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The Howl of the Lone Wolf

by SapphireShell91 

Chapter 2

Questions of Sanity

Syaoran grunted at the sound of an alarm clock ringing. He didn’t have an alarm clock that sounded like that! His made a beeping sound not a ringing.

He opened his eyes and looked around him startled. Where was he?

He tried and failed to get up. What was the matter with him? Why did he feel so weird?

Slowly his dream, well he hoped very much that it was a dream, came back to him.

He had found his uncle, who had then turned him into a wolf and dropped him off at King Penguin Park and then he had been later found by…

He moved his head slowly, taking in every detail of the room that he was in. It was a neat room, with a desk and bookcase, with a TV in the corner and a bed. And the occupant within the bed was shifting and wiggling and groaning.

Syaoran pulled himself stiffly to his four paws. He still wasn’t completely use to walking on four but he was adapting far quicker than most would.

He padded lightly up to the head of the bed and stared at what he could vaguely make out as the top of a golden-brown head that was mostly hidden by the blanket pulled over it.

A whimper came from under the covers. Syaoran sat down beside the bed, unsure what to do. Should he wake her? Or let her be?

Another whimper came from under the covers, which helped him make up his mind on what he was going to do. Wake her up!

He got back up on his feet and hopped up on to her bed. He grabbed a bit of cover in his mouth and tugged it gently away from her head then barked. It was a soft bark, nothing aggressive about it, but it was enough to wake Sakura up from her nightmare.

Sakura blinked a couple times up at the burning amber eyes that gazed solemnly down at her.

“You know,” she said in a way of greeting, “a couple of years ago I would have found this really strange and scary and probably would have been screaming a lot, long before this point of time.”

Thank God, you haven’t screamed! Syaoran thought to himself hopping lightly off the bed and stalking over to the bed Tomoyo had made for him before she left. It was made out of an old mattress and sheets. Tomoyo had promised that when she came over that evening she would bring him a proper bed. Really, he didn’t actually care, he was a wolf!

Sakura swung herself stiffly out of her bed. She swayed slightly on her feet before she finally found her balance to actually take a step without falling down.

Syaoran watched her as she did this, taking her in fully. He hadn’t had time yesterday to really notice the changes the last couple of year of separation had done to her. She was taller then she had been. Her hair was longer, falling a little past shoulder length and it flared in the front section around her face. Her face had lost all its child-like joy features, they had matured and she looked quite pretty, in a grown up way.

Even though she has always been pretty, he thought slyly. He shook his head fiercely. What was he thinking? But she was a different sort of beauty to say his sisters or Meilin or even Tomoyo. She was a quiet beauty, mostly over-looked by most passer-bys when she was standing with Tomoyo. But Syaoran could see how beautiful she was, even when she was limping slightly and had dark shadows under her eyes, with her hair in louse tangles.

“What?” Sakura asked him, noticing that he was watching her intently.

Syaoran made a grumbled bark, embarrassed that he had been sprung watching her

Sakura just smiled, oblivious to why he was grumpy and just pattered him kindly on the head, before picking her clothes for the day and limping to the bathroom.

When she came back though, Syaoran realized she was wearing her school uniform, as if she was actually planning to go to school in her condition. Now that he thought about she probably would. He shot across the room and sat in front of her bedroom door refusing to let her out.

“Come on, Syaoran, move.” Sakura wailed, putting her hands on his shoulders, pushing at them to try and make him budge. He didn’t move a muscle.

“I have to go to school…ow!” she clutched her side; her eyes squeezed shut in pain. Syaoran gave a pointed snort.

“Ok, ok! You win! You win!” she groaned, limping back to bed and flopping on to it. Syaoran lay himself down beside the bed, on guard duty to make sure she really had given up on the idea of going to school. Sakura could be quite stubborn when she wanted to be.

“You know, you’re unbelievable!” Sakura stated grouchily. Syaoran gave a snort of agreement.

