Author's Note: This is a bit of a slow Chapter, but needs to be here or things just won't make sense.

Syaoran talking.
'Other person on the phone'
Sayuki talking in dream

The Howl of the Lone Wolf

by SapphireShell91 

Chapter 3

To Quarrel and Dream

Syaoran sat by Sakura legs as she cooked at the stove. The smell of pancakes flooded the homely kitchen. She moved awkwardly to grab three plates from one of the wall cupboards.

“Don’t tell my Father or my brother that I’m letting you eat off the plate, ok.” Sakura teased.

Shut up!

“Sorry, here.” She placed one of the plates down in front of him, stacked with seven pancakes. Syaoran stared at the plate before looking up at Sakura, raising his eyebrows.

“What?” Sakura demanded defensively, “You’re a growing boy!”

Ye-ah, so you want to fatten me up?

“Now you shut up.”

Not my fault that you want to fatten me up and cook me… you don’t want to cook me, right?

“If I wanted to cook you, it would be now before you ate the food I cooked for you.” Sakura growled. Syaoran smiled a wolfy grin up at her. She sighed.

“You know, I think you’re more of a pain then when you were when we were ten.” Sakura grumbled, sliding down to the floor beside him.

I’m not glaring at you anymore!

“Well not as much as you use too, but you’re defiantly getting better.” Sakura assured him.

Thanks. He replied sarcastically. She grinned.

“You’re very welcome.”

“You two aren’t fighting again, are you?” Kero asked cautiously as he flew into the kitchen.

“No, we’re not fighting.” Sakura assured him, nodding her head to the counter where his plate of pancakes were cooling.

“Yummy, thanks Sakura-chan.” Kero squealed, grabbing his plate and zooming out of the kitchen again.

Where’s he going?

“Video games.” Sakura replied calmly as if this was the most obvious thing in the world. However it was not the most obvious thing to Syaoran, who stared at her blankly.


“You know Kero’s addicted to video games. If we aren’t chasing after Cards or there isn’t any food about or even if there is he’ll being playing. A word of advice, if you want him to do something for you, threaten either the play-station or his video games, he’ll do anything for you.”

So, what you’re actually saying is that he will die without his silly games?

Sakura let out a giggle.

“Yeah, something like that.”

The Stuffed Animal needs to get a life!

“I know, but what can you do.” She sniggered, pulling apart a bit of pancake and putting it into her mouth.

Kick him out of the house and make him get a life. Syaoran suggested, before returning to trying to chew his pancakes.

“You ok?” Sakura asked. Syaoran glared up at her.

“I’m sure you’ll get use to this.” Sakura mumbled. Syaoran merely grunted, not looking at her. Sakura shifted uncomfortably were she sat. She was saved from her awkwardness by the phone ringing loudly from the lounge room.

Syaoran didn’t look up until Sakura’s back was to him and only then did he get up and follow her.

“Hello, Kinomoto residence. Kinomoto Sakura, speaking.” Sakura greeted as she answered the cordless phone.

Sakura-chan, are you ok?’ Sakura froze at the sound of the male voice on the other end of the phone. She tucked her hair away from her face, pushing some behind her ear. Her fingers moved down to her hairs ends.

“What’s going on?” Kero asked, flying downstairs. Syaoran shoot him a warning look.

“Len-kun, what, eh, what are you calling for.” Sakura gabbled. Syaoran stared at her questioning as her began to tug at her hair.

“Oh.” Kero muttered with understanding. Syaoran head flicked for a moment in his direction.

“Ichijo Len, class 2-2 along with Sakura-chan and Tomoyo-chan. Apparently he’s very smart, very rich and well known family and an all round nice guy and all the girls want to go out with him.” Syaoran raised an eyebrow.

“Except he won’t go out with any of the girls at school, because the one he wants to go out with feels obligated to someone else.” Kero shot Syaoran a suggesting look, which he didn’t get.

“Oh god, you’re almost as thick as Sakura. The boy likes her and would ask her out if Sakura wasn’t so clueless and maybe if she wasn’t so hung up over you.”

