs.

“I can’t.” Sakura wailed, wincing as she lowered her arms and pulled her old T-shirt back down.

“Sakura-chan, your rib may be broken.” Tomoyo said, begging her friend to understand the seriousness of this.

“But if I call Onii-chan, he’ll ask question, besides he’ll be worried.” Sakura mumbled hanging her head. “And I don’t want to worry him anymore then he already is.” Sakura added firmly, her head once again held high.

Tomoyo admired her friend’s selflessness, but there were times that sometimes you just need to go out and get help. Another person, another doctor, came to her.

“How about we call Yukito-san and make him promise not to tell your brother?” Tomoyo asked hopeful. Sakura bit her lip and thought for a bit.

“Yue might have an idea how to turn Syaoran back into a human.” She mused slowly. She stared at Tomoyo and gave a slight nod of her head. Tomoyo sighed in relief.

“I’ll go call him now.” Tomoyo said getting up from the kitchen table and went over to the phone. Sakura remain where she was. She was too tired and sore to bother getting up, even though her stomach was grumbling. She heard the kitchen door being pushed open and turned her head to watch Syaoran and Kero come in. She could see Syaoran was sore and was not at all happy, she could see that even if he did have the face of a wolf. That was probably why he was unhappy. It mustn’t be much fun walking around on all four when you were use to walking on two!

Tomoyo sighed; being put on hold was such a drag, especially when they had lousy music playing.

‘Hello, Doctor Tsukishiro speaking.’ Tomoyo sighed in relief, she had been afraid he had gone home.

“Hello, Yukito-san.” She greeted, grinning at Sakura, who smiled in return before laying her head once more on her arms. Syaoran on the floor beside her feet grumbled and looked away from Tomoyo. She grinned in amusement, he’s still jealous of Yukito-san, she thought.

‘Tomoyo-chan? Is everything all right? Do you want me to get Touya?’

“No, no, no, you don’t need to get Kinomoto-kun, but I do need you to come to Sakura-chan’s house right a way, if that isn’t any trouble.”

‘Is Sakura-chan hurt?’

“Yes, but she also needs Magical help.”

‘I’ll be right over. I’ll have to go out the back way to avoid Touya. But lucky I don’t have any more patients.’ Yukito laughed in relief.

“Thank you.” Tomoyo mumbled and hung up. Smiling she turned to her audience, which was made up Syaoran and Kero; Sakura had fallen asleep at the table.

* * *

Yukito was still trying to make sense of what Sakura was telling him even after he had finished strapping her bruised ribs. They weren’t broken, which was a marvel from what he had heard but he could sense that a couple had been a fractured and would take time to heal, but because of her strong magic she would heal faster than a normal human being.

Once he was done strapping Sakura’s ribs and the food that had been ordered arrived, he let Yue take over.

Yue stared at Syaoran as he sat glaring up at him. He really didn’t know how to change Syaoran back, for he had never seen anything quite like this and he told the group so. Hearing this made the group groan loudly, this hadn’t been what they had wanted to hear.

“I am sorry.” Yue said coolly. No one thought once about his coolness, that was just how he always was.

“It’s O-kay.” Sakura mumbled her eyes droopy. She was just barely awake.

Yue transformed back into Yukito and gently swung Sakura up into his arms and carried her upstairs to her room, with Tomoyo, Kero and Syaoran following slowly after him.

He laid Sakura gently on to her bed and Tomoyo pulled her covers over her. Sakura snuggled carefully under her thick, warm bedding.

“I think she should remain home for tomorrow at least.” Yukito advised Kero as they all stood by Sakura’s front door.

Kero nodded his head seriously.

“Do you need a lift home, Tomoyo-san?” Yukito asked her kindly. Tomoyo nodded her head, eyeing the darkness outside.

“Yes please, I came without my bodyguards you see, I didn’t know what to expect so I decided to leave them out of it.” She explained. Yukito nodded in understanding. He turned back to Kero and Syaoran.

“I think you,” he directed at Syaoran gently, “should remain here for the time being. Staying close to Sakura is a good way to protect you from whoever did this to you.”

Syaoran grumbled but nodded his furry head in agreement.

“Well I’ll see you tomorrow.” Tomoyo promised as she walked out the door behind Yukito closing it behind her gently.

“Try not to kill each other too loudly; you might wake Sakura-chan.” Tomoyo added quickly, earning her two heated glares. She locked the door laughing quietly and bounced after Yukito wondering what sort of adventures Sakura and tow would be sure to have.



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