Yeah and that’s new, how?

Sakura stared up at her ceiling and pulled a face. She was pretty sure she was hearing Syaoran voice. That or she was finally going insane like her brother always said she would with the whole card business and talking, flying stuff animals. Now she had a best friend turn into a huge wolf to add to her list of the Weird Happenings.

“I’m going to be sent to an insane alyssum before I even turn twenty.” Sakura informed her ceiling as she had done numerous times before, though those times she had never had a growl in response. She turned her head ever so slightly on her pillow and saw that Syaoran was sitting up again and scowling at her fiercely, which was rather disconcerting since she could see quite a number of his pointed, sharp teeth.

“Well, it’s true! With all the weird stuff that happens to me and my dreams, I’m surprised I’m not in one now!” she defended. Syaoran let out another growl and his scowl grew even more intense.

You almost sound like you want that to happen!

“See,” She groaned, wrapping an arm over her eyes in despair, “I’m imagining that I’m hearing your voice in my head. How is that not insane?”

Syaoran blinked at her a couple of times.

You can hear me? He asked dazed with delight.

Sakura lifted her arm from her eyes and glared at him.

“I think I can hear you!” she corrected him tartly; “there’s a difference.” Her arm dropped back over her eyes once more.

Sakura, I’m talking to you right now, how is that prove you’re going insane?

“Cause your not suppose to be able to talk! You’re a wolf!”

I’m not technically talking, I’m thinking, he pointed out. Sakura open her mouth to argue but words seem to be failing her. She open and closed her mouth several times before finally giving up and closed her mouth tightly.

I win! You’re not going insane, he teased triumphantly.

Without removing her arm from over her eyes, she swatted him on his furry shoulder with her free hand and said.

“Oh, shut up.”

Syaoran let out a little snigger.

“What’s going on?” Kero asked floating out of his draw, rubbing his eyes, clearly only just woke up because of the commotion.

“Syaoran was just proving that I’m not going insane, even though I can hear his voice even though he’s a wolf.” Sakura grumbled.

“You can hear him?”

Sakura sat up, shocked and stared at her guardian.

“Yes. Can’t you?” she asked startled, looking from Syaoran to Kero, then back again.

Wolf boy and winged teddy bear shook their heads, silently grateful.

Sakura sighed, however sighed heavily.

“Oh, that’s really convincing me that I’m not insane. Not!” She mumbled.

Syaoran snapped at her.

“Don’t you snap at me.” she snapped back at him. The two glared at each for a couple of moments.

Maybe you are insane because you think you’re insane. Syaoran grumbled at her. Sakura stuck her tongue out at him.

“This isn’t normal.” She complained loudly or she tried to but being loud hurt her side.

Like anything is normal with you.

“Oh shut up!”

We’ve been threw worst, Syaoran pointed out. Fighting Eriol was pretty bad.

“This is different; this is way, way different. Eriol never tried to turn any of us into animals.”

Oh and making holes in the ground for you to fall into is SO much safer than this. Or that time you fell down the elevator shaft? Or the avalanche and snow storm that he caused that you had to try and stop?

“It’s still different.” Sakura grumbled, “Eriol never meant any real harm, and he always saved me when things started to get too rough. Besides, he was helping me change the cards into Sakura Cards.”

What card did you change in the Elevator shaft?

“The Float.” Sakura defended crabbily.

Syaoran grumbled. He had a feeling that the Elevator shaft trick Eriol pulled hadn’t been a trail for Sakura changing a card but an excuse for him, Syaoran to get his heart in his throat at the thought of losing her forever. He pulled an unhappy wolf face.

“Are you two done with ripping each others throats out?” Kero asked, floating just out of range of getting swatted by Sakura and snapped at by Syaoran. The two could only shoot him death glares, which was bad enough.