Syaoran scowled, but turned his attention back to Sakura, who was pulling her hair even more profoundly.

“Um, I’m sick with a bug.” Sakura made up lamely.

Oh, well I hope you get better soon, I mean schools so strange without your smiling face.’ Sakura mouth dropped. She pressed a hand to her mouth to muffle the sound of her gasping breathing. Syaoran stared at her in disbelief.

Not again!

“Either I’m going and insane and hearing things, such as your bratty voice or I just heard your bratty voice say ‘not again!’?” Kero said.

Shut UP, Stuffed Animal.

“Oh no, I am hearing you. The end is coming.” Kero wailed.

‘What was that wailing sound?’

“Ah?” Sakura glanced over a Kero, making a hand movement across her neck at him. “It’s the TV. I’m watching this really dull horror movie, with a Werewolf in it, which attacks this bewitched stuff animal, cause they just don’t get along.”

‘Wow, it doesn’t sound so bad, but I’ve never heard of it before. Is American or something?’

“Ah, it must be, it’s in English and I’m not getting it.”

‘But your really good at understanding English.’'

“I’m having a rough today with my English. Anyway, thanks for um, calling Ichijo-kun…”

‘Len, Sakura-chan, I told you, you could call me Len.’

“Ok.” Sakura squeaked.

‘Well, bye, I hope you get better soon Sakura-chan. I don’t know how long I’ll last without seeing your smiling face at school.’

At this Syaoran started to bark, loudly.

“Yeah, bye.” Sakura said hastily and hung up.

“What was that about?” she demanded swing around to face a glaring Syaoran.

Well, I’m sorry for breaking up you phone call with you boyfriend, but someone’s just arrived.

“He’s not my BOYFRIEND!” Sakura shrieked, storming for the hall, before stopping, turning around and walking right back up to him.

“Who’s just arrived?”

How the heck should I know?

“Jerk!” Sakura muttered as she turned once again to the hall.

What was that?

“I said ‘jerk’” Sakura growled, stalking down the hall.

I am once again sooo sorry for messing up you phone call to your boyfriend, I just thought we had more pressing issues than talking to cute boys!

“Screw you; it wasn’t like that at all.” She snapped, peering out the side window beside the front door.

Looked like it to me.

“Oh and you would know would you… Oh crap!”

Well actually I would, since I have…. Syaoran started but stopped finally registering what Sakura had added to her sentence. What?

“My brother! And Yukito-kun, but all the same oh crap!” Sakura muttered starting to panic a little.

You can fight Demons and rogue Cards quite happily, but you’re terrified of your Brother?

“You’re scared of your Mother, Sisters and Meilin, what you excuse?” Sakura retorted angrily. “Plus, who wouldn’t be scared of my Brother? How is he and Yukito-kun friends?” she muttered to herself.

The door open and everyone froze.

“Sakura what are you doing here?” her Brother, Kinomoto Touya demanded. Just as Syaoran remember, Touya was still as imposing as ever.

“Um, well you see…um.” Sakura babbled.

“And what’s with the dog-wolf thing doing in the house.” Touya demanded, spotting Syaoran, who was glaring up at him off to the side. Yukito smiled weakly at Sakura, mouthing “I tried to keep him away, but the school called”. Sakura’s shoulder slumped.

“Well, Sakura?”

“He’s a new pet?” Sakura said smiling up at her brother innocently. Her brother wasn’t buying it. But he just sighed.

“If you’re sick you should be in bed, I’ll be up in a bit with some food, ok.”

“What about your work?” Sakura asked.

“It’s a slow day and I haven’t been off for awhile, so.” He shrugged.

“Lunch break.” Yukito added for himself.

“Oh ok.” Sakura mumbled and walked up stairs, Kero hiding in her hair and Syaoran following close to her heels.

“Sakura.” Touya said suddenly when she was half way up the stairs. She spun around, almost falling, startled.

“Yes onii-chan?”

“Keep the mutt off your bed.” He ordered and walked away with Yukito, who discretely gave her the thumbs up.

