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  1. The Day a New Demon Was Born
  2. The White Knight Awakens
  3. The False Classmate
  4. His Name is Zero
  5. The Princess and the Witch
  6. The Stolen Mask
  7. Attack Cornelia
  8. The Black Knights
  9. Refrain
10. Guren Dances
11. Battle for Narita
12. The Messenger from Kyoto
13. Shirley at Gunpoint
14. Geass vs Geass
15. Cheering Mao
16. Nunnally Held Hostage
17. Knight
18. I Order Suzaku Kururugi
19. Island of the Gods
20. War at Kyushu
21. Declaration at the School Festival
22. Bloodstained Euphie
23. To Sorrow with Love
24. The Collapsing Stage
25. Zero


NOTE: These are the Japanese titles and are subject to change by BANDAI.

  1. The Day the Devil Awakened
  2. Japan Independence Plan
  3. The Imprisoned Academy
  4. The Scaffold of Counterattack
  5. Knight of Rounds
  6. Surprise Attack in the Pacific Ocean
  7. The Discarded Mask
  8. The Million Miracle
  9. The Bride of the Zhu Jin Cheng
10. When the Shen Hu Shines
11. Power of the Mind
12. Love Attack!
13. The Assassin from the Past
14. Geass Hunt
15. World of C
16. United Federation of Nations Resolution No. 1
17. The Taste of Earth
18. The 2nd Decisive Battle of Tokyo
19. Betrayal
20. Emperor Dethroned
21. Connection of Ragnarok
22. Emperor Lelouch
23. Schneizel's Mask
24. Sky of Damocles
25. Re;