by TJ Garcia


Note: I do not own CCS. well now that that's out of the way lets get on with our fan fic

The place: Tokyo Japan
The year: 2010
The date: Oct 17


Li is just coming home to his family (Li's mom got married and moved to Japan) and town in Tokyo Japan.
It has been a long flight from his family's shrine in Hong Kong and he's tired.
He was there for 8 whole years away from his friends and childhood love Sakura.
Finally he made it where his dad was waiting for him.

Li's dad: hey son how was it down there?
Li :it was fine.

Li (now 21 years of age) was down there for training (don't ask what for). He is looking a lot better now that the back of his messy brown hair has reached his neck medium muscle tone and he's reaching 6' 2".

Li's dad: come on and get in the car. Your mother and sisters are waiting for you.
Li : mom.

after a long drive to Li's house he is greeted by his four sisters and his mom.

Li's mom: hi how was it down there at our shrine?
Li: it was great.
Li's mom: well you look starved! How about some dinner?
Li: that sounds great!

After dinner Li took a bath and then went into his room to rest.

Li's dad: How are you doing son.
Li: fine.
Li's dad: Well while you were gone you got this.
Li's dad hands him a letter.
Li: A letter, for me?
Li then rips it open and starts reading

letter: Dear Li

how's it going for you? You may not be back when you get
this letter so let me fill you in on what happened while you were gone. You know my mom owns
a big toy co right , well guess what I inherited it now I'm
a big multi millionaire. I make mostly dolls but I'm living the good life.
Meiling moved away to America and we don't know what
happened to her. Oh and Sakura is in college now and is dating a guy named Koji.

Li froze right there and thought to himself that he read it wrong but he read it again and couldn't believe his eyes. His beloved Sakura with another guy? He continued to read.

He is a very nice and intelligent guy who has short golden blond hair, medium muscles, and is tall, about 6'0" and he has green eyes I think I've got a crush on him, too bad I found Eriol first. well anyway I just want to see how you were doing bye.

love Tomoyo

write back ok.

Li then put the letter down and told his dad to shred it

Li's dad: why
Li: (sigh) just read it and find out.

So he did.

Li's dad: oh your girlfriend with another guy. I know how that feels.
Li: pretty rotten right.
Li's dad: yeah. but maybe this will cheer you up a little.
Li: what?
Li's dad: follow me and find out.

so Li followed his dad out to the garage and found out he bought him a motorcycle!

Li: thanks dad!
Li's dad: anytime. hey how about taking it for a test drive.
Li: sure will.

Li got his helmet and took it out around town.
Li's first stop was the old school where he and Sakura first met. it just brought back old memories so he left. next he stopped by Sakura's old house(she moved after a few years). He thought he saw her walk out but it just was the new residence. Then he explored the rest of the town and then came back and slept.

Days went past until another letter from Tomoyo came this one said

Letter: dear Li

           Hey you didn't write back like I told you to, anyway Koji proposed to Sakura!

Li froze the same way he did last time. but he knew it really said that. He was afraid to read the next part but he did.

and Sakura said ...

Li couldn't look or read the last part but he still did.


Li wanted to kill himself then but he stayed strong and read on.
the wedding is next month and the train tickets are attached if you want to go.

love Tomoyo

be there. And write back.
the wedding's on Nov 9th

Li looked at the tickets. It said it was going to be in Osaka on November 5th.

Li decided to go and without telling his dad about it, he started packing.



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