Sakura flopped on to her bed, snuggling into her covers.

“Well, looks like you’re staying.” She happily informed Syaoran who stared at her in disbelief.

I don’t get girls mood changes.

“Good, but they are a thing to be feared.” Sakura giggled.

I well belief that.

“I’m so happy, my brother not mad at me for missing school or for having a strange dog in the house. This is great!”

“SAKURA NADESHIKO KINOMOTO, why are there plates of pancakes on the FLOOR?” Sakura cringed at her brother powerful voice, shaking the house at its foundations.

“Ooops, I forgot.” She whispered, grapping her pillow and pulling it up and over her head.

Syaoran curled up into a ball beside her bed, his amber eyes watching the twitching hands on top of the pillow.

Sakura walked threw darkness. She wasn’t sure where she was, but she knew it was dark and darkness weigh heavily down upon her as she walked threw it, trying to find away out. Trying to find some sort of light to guide her threw it.

The more she walked, the more worn down she felt, until she saw two small, amber gold lights just a little in front of her. They glinted at her, moving up and down as if taking her in. they moved together, not apart, moving as one.

Sakura. The amber gold lights seemed to be calling to her, beckoning her to follow as they began to move away. As they moved they gradually disappeared, which struck panic within her as she broke into a run to find them again.

Wait! She yelled in panic. She felt something soft and furry and warm brushed against her leg making her squeal in shock.

Don’t scream. The lights suddenly appeared where the furry thing against her leg was. She frowned she knew that voice. She knew that voice very well.

Syaoran? The lights moved up and down as if nodding, but then moved side to side as if disagreeing.

What’s that suppose to mean?

Just follow.

Wow you’re just as bossy in my dreams as you are in real life. She grumbled as she followed him threw the darkness. Well she followed him by him pressing against her leg guiding where she was suppose to go.

Welcome. Two huge globes of light appeared in front of them, almost blinding Sakura with their brilliance.

Who are you? Sakura stammered, trying to see threw her eyelashes up at the brilliant lights.

Syaoran knows who I am.

Oh yeah and he is so going to tell me. Sakura snapped. The huge lights chuckled.

My name is Dragon. Ask Syaoran for my pronunciation.

I don’t understand.

And your not suppose to.


Because I am merely here to help you put together the pieces you already know. With more pieces the more you know.

But I don’t know you?

True, but you know Syaoran.

You’re the one who cursed him aren’t you?

For his own good and protection.

Are you real?

Yes, I am. But the only way we can communicate is threw our dreams.

But you’re the bad guy. Why do you want to talk to me?

Not everything is black and white! There are such things as grey.

Okey-dokey then, explain please.

Something’s are not always as they seem.

What do you mean?

Ask him! Ask him to tell you.

But he won’t… Sakura started to yell when she suddenly felt as if she was falling. Why the heck was she falling.

Idiot! She heard Syaoran sigh and then she hit something soft and furry, which let out a yelp with her squeal.

“What’s going on?” Kero asked groggily flying out of his drawer to figure out what was going on with his mistress and the brat.

“Ow.” Sakura groaned, struggling to get off poor Syaoran who had been happily sleeping soundly beside her bed.

Ow, is an understatement. Syaoran grumbled loudly.

“You fell out of bed again, didn’t you?” Kero sighed as he watched his mistress and the wolf brat struggle to get untangled from bed sheet and blanket and each other.

“I had a weird dream.” Sakura grumbled, finally straightening herself and climbing back into her bed. Thinking of her dream suddenly reminded her.

“Syaoran, what’s a dragon’s name?” she asked innocently.

Without thinking, Syaoran replied, well my uncle name is Sayuki and that means dragon. Then Syaoran froze. He glared at Sakura, who smiled innocently back.

“I said I had a weird dream.” She pointed out. He growled at her angrily though he was madder at himself.

“So you got changed into a wolf by your uncle whose name is Sayuki which means dragon, right?” Sakura asked, thinking deeply. Syaoran just grunted.

“That still doesn’t make sense.” She mumbled to herself.

