by TJ Garcia



At Tomoyo's mansion there was a girl sewing a dress.
A girl with short black hair and was 5'4" tall and in glasses.
A girl with the sense of worry in her eyes
A girl who was named Tomoyo.

Tomoyo was growing impatient with Li and called one of her maids

Tomoyo: has he written back yet?
maid: no madam.
Tomoyo: oh well I'll check again tomorrow.
maid: yes madam but isn't your friend's, Sakura I believe wedding coming soon.
Tomoyo: yes and a little too soon I suppose I'll finish on this dress now
maid: yes madam.

Tomoyo then turns off the video phone

Tomoyo: (sigh) I wish Sakura would think this over a bit before getting married to this Koji guy.(sigh)I bet in two years Sakura would look back and see that this was the biggest mistake of her life.(sigh)But I can't tell her that it will break her heart if I do that she should have realized that this guy isn't right for her, Li is. They have known each other since they were 9 but she has only known Koji for 2 years .(sigh) but if I told her that it would break her heart. Well I better finish this dress.
And she continued.



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