by TJ Garcia



While Li was on the train he was planning.
planning to get his love back.
but he was very doubtful about it.

When the train arrived Li got a rental car and went to the nearest jewelry store and bought a ring according to the plan. Then he found a hotel and stayed there until the day of the wedding.

On the day of the wedding Sakura was pacing back and forth worrying.
Sakura was as beautiful as when she was 9. She had short brown hair covering her forehead and a cape of hair draping all the way to her lower back. she was now 5'5" and smarter than ever. her dress was beautiful, it was a silk dress that fitted snug on the top with a long gown  reaching the floor. Sakura didn't know why she was so worried, she was marrying the man of her dreams or so she thought. She always had these flashbacks of Li and her but she didn't know why .

Sakura: I just need to rest.

Li discovered that he slept in so he quickly brushed his teeth got dressed and raced over to the church. At the church he asked the receptionist where Sakura's wedding was, she told him and Li raced off and was glad to find that they weren't up there yet. He then took a seat so that he couldn't be seen by anyone.

Sakura was taking a rest in one of the chairs and a girl wakes her up.

girl: Um... Sakura? Your wedding has almost begun.
Sakura: what? oh that's right the wedding. I almost slept through it.

She then hurried to where she was suppose to be and walked down the aisle.
Koji was already waiting on the stand. And Tomoyo was taping it with her camera. The priest said what he was suppose to at a wedding.
Li was impatient to wait for the vows, and he still is doubtful about the plan.
Then the part they have all been waiting for, the vows.
Priest: do you Koji take Sakura ......
Yomositu: yes
Priest: and do you Sakura take Koji....
Sakura: yes
Priest: if any of you think these two should not be wed. Speak now or forever hold your peace.

The priest then waits a minute. Li then knows this is his chance, so at the top of his lungs he stands up and says.

Li: I object!!!
Audience: gasp!
Sakura: Li!
Priest: oh my!
Tomoyo: This is great!

Li then walks down the aisle to Sakura.

Sakura: Li your here. but I thought you weren't coming.
Li: well I'm here and I wont let you marry that guy.
Sakura: but Li I've made up my mind. yomositu is right for me.
Li: are you sure? Why don't you think about it. and to help with your decision.

Li then kneels down and pulls out a beautiful smooth golden ring with Li carved 
on the top and seimpre juntos which means together forever in Spanish on the bottom. Li had an exact ring on his finger only it had Sakura carved on the top.

Li: Sakura will... will you... will you marry me?

Sakura didn't know what to do. She looked at Li then at Koji then back at Li.
Just then all the flashbacks of Li and her together came into her mind. The way Li cared for her the way he loved her and the way her life would be without him gave Sakura a smack back to reality.

Sakura (to the priest): is it all right to change my vow to no?
Priest: well the vow isn't final until I pronounce you so yes its ok.
Sakura (to Koji): Sorry but now I know that this would be the biggest mistake of my life. So I'm very sorry if this breaks your heart but I just know that it wouldn't work out.
Sakura (to Li): and as for your proposal.

Li then braced him self for the answer.

Sakura: yes. yes I will marry you.

Li then got up and kissed Sakura and the audience cheered.

Priest: looks like we have a new wedding. I believe you know all of it so ill start from the vows. do you Li take Sakura?
Li: yes.
Priest: and do you Sakura take Li?
Sakura: yes.
Priest: then I here by pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride.

So Li does. Outside it was raining confetti and rice as Li and Sakura were walking down the walkway. Koji was standing in the crowd and then walks up to Li.

Koji: hey Li can you do a favor for me please?
Li: sure what?
Koji: take care of Sakura ok.
Li: Don't worry, I sure will.

Li and Sakura then get into the limo and drive off.

Meanwhile while the wedding was taking place. a man with neck length black hair and medium sized glasses watched Sakura through a crystal ball inside a very large and dark room of a mansion only lit by the setting sun. and he was smiling

Eriol: Well Sakura it seems that you have passed my final test. although I had my doubts
you have found your heart's desire. I now have no more use for my summoned decoy: Koji (and with that Koji vanishes) and I admit I felt bad about putting you in that position, but it was all part of the test, I wish you and Li a happy marriage. and with that, I now leave you Sakura. I will continue to adapt and grow in this body but I will not bother you. you have already proven to be a skilled sorceress rivaling even myself. farewell...Card captor Sakura.

And with that the crystal ball turns dim, rolls off  the pedestal and shatters on the floor. Eriol then leaves to enjoy the rest of his life. the sun then completely set and the room fell dark.

(oh and behind the limo there was a sign that used to say Koji and Sakura just married, but Koji was crossed out so it now reads Li and Sakura just married! They also had 4 children they were named Issac windy Syaoran, Rachel watery Syaoran, Kyle fiery Syaoran, and Mia earthy Syaoran.)

(by T.J. Garcia.  : )



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