“Um, since we’re on the subject of Eriol don’t you think you should give him a call?” Kero asked, flying even high to get out of Syaoran mouth reach, he really didn’t want to become a chew toy. Syaoran was already growling and watching his process upwards intently.

Sakura just looked blank. Then her eyes grew brighter as she understood.

“And we should probably call your family too, Syaoran.” She added, getting up off her bed.

Syaoran was suddenly in front of her, shoving her back on to her bed, shaking his head.

They can’t know!

“What about you being wolfy? Syaoran you’re always wolfy! They probably won’t even be able to tell the difference!” Sakura teased, but Syaoran just glared up at her, but his eyes were pleading.

They can’t know, at least not yet! I still have a job to do. If I can still even do it now, he looked down doubtful at his legs.

Sakura shot him a curious look, but did not question him

Sakura swung herself once again off her bed and padded lightly out of her room and downstairs to the phone, with Syaoran walking close to her side and Kero flying ahead of them.

She picked up the phone and dialed Eriol’s home number, trying not to think of the phone bill that they where sure to get for this call, for she was sure it wasn’t going to be a short one. Her brother was going to murder her!

A voice answered the other end of phone and Sakura released that the voice was speaking in English. She froze for a moment, gathering her thought, forcing herself to understand what was being said. She knew quite a bit of English and spoke and understood it quite well, thanks to Eriol and her English classes in middle school.

Once she gathered her thoughts, she started to process what was being said on the other end.

“Hello?” she said in a shaking voice. Her voice sounded so lame in English, she was so out of practice.

Who is this?’ a thick, rich English voice demanded. Sakura started to panic.

“Kinomoto Sakura and I was wondering if I could speak to Hiiragizawa Eriol.” She rushed out, though she was quite pleased by how clear her English sounded to her.

Oh,’ the voice said sounding rather startled, ‘yes, of course, wait a moment please.’ There was silence on the other end.

I didn’t know you spoke English.

Sakura glanced down at Syaoran, smiling sheepishly.

“I’m not very good.”

You’re better than me. He grumbled grudgingly, and I need to know how to speak many languages. He added to himself, though Sakura heard him quite clearly. Sakura was about to asked him why, when the other end of the phone was picked up again.

Sakura?’ Sakura let out a breath of gratitude.

“Eriol, thanks, I kinda have a problem.” She gushed out, still speaking in English.

Yes, I realized that. What is the matter?’ to her delight he was speaking Japanese.

“Syaoran’s here.” She heard a chuckle from the other end.

And that’s a problem? Maybe you should talk to Tomoyo-san rather than me.’ He teased her gently.

“He’s a Wolf.” That stopped his chuckling.

Pardon me?’

“He’s a Wolf! He got turned into a wolf by someone, he won’t say who and now he’s sitting in my kitchen as a wolf.” Sakura repeated, panic vibrating threw out her voice.

How did this happen?’ Eriol demanded.

“I don’t know cos he hasn’t told me and I don’t think he’s going to anyway.” Sakura wailed. She turned to Syaoran. “Are you?”


“Self-centre jerk.” She snapped at him.

What’s that?

“Why won’t you let me help you?”

Cause it’s none of your business!

“You’re my friend, you are my business.”

Um, excuse me.’ Eriol said weakly. He could hear Sakura yelling at someone, presumably Syaoran, though he never heard any reply in return to her yelling except the odd bark. Bark? He started to grin slyly at the thought of Syaoran being a wolf, well on the bright side he was staying with Sakura.

“Sakura, the phone!” Kero bellowed over Sakura and Syaoran’s heads.

The two looked up at him startled, then turn their heads to stare at the phone.

“Oh right, Eriol!” Sakura gasped. She picked up the phone again.


Welcome back!’ Eriol sniggered slyly.

Sakura stuck her tongue out at the phone.

He can’t see you, you know. Syaoran pointed out.

“Oh, shut up.” She snapped at him.

I beg your pardon.’ Eriol said sounding amused.