What doesn’t make sense?

“He, your uncle, said what he did to you was for your own good and protection. Why would he say that?”

“Cause he’s a lying bastard with nothing better to do then to make you all confused.” Kero said smartly.

Sakura frown.

“Things just aren’t adding up here. I feel like I’m just touching the answer but it keeps slipping away just when I’m about to grasp its full, true meaning.” Sakura sighed.

Just forget about Sakura, it doesn’t matter. Syaoran grumbled and stalked over to where his made up bed was. Sakura seeing the bed frown in confusion.

“That’s different, the bed, I mean. I don’t remember it being like that.”

“Oh, Tomoyo-chan came while you were asleep and set up a whole new bed for the brat. Your brother thought it was a waste of time and effort.” Kero explained quietly as they watched Syaoran sulk on the fully cushion, raised of the floor mattress bed.

“wow.” Was all Sakura could think to say on the matter.

“He’s a bit big for it though.” Kero pointed out loudly to Sakura. Syaoran growled at him.

“Oh right, Eriol-kun said that to help Syaoran blend in here I should shrink him.” Sakura said. Syaoran grumbled at her unhappily, but got off his bed and pattered over to her.

“Ok.” She summed her Star staff and called upon The Small card to shrink Syaoran to a normal medium dog size.

“Don’t you think your Bro will notice the sudden reduction in size?” Kero asked.

“No, he only saw Syaoran for a moment, and besides he’s not around that much anyway, so no problem really.” Sakura shrugged as she put her staff and cards away.

Syaoran wandered over to Sakura mirror, which went from the floor to normal human height and peered at himself. He didn’t look any different besides smaller, but apart from that he was completely the same.

“I don’t think I’ll go to school today.” Sakura mused when she saw the time on her clock. 11:30am! Hmmm, yeah, no school!

“Is my brother still around or did he leave?” Sakura asked, walking cautiously down stairs with Syaoran at her heels and Kero on her shoulder.

“He stayed all night, but left this morning.” Kero said

“Oh, ok.” Sakura mumbled absently, getting some breakfast together.

“Syaoran?” Sakura asked once they had all returned to her room, with another patch of pancakes.


“since your uncle turned you into a wolf, could he turn you back into a human? I mean, if we found him and forced him, he could take the spell off right?”

Sakura stared at Syaoran, waiting. For awhile Syaoran didn’t say anything, but finally he said. It’s a possibility, but I don’t want you involved when I find him.

Sakura fumed for a moment.

“Why not, I can help.”

It doesn’t matter whether you can help or not! What matters is that I beat him by myself and bring him back to the Clan, dead or alive.

“So this really is about family pride, is it?” Sakura snapped. “You don’t want my help because it’ll look weak in your Clan’s eyes, is that it.”

Syaoran growled deep in his throat.

No, I don’t want your help because I don’t need it. Why would I need the help from the likes of you? He snarled back. Sakura flinched at his tone as much as from his words. Was that really how he felt about her? Someone useless and always in the way.

Syaoran regretted his words, he hadn’t meant them. He started to try and apologize when Sakura suddenly yelled.

“Then why the hell did you come here then?” she yelled at him, her eyes were stinging with unwanted tears. The three fell silent.

I don’t know why I came here. I don’t even know how I got here. Syaoran admitted softly. Sakura chewed her lip. She was still hurt from what he had said, but at this moment he looked so lost and pathetic, she couldn’t stay mad at him.

“Well you’re here now and you’re stuck here, because I’m not letting you go out on your own. So whether you liked it or not, you’re going to have my help.” Sakura sighed.

Sakura! Syaoran started to argue but Sakura interrupted him.

“Well on the bright side, at least you’re calling me by my name.” she mused, smiling rather happily.

Syaoran was left speechless, before turning away to hide his smile.

Author's Note: Ok. Now I got Syaoran uncle names from a friend who swears that it means dragon, if it doesn't and I've made an idiot of myself, please tell me so that I can kick my friends sorry ass.
Anyway, things will move on in the next chapter I swear.