“Not you! Syaoran.” She quickly amended. She shot Syaoran a warning glare.

Can Syaoran talk?’ Eriol asked her softly.

“Well, no actually he can’t physically talk, but he can talk in his head to people, people being just me it seems at the moment, but we only just figure that out that this morning. I don’t know, I could hear a couple of thought yesterday,” Syaoran let out a grunt of surprise and outrage, “but Kero can’t, nor Yue nor Tomoyo can hear him… does this mean I’m losing my mind and going crazy?” Sakura rabbled.

You’re not going crazy.

Sakura waved her hand at him to be silent.

No you’re not going crazy.’ Eriol chuckled though his mind was racing a hundred miles an hour.

“Are you sure about that?” Sakura asked.

You’re NOT going CRAZY. Syaoran repeat more loudly, anger evident in his tone.

“Ow, not so loud.” Sakura complained, placing a hand against her throbbing head.

Sounds like the two of you are having fun.’ Eriol mused vaguely; he wasn’t really paying much attention on what might be happening on the other end of the phone. He was trying to think up different spells that could possible turn someone into an animal against their own will.

“It’s not like that.” Sakura complained, voicing Syaoran’s complaint a long with her own.

Sakura slid down the wall to sit on the floor, holding the phone so that Syaoran could hear easier.

“So any idea’s how to turn him back?”

‘None yet. But it’s kinda hard to come up with something when I can’t actually see him, let alone sense what sort of spell has been put on him.’

“How many spells are there for turning someone into an animal?” Sakura asked panicking.

Not many. Syaoran grumbled.

Not many have enough power to do so. It very different from turning yourself into an animal, for that in its self is very difficult. But to turn another and one who can’t turn into an animal in the first place, well that takes a lot.’ Eriol sighed heavily.

Syaoran made a grumbling sound and flopped to the floor, looking completely defeat by all stretches of the word. He didn’t like Eriol much, actually he hated the guy’s guts, but he had been hoping, much to his complete annoyance, that Eriol might have had the answer to turning him human again.

Sakura unconsciously placed her hand on his head and started to scratch him behind his ears.

“But who would want to turn Syaoran into a Wolf?” Sakura asked, continuing to scratch his ears.

‘I don’t know. You have to ask him.’

“But he won’t tell me.” Sakura argued and gave Syaoran soft, velvet ear a gentle tug.

Give him time.’ Syaoran let out a grumble in his chest. Sakura sniggered.

“Um, Eriol, what should I do?” Sakura asked nervously.

Keep him safe and out of sight. How big is he? Can he pass as a normal dog?’

Sakura glanced a Syaoran. For the type of dog he could possibly pass for he was too big and she told Eriol this.

Use the Small Card to make him smaller.’ Eriol advised. Kero burst out laughing at the idea of a mini Syaoran wolf running around the house. Syaoran growled at him.

“Also Eriol,” Sakura said, a little louder, sticking one finger in her ear to block out the noise the other two where making.

“A Bounty Hunter came for the Cards yesterday.” Kero and Syaoran fell immediately silent.

Are you all right?’ Eriol asked seriously.

“A couple of bruises but I’m fine, so are the Cards by the way. I didn’t have them with me, so he couldn’t get them.”

Where is he now?’

“Dead. We all kinda, accidentally had a hand in killing him.” Sakura hung her head guiltily. Syaoran and Kero starred at her in disbelief.

Was he human?’ Eriol asked unfazed by this.

“I…I don’t think so. I mean, he didn’t look human, well to me anyway. Ah, but oh god what if he was! I murdered another human being.” She gasped in terror, breathing hard, her heart pounding in her chest.

Stupid, he wasn’t human! He was a demon! Demon’s are really, really bad and they kill a lot of innocent people, so you were actually doing the world a favour by killing it.

“It wasn’t human, Sakura-chan, it was a demon.” Kero tried sooth to his panicking Mistress, not knowing he was saying the exact same thing as Syaoran just had. Syaoran glared up at him.

I just said that!

“He just said that.”

Maybe you two think a lot alike.’ Eriol teased. He could hear quite well what was happening on Sakura’s end.

“We do not.” Kero and Syaoran yelled, though Sakura was the only one who heard Syaoran and giggled, though she was getting quite headache,

Sakura.’ Eriol was back to serious again, ‘I don’t know yet, what to make of these events. I can’t tell if they are coincidence, though I think not, or if this is all part of someone’s grand plan.’ Sakura bit her lip and nodded.

Silence echoed loudly from both ends of the phone, when finally Syaoran broke it.

Sakura, he can’t see you nodding.

“Oh, right, um… so I should just watch and wait to see what happens?”

Eriol gave a sigh of frustration.

‘I wish I could give to more, but I’m sorry but I can’t. I’ll look into things here and get back to you are soon as I can. But Sakura, I think that you need to be very careful, things, the magic balance is beginning to move again.’

“Oh and that’s bad?”

‘No, the balance moving isn’t supposed to be a bad thing, the world needs change but, not when evil is making the balance move in their favour.’

“Oh great.” Sakura sighed heavily, “Thanks Eriol-kun, hope things are alright over there. Say hello to Mizuki-sensei for me please.”

Things are fine and I will pass Kaho your message, she out at conference at the moment. She’s thinking of returning to Japan soon, she misses it and the people there.’ He hinted. His hint was not picked up on by Sakura, but both Syaoran and Kero understood the meaning of it.

“Bye, Eriol, thanks again for all your help.” Eriol laughed sadly at this.

I don’t know if I was much help to you. But be safe Sakura and say hello to Tomoyo and everyone there for me.”

“Will do.” To which she was promising to no one knew, probably the latter since being safe for any length of time for Sakura was a job in itself when magic was about.

With another quick goodbye they both hung up. Sakura continued to sit on the floor, chewing her lip. Then she started dialing again.

“Who are you calling now?” Kero asked. Sakura gave him a warning look, and nodded at Syaoran, who was sulking. However, his sulking gave away to curiosity and suspicion, when he saw Sakura was holding the cordless phone to her ear and intently looking at the opposite wall.

Who… are… you… calling… NOW? Syaoran demanded, stretching his sentence slowly so that she could clearly understand that he was so not happy.

Sakura just ignored him.

Hello.’ A depressed voice answer after the phone rang several times. Sakura was so glad she could understand Chinese.

“Hi, it’s me, Sakura.” Sakura said gently.

Sakura, what… what are you calling for? Syaoran’s…ah, not here.’ The female Chinese voice said panicking.

“Yes, I know.”

How do you know that?’

“Cause he’s currently sitting next to me.” Sakura explained calmly. Syaoran was glaring evils at her, but she ignored him. She was getting quite good at it, too.

She winced at the shriek that echoed down the phone line. Holding the phone at arms length as the shriek continued.

You called Meilin? Syaoran bellowed in fury, barking madly, desperate to yell at her with an actual voice.

At the sounds of barking, Meilin stop shrieking.

Sakura-chan, when did you get a dog?’ she asked much too calmly for someone who had just been shrieking her lungs out just a moment before. Sakura sweat-dropped.

“Um, well you see I only just acquired him yesterday.” She admitted, ignoring Syaoran’s furious voice demanding, ACQUIRED?

“Ok, I take that back, he’s not my dog.”

I’m your dog, I’m your dog! He begged.

“the barking and frantic panting, is actually… no that sounds so wrong, but you see Syaoran’s somehow got turn into a” Don’t say it, Syaoran growled. Sakura sighed. “a wolf!”


There was silence at the other end of the line for a couple of moments before Meilin spoke.

So Syaoran’s a wolf?’


Is he ok?’

“Well at the moment he’s glaring daggers at me so I clarifying that as ok. Well physically he looks a little different, but trust me mentally he just the same as always.” Sakura sighed. Meilin giggled loudly.


“Quit yelling at me!” she snapped at him, “You’re giving me a headache.”

Umm, Sakura-chan, I’m not yelling.’ Meilin defended.

“No not you, Syaoran. It’s a mental thing. Since he’s a wolf he can’t talk, he can bark and howl and carry on, but no human speech. I am one of the lucky few who can actually hear his thoughts.”

Oh, really?’

“Yep! And we’re hating every moment of it.”

You ok?’

“I’m… well I have a huge headache and my side hurts.” Sakura quickly brought Meilin up to date with everything they knew and what had happen so far.

So even Eriol-kun can’t turn him back.’ Meilin whispered fearfully. Syaoran whined unhappily and stared at Sakura imploringly.

“Syaoran says he’s fine and not to worry yourself about him.”

He’s a freaking wolf!’ Meilin shrieked into the phone, making them all jump.

“Yeah, we kinda notice.” Kero said sarcastically.

Shut up, stuffed animal!’ both cousins bellowed. Sakura cringed at the noise.

“Ok, ouch, loud!”

Sorry.’ Meilin said apologetically.


“It’s ok. So any ideas how Syaoran got turn into a wolf?”

None, but magic isn’t really my thing, is it.’ Syaoran and Sakura groaned.


Sorry, sorry, I’m still a bit touchy about the whole not having magic thing, but I’ll look around quietly and see what I can find out, ok?’

“Cool, thank you so much Meilin-chan.” Sakura said sincerely.

It’s ok; don’t go all silly about it.’ Meilin grumbled in embarrassment.

Sakura thought for a moment.

“Should you tell your family where he is and what happen to him?” Sakura asked.


Sakura jumped a little as once again her head registered too much noise going on around her.


Cause that the way it is, if one of the family goes on a mission, they can’t come back until they’ve complete it. They can’t ask for help anywhere threw it, they have to do it alone and if they do contact the family it has to be really important.’ Meilin explained.

“That’s stupid; we live in the twenty-first century!”

I know its stupid, but our family has a hard time moving on and letting go of traditions.’

“Brilliant.” Sakura grumbled sarcastically.

“So am I breaking the scared tradition by calling you and telling you want happen to Syaoran?”

No, not really, I’m not important enough for them to think anyone would bother to call me and tell me what’s going on, but I’m not going to go out and bragging about it. Anyway, its you who’s calling, not Syaoran and they already don’t like you and think you’re nosy, but they can’t touch you because of the Cards, so your fine.’


I have to go, I’ve been on the phone awhile and my Mom is going to kill me with how much I’m on the phone these days.’ Sakura could hear embarrassed, shyness in her friend’s voice.

“Oh really, I demand details.” Meilin laughed.

‘Ok, ok, next time I call I’ll give you full blown details.’

What are you two on about? Syaoran demanded frustrated. Sakura just grinned at him knowingly

“Mind your own business.” Sakura told him giving him a playful shove.

Meilin is my business!

“Bye.” Sakura said into the phone, ignoring Syaoran.

See ya.’

Still smiling Sakura hung up for she knew something Syaoran clearly didn’t and was quite happy not to tell him, for one thing she wasn’t sure how he’d react to the news of finding out his ex-fiancé was dating another man. She was a little ashamed of herself that she was actually happy that Meilin had found someone else, not that she wasn’t happy that Meilin had, she was very, very happy for her, it was just that… her eyes strayed over to where Syaoran was crouched, pouting because he was being left out of the loop.

“Alright,” she said, breaking the silences that had befallen on them since the end of the phone call, “Pancake time!”

She bounced awkwardly to her feet and immediately wished she hadn’t, but tried not to let the pain she felt show on her face too much or in the way she walked to the kitchen. The kitchen now looked like a mighty foe!

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